Codemasters Team Says Thank You

May 27, 2011


It is the final weekend of Codemasters running The Lord of the Rings European service before the June 1st migration to Turbine Global Service.

Satine posted a message on the Codemasters forums today on behalf of Codemasters Online:

Dear players,

As we say farewell to LOTRO and to our European players, we’d like to take this opportunity to extend a sincere and warm thank you to all of our players who have ventured into Middle-earth with us over the last four years.

It has been an honour and a privilege to provide the LOTRO European service to you during this time, we’ve appreciated your support, your enthusiasm, your feedback and your commitment enormously. You have all made this game the living, breathing, triple A MMORPG it is today. Without your undying passion and dedication, the soul of the game would not be the wonderful thing it has now become. As we look toward a new horizon we feel as though we are waving goodbye to our extended family who is now moving to far away shores, we will be very sad to see you go.

On behalf of the whole team here at Codemasters Online we’d like to say a very big thank you for choosing to play LOTRO with us, we really appreciate it. Thanks also for the fun, laughter and tears you have brought to us. LOTRO was never just something we did just for the commercial benefits, for us it was a way of life, run by gamers, for gamers.

We wish you lots of fun in your gaming futures and hope that our paths cross again. Many of the team here at Codemasters still play LOTRO so look out for those guys joining you in raids and hopefully supporting you well.

All the very best,
The Codemasters Online Team.

As a lovely personal touch, following the official message from CM there are posts from individual CM community team members saying their thank you and farewells. Very touching and nice read.

Codemasters Forum Post: Thank you LOTRO Europe Community

Codemasters Forums

Additional information about what will happen with the Codemaster Forums have been posted as well.

Please note that as of 1st June, all LOTRO Europe forums will be set to read-only with the exception of the General Discussion forum which will be used to assist any players requiring help in their transition to Turbine’s service. Some forums will be removed completely to limit potential for confusion such as the Store promotion forum and links to Codemasters sites.

All of the Codemasters-run forums will be switched off June 30th and will no longer be available to read. Thank you.

If you had any data on the forums you need to retain, make sure you save it off the forums soon!

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6 Responses to “Codemasters Team Says Thank You”

  1. Crell Says:

    At least they have a month to migrate most of the forum content to their turbine account once they get it set up!

    Best wishes to the Codemaster community team!


  2. Atzumo Says:

    I know a lot of people from the european servers that pay they subscriptions via paypal. I hope turbine finally accepts payment from paypal or they’ll lose a lot of customers


  3. Chretien Says:

    It is a sad event for me, and many of my kinmates and friends on Snowbourne, CM have been good, and when updates were launched in NA, we got them a bit later, with less bugs, thxs for that CM :-). I hope it turns out well, and if not, it gives me the incentive to try other games after 2 years of Lotro :-)

    But CM has been a very nice partner on my travels in Middle Earth



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