Episode 89: Haakon Explains Champions

May 22, 2011

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This week we have special guest, Haakon on the podcast. We specifically asked Haakon to come on and discuss the proposed Champion changes Orion is blogging about since we felt we were doing a bad job of explaining it ourselves.

We also did a quick interview of Haakon so the Haakon-fans out there can know a bit more about him!

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Hi guys! First of all thank you so much for your work, I really enjoy coming here and reading your blog on a pretty much daily basis. You’re my main stop for lotro related fun :)

I don’t know if this has been covered before, but I felt it is a topic that should be somehow brought to the devs’ attention. It is about voice acting in the game, and I find some of the decisions in this area really not up to the standard set by the rest of the game.

In recent expansions and updates it seems we get Germans and women as dwarves (no offense to either :), and when you think they learn something from this at Turbine, I go to Enedwaith and all the rangers and hillmen have Aragorn’s voice! Talk about a put-off… It’s like getting someone a wonderful beautiful present, which is the game, and then wrapping it in newspaper! And that is how I feel about some of the voices there. I mean Grimbriar and Aragorn really have cool voices, but that doesn’t mean all the characters in the game now should have the same! :)

I feel this might be a good topic to cover. I enjoy reading about the cool things in the game and hope to continue this, but this one aspect I think needs major improvement and perhaps we can let Turbine know about it.

Thanks very much and sorry for the longish message. I wish you all the best, personally and professionally! Good luck guys!


I have been making my way through all of your back dated podcasts. I just finished the Tolkien professor one. So now I have a new podcast that I have to make my way through J Thanks for providing this wonderful resource. Between roundtables that are helping me plan my toons, to wonderful music (I intend to pick up some Lonely Mountain Band stuff soon), and motivation for my new game (leaving WoW), I think CSTM has been a big help to see what LOTRO can offer for someone who doesn’t want to be hardcore anymore.

Zydeco Mistfoot (minstrel), et al of Gladden

Prighild Tussletoe:

Dear Merric and Goldenstar,

My name is Prighild Tussletoe. I am a Hobbit Guardian of the Firefoot server. Well met and thank you for your excellent podcast. I have learned so much.

I am writing because I am confused about a topic that comes up often during your show; buying quest pack with Turbine Points versus buying the expansion box. I am trying to save my TP for character development, so I would much rather buy the “Mines of Moria” box (I saw it online for $12) if it is a better value. I think I understood your both say that it was a better value.

Am I correct? Is this still the case, even with the next expansion on the horizon? Will the “Mines of Moria” be obsolete? Will I still need to buy the next expansion? How much would it cost if I wanted to buy just enough TP to have all the quest packs with the expansion box(es)? I am pretty eager to know, as I heard that as of the next update (8 days) I won’t be able to use the “Mines of Moria” expansion in this way. Is this true or just a rumor? I might mention that I am a VIP, so I do have a steady stream of TP coming in, but as I said I rather send that on character development.

I am look forward to hearing your answer.


Prighild Tussletoe


Today I finally got my main (Shamoth) to level 44. Yay double digits! I got some rocking skills and can continue with some of the angmar epic quests. But first I have forced myself to do crafting because I am behind. Boo.

Shamoth rising sun falling moon kinship Silverlode


Llyradan (Translated from Welch)

Greetings Merric and Goldenstar, just wanted to say how pleased I am to have found your site and podcast and to say thanks for doing a great job. I hope you translate this without too much problems of! Kind regards Wales!

Llyradan, a slightly disreputable burglar on Evernight EU server – by the way wouldnt it be great if you could break into peoples houses in game and leave notes for them and steal copies of their things??

The moon is a cloak you money, you may dress Sunday in gold, you may safely travel all the time, and may your spirit never grow old.

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Thank you to Fogsong, Mithril Knights of Firefoot for his donation to CSTM this week!

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9 Responses to “Episode 89: Haakon Explains Champions”

  1. Garrison Says:

    I’m planning to take my Champion (45) to end-game and will make him my main. I am loving the class so much right now and the thought of shieldless tanking in the future is exciting! I will be spending a good amount of time on Haakon’s articles researching this interesting class! Great podcast episode.


  2. Isilwren Says:

    I listened to the podcast last night. What a wonderfully indepth look at Champion. I especially enjoyed how Haakon described the roles of Ardour and Fervour. I’ve been playing with these two stances for a while, trying to figure out what is the best for my playing style (traited mostly Deadly Storm). Ultimately I decided to use Ardour primarily, popping into Fervour when needed. I love playing Champion! Thank you Haakon for such a clearly explained run-down of the new Champion changes.


  3. Bryandt Says:

    I know, I suck at playing the Champion class. Say true, say sorry.


  4. Adam Says:

    I tried streamign from here, and also downloading, but it seems to cut out at 43 minuites, is this just an issue at my work, or have other people had any problems?

    From what I heard, nice to hear Haakons view. These changes definately make champ interesting, really looking forward to seeing how it goes.

    It sounds like with increased fervour consumption for adamant/invicible etc, that if you are into tanking, then battle frenzy CD is going to be a must on a weapon.

    Also Ardour, Controlled Burn, Combat Acuity, and Deathstorm (and awesome 90 sec CD) all together sounds like a realy AOE mental boost, I mean serious, I’m excited to see what the biggest on level pull I can do with this is!

    I can’t see why they can’t do a Dual spec option either. 2 set ups, it costs to trait them at a bard, and they have a 5 minuite Cooldown, and can only be done out of combat. What would be game breaking about that? At least I could carry two trait set ups into a raid I’d be likely to use.


    • Avatar of Goldenstar
      Goldenstar Says:

      From what we have discovered, our primary podcast host server was under a DDOS attack & they moved our files to another server until things stabilize. Unfortunately it looks like our latest podcast didn’t transfer over completely. We will repost as soon as we can.


  5. Avatar of Hildifast
    Hildifast Says:

    Haakon explains champions. Sounds oddly like Haakon the Champion from RS. Name influence i assume?



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