A Crafter’s Guide to Reputation: Part 1

June 15, 2011

Crafting Guides

Reputation can be quite the valuable asset for a crafter. Some factions will grant you reputation for your crafting efforts and many more will offer special recipes that cannot be obtained elsewhere in game.

For each of the main professions in LOTRO (Cook, Jeweller, Metalsmith, Scholar, Tailor, Weaponsmith and Woodworker) there is at least one faction that will grant reputation in exchange for certain items they’ve requested. These items are all bound to the crafter and thus are only good for leveling the reputation (and crafting skill) of the character crafting the item. The most efficient recipes in terms of leveling your reputation will be the third tier ones that give 700 rep per item. However, these require some items that are a little more difficult to obtain. Usually they are rare drops from one of the gathering professions (Prospector, Forester, Farmer).

Men of Bree: Woodworker

Rare component needed: Black Ash Heartwood

Mathom Society: Cook

Rare component needed: Blackberry Honey

Thorin’s Hall: Jeweller

Rare component needed: Moonstone

Wardens of Annuminas: Weaponsmith

Rare component needed: Ancient Nickel Ore

Rangers of Esteldin: Tailor

Rare component needed: Spider Silk

Council of the North: Metalsmith

Rare component needed: Ancient Nickel Ore

Elves of Rivendell: Scholar

Rare component needed: Torn Scholar’s Journal

The Eglain


This faction takes a different approach to crafting for reputation. Instead of having one favored craft, they have special requests for each of the major crafts. These requests work differently than standard crafting rep quests in that you have to buy an item to start the quest. The quests are only available to level 25 and above and the request items cost 21s60c each. For every turn in, you must buy the request item again. Each request turn in is worth 700 reputation points.

It is important to note that these quests will only work for the items specified. Critical success versions of the requested items will not work for the turn in. If you are doing this with a high level crafter, it may be beneficial to you to use lower tier (less critical success %) tools for Metalsmith, Jeweller and Woodworker. Otherwise, you should be able to sell the extras fairly well on the auction house. In fact, if you happen to be working on expert tier of any of these crafts and aren’t interested in the reputation, these items have been known to sell fairly well on the AH. (Make sure to check current prices before crafting a ton of these items, though!)

So, that’s it as far a reputation factions that can be wowed by your crafting ability. Other factions will have to be impressed by your ability to pick up certain items from mob drops or by your completed quests and skirmishes. Later, I’ll be listing the recipes that different factions have to offer. Almost all factions have something of interest to at least one profession.

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5 Responses to “A Crafter’s Guide to Reputation: Part 1”

  1. Willamen Says:

    Great info! I had forgotten about this option…


  2. darkeye Says:

    For jewellers even not desiring the rep making any of the thorin’s hall items is the best way to level the artisan/master tiers i.e. highest points gained per ingot bar used (1 ingot + 1 cut gem = 6 pts, compared to hope tokens, 2 ingot + 1 cut gem = 8 pts), plus thorin’s hall has a goat so that’s something that all jewellers should know.

    I tend to save the crit components for the 700 rep item just to get the biggest bang for the materials used, even better when you have the best tools and scrolls to max the crit rate.

    Only real problem is that unless you can buy plenty of the rare component cheaply on the AH, there is probably more efficient ways to get the rep, skirmishes or rep instances, but if you have the materials might as well use them.


  3. Amblebras Says:

    Useful article. I’d echo Darkeyes comment but in relation to the crafting guild rep items themselves. The 3 day cool down recipes are an excellent way to level up your crafting skills if you don’t mind the wait. I have relied on this for two alts now.


  4. Limm Says:

    Great post! I didn’t know that you could get the Eglain rep with crafting, I’m gonna have to go tailor up some leather on my main, I don’t have kindred with them yet! :)


  5. Pjotr Says:

    Thanks for the useful article.


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