Pineleaf Peruses Survival: Hobbiton

April 1, 2011

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Update: This is an April Fools joke. The new skirmishes have not been announced!

The next content update, scheduled for release in late May, will include two new skirmishes. CSTM has learned that one of these two new skirmishes is to be set in the Shire and is to be called Survival: Hobbiton.

This skirmish is set during the dark days of the Shire just before the brigands destroy the Hobbiton Grange. During this skirmish, you must face periodic intrusions from various thugs who seek to remove troublemakers (such as you) and gather the harvest for themselves.

This skirmish includes four control points: Central Hobbiton, Bag End, The Grange, and Bywater. Brigands will periodically attack these locations to capture them.

Why do you care about the checkpoints? You gain skirmish marks in this skirmish by completing tasks and each task is impossible to complete if the target control point is currently under the control of the brigands. There are four tasks in all:

1.       Deliver a pie from Holly Hornblower (Central Hobbiton) to Bag End for the Chief. You need to avoid Hungry Hobbits during this delivery.

2.       Deliver a letter from Bag End to the Bywater Postmaster (Bywater). You need to avoid Nosey Hobbits while you are doing this.

3.       Deliver a letter from the postmaster (Bywater) to The Grange. Once again you need to avoid Nosey hobbits but you also need to avoid Surly Sheriffs.

4.       Deliver a sack of oats from The Grange to the stable master (Central Hobbiton). This time you must avoid Surly Sheriffs and Hungry Hobbits.

Once you complete all four tasks, you earn skirmish marks and reset all four tasks. On top of this, an additional hazard spawns to make the next circuit more challenging. Completing a circuit also triggers an attack on one of the four control points by the brigands. The opponents are more powerful after each circuit.

Another reason to take back control point quickly is that if the bandits control any point for more than two minutes, they grab a rebellious hobbit and take them to the lockholes.

The skirmish continues until one of the four conditions are met:

1.       You complete ten circuits (success).

2.       Five minutes have passed since the last circuit was completed (failure).

3.       Three rebellious hobbits are taken to the lockholes (failure).

4.       All players have been defeated (once a player is defeated, they are out of the skirmish).

When you are playing in a fellowship, the intrusions of the brigands are more frequent. There are also additional hungry hobbits and nosey hobbits about. To get around this, some members of the group need to distract the hobbits by luring them from the task runners route (for example, savory mushrooms will distract hungry hobbits).

As my main is a hobbit, I am really excited about this new skirmish. I will provide a more detailed report when it reaches the test server.

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12 Responses to “Pineleaf Peruses Survival: Hobbiton”

  1. Snorii Says:

    :) – What we really need is a fishing skirmish.


  2. Strunto Says:

    This is like a nightmare I had once. I never even finished the mail or food delivery quests in the Shire, and because of it I’m about six quests short of completing the tier 3 deed. THAT’s how much I hate them.

    … Do the Oatbarton quests count as Shire quests?


    • Niscadae Says:

      Oatbarton quests count for the Evendim quest deeds.


    • Pineleaf Says:

      They used to be. When FTP was released, the Oatbarton quests were reclassified as Evendim quests.


    • swattz101 Says:

      FYI, if you are wondering, part of the reason they reclassified them is because Oatbarton is part of the Evendim Quest Pack. It didn’t make sense for deeds in a region you paid for to count for a different region. There also wasn’t as much mid-level content in Evendim at the time, with Annuminas being a level 50 area then. Now that things have changed with the Evendim revamp, there are a lot more quests and Annuminas has been re-leveled to 40. At level 30, Oatbaron might be a little bit of a challange to poor hobbits in there mid teens coming up through BullRoarer’s Throat.


  3. Grinili Says:

    How did you find out about this skirmish?


  4. Nerves Says:

    Better than the dwarf skirmish I heard about. By the end of it you are so drunk you’re blind. I think the only way to complete it was to set yourself on fire and run around wildly.


  5. Orticia Says:

    I love the fact that they add a skirmish that is seems utterly differnt then the others, which is always great for change of pace.
    I doubt however I will do this one often if at all. I can’t even get myself to do all the delivery quests in the Shire without forcing myself (and as such never completed even half on them on any character).
    But I do think, even if not for me this would be a great addition to the game for a lot of people. So tumbs up.


  6. Orticia Says:

    … if this is for real that is ;) It’s still april the first. But if it’s fake I still stand by my oppinion … it would be a nice change of pace skirmish.


  7. swattz101 Says:

    I have to admit, you got me on this one when I read it on the Bus on the way to work this morning. And I was looking forward to it. :-(

    The only problem I had with it, is the area seemed a little large. Delivering a letter from Bag End to ByWater seems a little far, especially if you have to fight Brigands along the way that make you drop your letter and force you to go back and start again. Of course, in the duo/group versions, it wouldn’t be as bad, as you would have an escort. Maybe if you were escorting someone, (your skirmish soldier?) but then how would they avoid the nosey hobbits. Hmm… I guess you could run in front with the savory mushroom and clear the way. It would be interesting.

    Also, the five minute limit between circuits and having to complete 10 circuits seem a little daunting, thought I guess they could work with practice.

    Sounds like an interesting idea, maybe JWB or one of the other skirmish devs will see this and get some ideas.


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