LOTRO Plugin Review 11: SortPack

July 22, 2011

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If you’re like me, you like to have your backpacks organized in-game.  But one of the issues that I have is how long it can take after an hour or more of playing to reorganize my packs into something resembling “order”.  Enter, the plugin SortPack which will sort your pack for you automatically!  It will go through your packs and organize them per a predefined order for you by their category.  And if you don’t like the order that things are organized you can change the order of the list just by clicking and dragging categories in the options window and then using the /sort command.

The only downside of the plugin is that you actually have to load the options window by loading a separate plugin.  Although, in retrospect it could be argued that by having the options and the core plugin separated you are actually saving some memory by not having to run both at the same time.  Also, once you have the options set up the way you want them you really don’t need to even go into the options again.

I for one have recently added this to my regular list of plugins that I run on all my characters; mostly because I like to have my packs organized.  I strongly suggest trying it out.

Plugin Author Download Location
SortPack MrJackdaw lotrointerfacebug1[1]
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20 Responses to “LOTRO Plugin Review 11: SortPack”

  1. Blackwolfe Says:

    Its great being able to sort the backpack, but I prefer my bags to be combined. The best part is, that Habna was allowed to use the code from mrJackDaws Sortpack in Hugebag and also now comes with a search function.


    • Avatar of Merric
      Merric Says:

      I’ve seen Hugebag, but I haven’t tried it. I’ve been using Alt Inventory, but it looks like I’ll have to load up Hugebag and try it soon. Thanks!


      • Jonathon Barton Says:

        Hugebag has…issues. To the point that Ann and I have stopped using it, and reverted to the stock bags with SortPack.
        With Hugebag, when you double click an item (for instance, equipping a musical instrument), the bag freaks out, adds an icon for the item you just equipped, and the item that should have been swapped in (your ranged weapon) *disappears* from the bag.

        I really freaked out right after we installed it, and I equipped a lute – only to get a second lute in my bag, and to be unable to re-equip my Legendary Javelin.

        The solution is to run Hugebag Utilities alongside Hugebag, but that means that you have to A) have an additional window on the UI all the time, and B) reload the bag constantly.

        If my LUA chops were stronger, I’d just dive in and rework the ‘sort’ code to include a forced reload before sorting as a workaround, since I have no idea what causes the ‘missing items’ when you double click/equip an item.


        • Avatar of Merric
          Merric Says:

          Unfortunately the “missing items” is an issue with Turbine’s API’s. They broke it in one of their updates and have yet to fix it. Hopefully with the upcoming Isengard updates that they have recently stated are coming we will see that fixed because it messes up all the different “bag” plugins (Filterbag, Alt Inventory, Hugebag, etc.) and the only way to fix it, like you said, is to reload the plugin. I think your solution of just using SortPack and the default bags is probably the least infuriating way to do it.


    • Tony Says:

      Oh cool, thank you. I was hoping someone would just combine this with a combo bag. Awesome.


  2. Freyjuska Says:

    this… looks… AWESOME! maybe i’ll start playing actively again, currently i haven’t played for a few months because i’m too lazy to “tidy up” all my character’s inventories :D


  3. Blackwolfe Says:

    Only downside is that when switching gear, it bugs out the inventory display making the item you replaced appear invisible but the fault lies in the api so most if not all of the inventory plugins suffer from it. A simple reload fixes the issue. Thanks for an awesome podcast btw.


  4. Pointy Says:

    This looks useful. :)

    Couple questions: What do you use to make the videos? I’ve tried using fraps but my vids are either HUGE filesize, or muddy and you cant’ see what’s going on.

    Also, there are some items in your bag that I don’t recognise… The circular thing in the middle bag is one – it starts of in the centre of the bag, and then moves to the right most side of the middle row after you apply your sort. Whatever it is, you have five of them. :)

    The other thing(s) I don’t recognise are in your food bag, between your food and the travel rations there. The colourful square things. Are they festival maps?


    • Jonathon Barton Says:

      The trick to using FRAPS is to use something like VirtualDub afterward to re-compress (and if you’re like me, re-size down from 1920×1080) into DIVX format.

      For speed, FRAPS creates files that are streams of uncompressed Bitmap images, meaning that (in my case) one second of FRAPS video is 60MB. FRAPs’ 4GB sections are roughly 67 seconds long at that resolution.

      By comparison, resizing your video to 1280×720 and recompressing with the divx codec cuts that down to 5MB per second, and that 67 second chunk of uncompressed FRAPS video is now a much more manageable 337 MB.

      But I, too, am curious what Merric is using to zoom in on parts of the UI!


      • Avatar of Merric
        Merric Says:

        So I personally use Adobe Premiere, although there are cheaper solutions like Camtasia Studio that will work. I think Kia primarily uses Windows Movie Maker. I export the files out as H.264 files at 720p resolution. They aren’t the smallest files in the world (100+ MB), but they’re suitable enough for me. I find that 1024p is ridiculously large so I avoid that setting now (I used it when I first started). Using Virtualdub is another good idea as well for creating the video.

        I use Fraps to capture my screen. It creates some really large files, but once I’m done with the movie those all get deleted anyway.


  5. MrJackdaw Says:

    Yey! I got a review!
    *Chest swells with pride*



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