Legendary Items: Relics

When you first speak to the Relic-master the UI that pops up may seem a little daunting.  I mean you’re suddenly faced with a huge UI with four tabs and a lot of choices.  What do you do?  What choices do you need to make?  What if you make a mistake or if you’re unlucky?  Can’t you just scrap it all and go back to using a normal weapon and class item?  Well, sure… You could do that, but if you bear with me I think that you’ll find that when broken down into bite-size chunks everything is pretty easy and there really isn’t much to be afraid of.  No really.

Relic Forging

The first thing that is going to jump out at you on this screen is the list of relics.  This is a list of every single relic within whatever Tier you have currently selected (Tier 1 is selected by default).  To change the Tier you are looking at, you will use the drop-down menu at the top of the list in order to do so.  You will notice however that only Tiers 1 – 5 are the only options and that Tier 6 is missing.  Fret not, this is only due to the true nature of this tab, which is to allow you to combine relics of a certain Tier to create new ones of a higher Tier.  Understand? No?  Well, please allow me try to do a better job of explaining then.


Think of Relic Forging as a kind of a randomized crafting.  You are taking a certain number of relics, combining them together and in return you get a higher-tier relic in return.  If you’re lucky you can get a critical result which will also get some shards as well (more on those later).  Now, of course there is a downside to combining relics as well.  Not only are the types of relics that you get back completely random, but it also costs money or shards in order to combine relics; and the higher the Tier of relic you combine, the more it will cost.  On the bright side though, the higher Tier of relic you combine, the fewer relics are required in order to actually combine.  So what are the numbers?

Tier Being Combined Number of Relics Required Cost Using Money Cost Using Shards
Tier 1 5 2 Silver 1 Shard
Tier 2 4 6 Silver 3 Shards
Tier 3 4 22 Silver, 50 Copper 10 Shards
Tier 4 3 82 Silver, 50 Copper 33 Shards
Tier 5 3 240 Silver 80 Shards

And that’s pretty much the whole goal of this tab in the Relic Forging UI; to combine relics to create higher-level relics.  That’s it.  It’s a little unwieldy at first, but you get used to it after staring at it for a while.


The Deconstruct tab is fairly straight-forward.  This is where you will deconstruct Legendary Items and other containers (such as sealed relics) in order to obtain Relics, Legendary Fragments, Legacies, Item Experience (IXP) Runes, and so forth.  It will cost some money as well in order to deconstruct  the item, but the cost is fairly negligible (several Silver).


Upon selecting an item and pressing “Deconstruct” (make sure you have the correct Legendary Item selected), if the Legendary Item level is 30 or above you will be prompted to DeconstructionResultsselect a Legacy that you wish to extract into a scroll (more on that in a future article) and then once that has been completed you will have a list of items that you have obtained by deconstructing the Legendary Item.  The result will be a mix of Relics of various Tiers, an Item Experience Rune, your Legacy Scroll (if you were eligible to select one), the possibility of a Scroll of Renewal (or Lesser Renewal), and a Legendary Fragment or Shard; all depending on the Legendary Item level and the Character Level requirement.

Deconstruction will be the primary way for you to obtain relics, so it is important that if you need relics that you are constantly leveling as many Legendary Items as possible in order to obtain relics for forging, refining, and melding.


The Refine tab has only one sole purpose as well, and that’s to Refine Relics into Relic Shards for the purpose of melding.  The UI is very similar to the Relic Forging UI with a drop-down menu that allows you to select the Tier of relic you would like to define; while the bottom displays the amount of shards you will gain in turn for refining said relics.  The amount you receive depends on the type, tier and whether the relic was pre-“Echoes of the Dead”.


Relic Tier Amount of Shards Earned for Refining
1 1
2 2
3 9
4 21
5 79
6 192
Legacy Tier 7 464
Legacy Tier 8 1119
Legacy Tier 9 2696
Crafted Tier 1 64
Crafted Tier 2 158
Crafted Tier 3 464
Skill (PvMP) Relics 366

Relic Shards are useful for using as an alternative form of currency for Relic Forging and for Deconstruction.  Although personally I would rather use in-game currency unless I had an extreme surplus of shards and a short-fall of cash.  And as said before, they are primarily obtained through Refining although there is a chance to earn some through a critical success in Relic Forging.


MeldingWhile I described Relic Forging as “random crafting”, Melding in itself is actually a form of crafting.  However, there is no skill required, merely materials; which are Relics and Relic Shards.  That’s right, it takes relics to make relics; so you’ll need to deconstruct some Legendary Items first before you can really delve deeply into this part of the system.

I would say that the cost of most items in the Melding area are fairly reasonable; and that a specific Tier 6 could be made with a little bit of effort.  The “best” Relics (the Extraordinary ones) will take a bit more effort as they require three specific Tier 6 relics as well as Relic Shards, but it’s still a goal that feels obtainable in comparison to the previous system.

I’ve included a Google Doc of all the different prices for the items created in Melding for those who would like to review the costs out-of-game.

Google Docs Excel Version


Overall, I feel that this system is designed to allow players to get “the best” relics in the game.  And while some may still feel the system or overbearing and convoluted (which I am not arguing against), I feel that this incarnation is a huge step forward in progress.  My only personal complaint is that I would like to see some more runes specifically targeted at certain roles such as Healers and Tanks.  While there are definitely some that can be utilized by those roles, there is a jaded part of me that thinks that with slight modifications to their bonuses they could be much more suitable for those play-styles.

In my next article we will be taking a look at Legacies for Legendary Items, how they work, how to level them, and we’ll even have some suggestions on which ones you should look for!

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36 Responses to “Legendary Items: Relics”

  1. Atzumo Says:

    Pretty neat article. I just hitted 50 and obtained my first LI a couple of days ago, and I’m glad to properly know how they works (the system is not that hard, so I’ve figured out about half anyways).
    BTW, I didn’t noticed the “Photos on flickr” section. Nice


  2. Merrydew Says:

    Offda! Why can’t they do “simple” instead of the muck-all mess they seem to be mucking up worse? Thanks for the guide Merric.


    • Avatar of Merric
      Merric Says:

      hehe, who knows? I think a part of the problem is that Turbine authorized a “revamp” instead of a “redesign”. It is very overwhelming though.


  3. Geldarion Says:

    You can technically obtain a legacy at level 30, though it’s still best to wait until level 31 to decon.

    But the rest of this guide is great! Great for those daunted by this very complex system!


    • Avatar of Merric
      Merric Says:

      Fixed! Thanks for the compliments and the help! :D


    • Merialac Says:

      Why is it best to wait until level 31? What exactly is the difference between deconstructing the item on 30 or 31? I have seen conflicting information on this subject across the net and am thoroughly confused by it (my first li is close to level 30 just now).


      • Felaros Says:

        LI levels that end in 1 except for level 1 itself are the cutoff points for getting more relics and stuff on decon, eg. you get more and better relics and ixp at levels 11, 21, 31, etc. than you do at levels 10, 20, 30, etc.


  4. Elinnea Says:

    Thank you for this! I picked up my first LIs a couple weeks ago and half-heartedly clicked through the tabs at the Relic-master. Even the words are confusing – how do I know if I want my relic to be refined, forged, or melded? I might have the courage to go back now and look at all this again.


    • Avatar of Merric
      Merric Says:

      You’re very welcome!

      OK, so it’s kind of a tough choice on what you want to do or not. I will tell you what I personally do.

      1. Forge all low-tier items. They aren’t worth refining or melding in my opinion. I would keep forging relics until I can’t forge anymore. The only time I may hold back is if I have only one or two of a Tier 5 relic that I know I will use for tanking, DPS, etc.

      2. Refining is usually only worth it for Tier 5/6 relics, but I would only refine Tier 6 relics that are ones you won’t use.

      3. Melding is great! But, I would only use it for the following purpose at the beginning: to get specific level 65 relics or Tier 6 relics to make the previous relics. I don’t know if I would concentrate on the lower level ones even if I couldn’t use them.

      If you’re not sure which relics are good for you, then maybe we need to go over stats in general; which may help out!


      • Indy Says:

        There was a post last month on DocHOliday’s blog about shards from relics; ( http://docholidaymmo.com/2011/04/27/obtaining-lotro-legendary-shards/ ) apparently the shard return from tier 4 has been reduced since then? (From 32 to 21) At that time, if you needed shards, T4 was the best value of shards per skirmish mark; it looks as if it still is, though it’s 13 marks per shard now instead of 8.5 (still beats 19-20 plus, though).

        I would like to see an article on stats as well… I think I’ve got a basic handle on them, but in comparing the relative values of different stats (particularly the rating ones) I’m makinng semi-educated guesses at best…


  5. Docholiday Says:

    Another great guide! The only thing I’ll add is that with Update 3 they’re fixing Relic Forging such that with critical successes you’ll can get not only shards but additional higher tier relics as well. I haven’t played with it on Bullroarer, but I’m imagining it will be similar to how it worked prior to the revamp that introduced the shards.


  6. Roberto Says:

    When you find legendary items for other classes, do you deconstruct them to get a small drop, or is it better to focus on leveling items up first and just sell trash LIs?


    • Avatar of Merric
      Merric Says:

      I guess it depends. Personally I throw them to a Goldenstar or to an alt depending on what classes they are for.

      I would consider selling them on the AH for enough silver/gold to purchase one for my own class that I could level up. I really think they’ve made the return for low-level items so cruddy they’re usually not worth it.


      • darkeye Says:

        It’s really not worth deconstructing other class LIs because you only get a single tier 1 relic which is pretty worthless, something I’d really like them to change. It’s better to sell them for 80-100s for LIs below 60, LIs over 60 are worth more maybe 200-300s. Still it is a bit of a chore sometimes to get rid of the damn things, not so legendary then.


  7. darkeye Says:

    Bah, are they going to be nerfing the shards obtained from tier 1/2 relics in the next update, currently they are 64 (tier 1) and 158 (tier 2), making the tier 1 ones each day I log in is a nice bonus.


  8. Dragonwitch Says:

    Thank you SO much for this guide, Merric! I can’t tell you how confused by this ‘revamp’ I have been – I actually refined – refined? is that the one where you get shards? wait, let me check Merric’s guide…yeppers, that’s the term – nearly all of Amby’s relics (including some Tier 9s) right after the changes, thinking it would be a good thing, for some reason. Now I have over 7000 shards sitting in my LI bin, serving no useful purpose that I can discern. :p Hmmm, perhaps your next guide will help me decide what to do with those…

    Thanks again for the great write-up! :)


    • Avatar of Merric
      Merric Says:

      You’re welcome Dragon. :) I would recommend using them for Melding the Level 65 relics personally. I think those are the best uses for shards, but that’s my humble opinion. ;)


      • Dragonwitch Says:

        Thanks, Merric. I made a Setting of Grace, I think it’s called, for my healing stone, which should help my outgoing healing. I might learn this stuff eventually… ;)


  9. Lulu Says:

    Does anyone want to share what’s the best level to decon to get the most relics/shards out of a LI?


    • Aeled Says:

      The “older” the weapon the better the rewards, so level 70. On the other hand by the time you get one weapon to level 70 you could’ve had two or three (or maybe more) weapons at level 30 and probably get more out of it in total.


  10. Stormy Says:

    Slight typo: The old Legacy Tier 8 relics give 1119 shards. :)

    Lovely little guide! Another thing you could add is the option to buy a relic removal scroll from the LOTRO Store if you don’t want to lose your relics upon deconstruction.


    • Avatar of Merric
      Merric Says:

      Thanks Stormy! I have it fixed. Yeah, I was trying to figure out where to put that. I’ll scan back over the article and see if it fits in here or maybe in some kind of FAQ/wrap-up.


  11. grimbran Says:

    Great guide Merric! And thanks for the spreadsheet info!

    Since this guide is for the LI beginners, I don’t think going into the relic removal scroll that Stormy mentioned is really needed.(since its a TP-only purchase and is really only targeted at people who have pre-update-2 LI’s that don’t want to lose a relic that is phased-out.) People just getting into the system now really will not have any need for them.


    • Grimbran Says:

      Didn’t mean that to sound like “don’t listen to stormy”. :) Just meant that its a lot for a newbie to absorb and I’d hate to see them accidentally buy a removal scroll when they don’t need to. But the removal scroll is definitely relevant info for completeness on the topic.

      Great job taking a very complex topic and boiling it down to understandable pieces Merric!


  12. Stu Says:

    A little late to the party, but just wanted to say a big Thank You for the info listed here and elsewhere on LI and their various Relics and stats!

    Very helpful!

    Good Hunting & Best Regards




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