Northcotton Farms Dungeon Run

May 19, 2011


Run of Northcotton Farms with Merric (Guardian), Goldenstar (Minstrel) and Kiarane (Hunter). Instance run as tier 1 level 65. May 11, 2011.

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25 Responses to “Northcotton Farms Dungeon Run”

  1. esclad Says:

    it might just be my ipod, but should there be a video up there?


  2. Bryandt Says:

    I *still* need to run down that quest chain. :/


  3. Lazlo Hollyfeld Says:

    Here’s how we have learned to fight Thadur at the end.

    First, tank him way down in the far corner. This way if somebody gets feared and they run to the door, the fear will wear off before they get there, so it doesn’t reset.

    2nd, with him down there, the healer can stand at the limit of their heal range and be far enough away that they aren’t hit by the fear or the “divided you fall” or frontal aoe hits.

    3rd, stand with the tank on one side and the dps on the other, behind him. on Divided you fall, dps moves to the tank, on frontal aoe, tank moves to the dps. On poison cloud, move up the hedge till it’s gone and then move back down to the corner.

    Following that should make Thadur fall pretty easy. With one person calling it out, it feels like a square-dance. :)

    If there are any added suggestions, I’d love to hear them


  4. Adam Says:

    Good stuff folks

    A nice tip is, when the final boss says ‘I shall unleash blah on those that face me blah”, the tank just takes a couple steps forward through him then when he’s done step back to his front, you will take no damage instead of a bit 2-3K hit. This is especially important if you do tier two, where it scales up and can one shot you. Also saves a lot of the mincers power trying to heal it back up.

    GJ guys and gals


  5. Thaxo Says:

    When he says “Poison Vapors Grant Me Strength” if you immediately clear the corruption you won’t get the uncurable poison dot on you.

    When he is doing the face me move he is frozen in the induction so the tank can step past him and not get the hit either.


    • Avatar of Merric
      Merric Says:

      Good to know. Although when we first did this with Azz we still had problems with him moving around even during the induction. We’ll have to give it another go!


  6. Elahedor Says:

    On the first boss, I (a LM) ran it with a mini and a hunter. The hunter tanked the spider around the edges of the area, while the mini and I stood in the center (we were where the area narrows between the houses). This kept the hunter out of the poison, and kept us from running into poison clouds.

    I like that you are post vids, but I’d be really self conscious if I knew my instance runs would be preserved for all eternity.


    • Avatar of Goldenstar
      Goldenstar Says:

      We did a similar circular technique for the first boss just Kia and I stood on the edge and merric used the rest of the area to take her around in a circle.

      We don’t post these as like a guide or to tell people how to do the dungeon. It was Kia’s first run, Merric’s second and my third. We are not experts but we did succeed in that we finished even if it wasn’t perfect. Plus it gives folks like you a chance to share tips and tricks! :)


  7. lulu Says:

    There’s an easier way to handle the cauldron boss, especially on hard mode. The person doing DPS should stand on the right side of the cauldron. If he/she got the eye, just run along the wall on that side. It prevents himself from getting poisoned/poison his group members.


  8. Tomeoric Says:

    Being a fellow guardian, I’m interested in the “hourglass” plugin that Merric has on the lower right side that comes up during battle. What is that and what does it do? Also, which plugin allows you to have that toolbar along the right edge?


    • Tanek Says:

      I don’t use any of the plugins he was using, but I can tell you what the hourglass is. That is part of the default UI called the Skill Queue. It is normally unchecked in…um…I think it is the combat options menu, so you’d have to go in and check it for each character if you want.

      The skill under the hourglass shows what you have queued to fire off, but I generally turn it on because having the hourglass on the screen is a good indicator of when I’m in combat with something. Especially in a situation where I’m trying to run off something that I aggro’d out in the world, I know it is safe to stop running when the hourglass goes away. :)


    • Avatar of Merric
      Merric Says:

      The toolbar on the right hand side is TonicBars (awesome bar plugin) and yes, the hourglass is the skill queue. :)


  9. Maxim Says:

    Hey Guys, I just watched a nice chunk of your video, pretty cool. But I have a couple simple questions … Your screen doesn’t look like mine. 1)The Blue skill bars that keep expiring on the left – what are these?.. and the 2) Oval/egg affect around the center of the screen and 3) finally there’s a bar on the far right (one of the items I recognize is the woodcutters find skill) .. What are these?
    Oh and one more, he just brought up what looked like his 4) inventory .. But mine is separated in 5 bags …
    Are these all appz?

    Thanks guys
    - Maxim


    • Tomeoric Says:


      They are all plugins, but I’m not sure about the names of all of them, as I am curious myself. I can identify some in your question though. (1) is the plugin “BuffBars”. (2) is the plugin “Palantir”. (3) I am wondering myself. (4) there are a lot of different inventory plugins – I don’t recognize this one.


    • Avatar of Merric
      Merric Says:

      1) This is buffbars
      2) This is Palantir
      3) TonicBars
      4) AltInventory

      Yes, they’re all plugins. We have a review of Buffbars and TonicBars as well as a video and written guide on how to install plugins if that’s of any use! It looks like I need to pick up on the plugin video series!



  10. Redhras Says:

    Maybe i havent worked at it enough, but my kin-leader, a champion, has a way of dps-ing (If thats a word), the cauldron, without ever getting the eye, and only have the two other people get the eye. Is this only a tier one thing, or is there a way to accomplish this in tier two as well?


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