LOTRO Plugins: A Response

June 29, 2011

LOTRO Plugins

Horn_Summons_BannerLast Thursday we released an article on my own views as well as some of the Player Developers of Plugins about the state of Lua (and to some extent skinning) in LOTRO. We received a lot of positive feedback from the community stating hopes that Turbine continues to develop Lua and that CSTM continues to create videos covering all the amazing plugins that are available. From my perspective it was very encouraging to see so many people who are hoping that Lua becomes a thriving part of LOTRO and that the support from both Turbine and the Players that create the plugins continues.

Amazingly enough, we had two readers (thank you Garan and Rulez) point out that Narrel, the developer who headed the release of Lua at Turbine, posted on Friday for the first time in a long  time about the actual state of Lua.

Well, I know it may not seem that way, but as audibly faint as it has been for so long, I can assure you that the pulse of Lua scripting and UI customization in general remains steady. As it was at its birth, Lua remains a pet (side) project of our little “Lua crew” which has both positives and negatives. The positive being that it remains near and dear to our hearts and we have no intention to let it simply die. The negative being the limited time/resources we have available to dedicate to it. So while updates have been frustratingly few and far between for you folks, I want to assure you all that we have not forgotten Lua or, for that matter, all of you.

We’ve all certainly been hard at work (and very focused) on the upcoming Isengard release and we have still spent what free time we could getting some Lua updates ready, too. While I am not at liberty to be more detailed at this point, I can assure you that the future does include continued Lua API updates. Please remain patient with us and as we are able to discuss things more openly as the Rise of Isengard release grows ever closer, I assure you that we will update you with more details.

As for something I CAN be more specific about, I have inherited our ol’ friend the skinning system now as well so I will personally make sure that you do not go another major release without getting the latest skinning library uploaded. So, barring me having an unfortunate meeting with a bus or other large vehicle beforehand, you’ll at least have an accurate skinning library .zip file posted circa Isengard.

So, in closing, we’re still alive here and very busy but we’ll keep you updated as time goes on and we become able to share more details. Thank you immensely for your continued patience and vocal support for the continuation of the Lua initiative,

(and ForsakenArcher and Agiclaw)

Thank you Narrel.  It is awesome to hear that both Lua and skinning are still on the minds of developers.  We want you, ForsakenArcher, and Agiclaw to know that we are very happy to have this response and even though there is not much you can say about the progress, we’re happy to know that it is coming along.  We know that Rise of Isengard is a huge project and that you’re busy, but we’ll trust you’ll update it as you can.  However, speaking for myself, there are equal parts of me that are rejoicing at this news, begging you for more information, and eying you skeptically; but for now I will do my best to be patient and take you at your word.  And if you ever want to do a verbal or written interview about Lua and Skinning, just drop me a line. (I know; I’m shameless.)

Winking smile

Thanks again for everyone who gave me their input on the state of Lua, commented on the blog and sent us emails.  Even though this post by Narrel may just be coincidence, I’d like to think it’s due to all of you who voiced their support for Lua and skinning.

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9 Responses to “LOTRO Plugins: A Response”

  1. Atzumo Says:

    Awesome! I didn’t think we’ll get a response so fast (or any at all). Just to show how much the developers care about the game and comunity


  2. Joshua Says:

    Great news! It’s been bumming me out not to be able to use some of those very pretty user-created skins out there, because the base files haven’t been released to let thhem update. :)


    • Avatar of Merric
      Merric Says:

      Ditto. I tried to use the dressing room feature on one of my characters the other day and it was completely distorted because the skin hasn’t been able to be updated.


  3. Tony Says:

    Nice to see.


  4. Travis Says:

    This is excellent, excellent news. As one that heavily uses plug-ins, etc., I am ecstatic to read this !


  5. Plinius Says:

    i would already be using plugins, if i hadn’t to manually load them every time i log in…i know, there is a plugin manager, my gf uses it – but i wish that there were an “official” option to manage the plugins and to load them automatically as soon as i log into my char (like in WoW)


    • Adrian Says:

      kinda agree with you about having to load it manually, but each time i start the game, i keep telling myself better to have it than not. I’m not used to gaming without them now lol


    • Jason Says:

      Just get mamager, and bind it to a macro. SO I just type ;m and it opens all of my plugins.


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