Producer’s Letter – April 2011

April 28, 2011


Today saw the release of Aaron “Rowan” Campbell’s Producer Letter for April, 2011. In it he covers some of the major milestones that the game has seen such as 2007′s release of Helegrod and Troll/Ranger/Chicken play; 2009′s vendor enhancements to sell stacks; and 2010′s scalability added to dungeons. And while he also touches on Update 3, the Rise of Isengard expansion, and Turbine’s takeover of the EU accounts there is only a summary and no new revelations. However, it is a good concise summary of all the news that we have been covering over the past week so it does warrant a read.

I would like to throw out a thanks to Rowan for talking to us at PAX East for a while. He was extremely gracious and seems to be a pretty nice guy, which leads me to believe that the game is in considerably good hands.

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15 Responses to “Producer’s Letter – April 2011”

  1. Mordant Says:

    I found it interesting that the 2008 release of “Mines of Moria” was not mentioned but something like the vendor improvements of 2009.


  2. Nerves Says:

    Honestly, I don’t understand the purpose of this letter. It doesn’t seem to relay anything new, and feels a bit all over the place. Every piece of writing should have some central theme, something that it intends the reader to ‘take home’. I don’t see anything of that sort here.


    • Buckyball Says:

      I believe the last sentence of the letter spells out quite clearly Rowan’s intention.
      ” Thanks to all of the players who believe so strongly in the game, and continue to enjoy that world every day.”

      It’s just an acknowledgement of the 4th anniversary and a thank you to fans.


  3. Steffen Says:

    No idea what this letter is for. Meh…


  4. Bloodspill Says:

    No real information in that letter just a super short summary of the last 4 years, couldnt they have found more exciting things to mention than vendor changes? Also no mention of the new pvp zone, this really isn’t looking good.


    • Reidartyr Says:

      There won’t be a new PvMP zone in RoI. They’ve already said that in an interview just recently.


      • Bloodspill Says:

        I know but there was no reasoning behind it after the new zone was promised months ago, ive been hoping for any sort of dev response as to when we can expect it instead.


        • Avatar of Merric
          Merric Says:

          In pure speculation, it’s usually because something didn’t work quite right and it’s taking longer than it originally intended. I think it will still come to the game, because it isn’t like them to just announce something like this without it being deep into development.


  5. Reidartyr Says:

    I don’t see what it is about also.

    But I think that means will be seeing half a year without any updates after Update 3? Now all the grindy grinding makes much more sense.


    • Nerves Says:

      Just because they haven’t announced anything doesn’t mean there won’t be anything. I wouldn’t be surprised is there was a small update between now and then. Hopefully the champ/guard/wdn class revisions. I understand there will be some announcements at E3 (early june IIRC).


  6. Kia Says:

    It says troll play, but on my server (firefoot) there is no troll play only ranger play =(.


  7. Elahedor Says:

    I really, really, really hate being negative, but…

    Why was this letter released?

    The first two producer’s letters were good; they provided solid information about the development plans for the near future. The last two, however, have been mostly fluff, and seem more suited to a newsletter “feel-good” piece.

    Somewhere along the way, it seems the someone forgot the purpose behind the letters. Each producer’s letter should have more meat (or bacon) to it.


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