Codemaster to Turbine Account Migration Open

June 1, 2011



The account migration process from Codemasters to Turbine has officially opened! To start go to

It is getting hit pretty heavily so some players are experiencing errors when trying to use it. Celestrata responds on the forums:

Please be patient with the errors, everyone. Everything is running under a high load right now as everyone rushes to the migration page.

There are reports of people able to successfully migrate on twitter so the page is working just pretty stressed out right now. Be patient and you will be able to migrate your account.

Sapience also has this to say for the VIP players migrating:

Also, you might want to take note when you’re migrating. We’ve included a welcome gift to all former EU VIP players. If you had an active VIP subscription with time remaining, we’ve extended that time by 14 days. Enjoy!

Some answers about the migration from @LOTRO:

@NikovonVon if we get "Runtime Error" during the transfer, can we retry without fear
@LOTRO yes you can retry. I would suggest you wait a little bit between attempts.

@Mortagi i can’t use my CM account name as turbine account name? why?
@LOTRO If it’s not letting you use an account name, it’s because its in use.

@ingehassel is it possible to use the same e-mail address for several accounts? I got quite a few off them…
@LOTRO Yes you can use the same email account.

@Erondial is this lotrotransfer application runtime error on migration form due to me or mass amounts of people transferring and overloading.
@LOTRO A little bit of both. We’re working with CM to get it resolved.

@TheRangersLOTRO Will our EU LOTRO store points be transferred later? Balance says 0 points after migration from CM to Turbine. Other things seem okay.
@LOTRO yes. Your points will be migrated. It may take 48-72 hours for them to show up in your account.

I suggest you follow @LOTRO on twitter to keep up with migration updates! I did check their facebook page but twitter seems to be the preferred method for migration information.

Welcome to Turbine my friends!

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13 Responses to “Codemaster to Turbine Account Migration Open”

  1. Roger Edwards Says:

    Well, it took some persistence but I managed to migrate my account. I got the first confirmation email. A second will follow when the process is complete.

    The system did not like my credit card details. This may be due to server traffic or the card itself. I had issues with it a year ago when I set up a US account. I had to phone Turbine eventually.

    The main thing is the process is moving forward. Let us hope that the servers up back up for migrated players by Friday or Saturday at the latest.


  2. Garrison Says:

    Good luck on migrating all! Welcome to the greater Turbine community!


  3. MueR Says:

    And it’s down again. Apparently, they did not expect that many players. Strange, as they could have easily estimated how many active players there are in Europe.


    • Avatar of Goldenstar
      Goldenstar Says:

      They posted on twitter it was brought down intentionally to add more backend servers for migration processing.


      • MueR Says:

        I know. It just seems odd that they didn’t anticipate this beforehand. Every EU player has been craving any form of information or update. It would only make sense that they all try to do it in one big batch.


  4. Weatherwax of Eldar Says:

    Seems to be rolling fine here….account migrated…client patched…obviously Eldar and the other EU servers are offline while they do the heavy lifting and character associations, but the US servers are showing as active and I can even create characters on Landroval.

    The US forums are just lovely and feature rich as well – Turbine, you had me at “hello!” :)

    Loving it so far.

    Thanks to M&G for helping keep me up-to-date with the migration.


  5. mmicnova Says:

    to my surprise the migration and patching went quite smooth, did it about 5 minutes after the site started working and i’ve experienced speeds of up to 6 times greater than patching locally in EU – which has me confused.
    last i checked the ex-EU servers were still down, but i have managed to create and play an elf hunter on a US server for an hour or so until i left for work.
    looking forward to meeting our brothers in arms from across the pond, and if you ever travel to a world called Gilrain don’t be a stranger, say hello :)

    mmicnova (fun fellow dwarf)


  6. Alyran Says:

    I’m getting “unactivated account” message for one of my accounts when I try to input the data to start migration, which is strange as I played it recently and it was fine. One of my houses is on it, wouldn’t like to lose that, even though I don’t play those characters right now :)


  7. CopyPaste Says:

    No luck, only error screen all day. Seems like some of us won’t be able to transfer our accounts for some time. The client patched fine though.



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