Winners of the Codemasters Code Giveaways

May 26, 2011


Yesterday was the end of our two contests for Mines of Moria and Shadows of Angmar codes. The winners were selected and they were super prompt at responding.

All the codes have been delivered for to their new homes with the warning that they need to apply them by May 30th!

Winner of the Mines of Moria Key:

  • Pakita

Winner of the Shadows of Angmar Gold Edition:

  • Goiv

Winners of the Shadows of Angmar Keys:

  • Joe
  • Atzumo

Congratulations to everyone and thank you very much for entering.

Thank you again to our generous donators to these giveaways! We appreciate you sharing your codes so more people can enjoy LOTRO!

  • Anthony (Mines of Moria Code)
  • Gilreth (Shadows of Angmar Gold Edition)
  • Yogho (Shadows of Angmar Codes)
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9 Responses to “Winners of the Codemasters Code Giveaways”

  1. Tanner Says:

    Congrats everyone!
    I actually had the fortune of winning a MoM code from DNote’s twitter feed, and he’ll be giving out more stuff, so keep an eye on it, europeans! ;)


    • Kahel Says:

      Thank you for the info, I’ll try there then *_*
      I hope there will be some other codes so I won’t stay f2p (which sucks ;P)


  2. Atzumo Says:

    Man, I’m sooo excited by this. I’ll download the codemaster client tonight, and level up 3 char to level 20 on the weekend to obtain the raiding skill


  3. Goiv Says:

    Thank you again CSTM! My friend is at the moment downloading the client – hope the code works and Codemasters hasn’t closed this part of services ^^


  4. Hobbitmeister Says:

    @Goiv and others looking for a faster way to get your code applied:

    EU LotRO signup link:

    You can create your account from that URL plus it gives you 250 points. You can then apply your codde once your account is created and you are logged in. This way you can download the EU client at your leisure. It takes quite a while to download and patch the EU client. ;)


  5. Adalas Says:

    And don’t forget to redeem your code before May 30th (not 31st) 23.59 CEST which is 6 p.m. Eastern time.

    And I guess there will be more codes to come.


  6. Pakita Says:

    Thanks for the code :)


  7. Berend Jan Says:

    Were can i input the code if i wanna make a new account???


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