Weekly Store Sale Starting May 6, 2011

May 5, 2011



The following items are on sale from Friday, May 6th until Thursday, May 12th.  The Sale starts and ends at midnight EDT (or BST if you play on Codemasters).

This week the sale is all about stat tomes for Vitality, Might, Agility, Will and Fate. Cost of these tomes have been cut by 100 turbine points making them 195 TP each. Each tome grants 10 points of that stat. There are a total of 5 ranks available for each of these stats allowing you to increase each stat to a max of 50.

The maximum (or hard cap value) of each stat is your level * 10. So a level 65 character will cap out the usefulness of their each stat at 650. These tomes are not required to help you reach these stats. Folks have been capping stats long before these tomes arrived so don’t feel you must use these.

Elborigorn has an article answering “Are Stat Tomes Worth It?” that may be helpful in deciding to buy or not.

This sale price doesn’t affect the stat tome bundles, just the individual stat tomes themselves. They can be found in the LOTRO Store by going to Characters > Stats.

  • Raise your maximum morale
  • Speed up morale regeneration between battles
  • Resist Wound, Fear, Disease, and Poison debuff effects
  • Decrease incoming Fire, Frost, Lightning, Acid & Shadow damage
  • Recommended for: All Classes

  • Inflict more melee damage
  • Deflect incoming attacks with an enhanced chance to block or parry
  • Withstand enemy attacks with greater resilience to common damage
  • Recommended for: Captains, Champions, Guardians, & Wardens

  • More ranged attack damage
  • Evade and parry enemy attacks
  • Increase your chance to crit and hit enemies
  • Recommended for: Burglars & Hunters

  • Fight longer with more power
  • Reduce power regeneration time between battles
  • Resist Fear effects
  • Keep teammates alive with enhanced healing abilities
  • Deal out greater tactical damage
  • Recommended for: Captains, Lore-masters, Minstrels, & Rune-keepers

  • Enhance morale & power regeneration while in-combat
  • Increase your chance to hit an enemy with Tactical skills
  • Devastate opponents with greater tactical attack damage on critical hits
  • Recommended for: Lore-masters, Minstrels, & Rune-keepers
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2 Responses to “Weekly Store Sale Starting May 6, 2011”

  1. Tolerando Says:

    That’s interesting I like those tomes and I’ll probably buy some for my new main the Runekeeper, but it’s not as good as the 50% off (which works out to 149 TP each) we’ve seen before. Have to think about it.


  2. Buckyball Says:

    Argggh. I just bought some earlier this week. I keep telling myself,”wait for a sale, wait for a sale.” But I never learn. *sigh*
    Oh well, I can shore up some of the weaknesses on my alts with these.


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