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August 4, 2011


IvyBushIconYou are probably already familiar with the popular weekly player-event held on Landroval called Ales & Tales.

Ales & Tales meet each Monday at 10:30pm Eastern at various locations on the Landroval server. The entertainment is provided by the audience themselves, as individuals and groups come forward to offer tales, poems, and songs.

The fine hosts of Ales and Tales, The Lonely Mountain Band, have begun recording their weekly gatherings and will be airing the show on the Middle-earth Network Radio.

You can tune in to Middle-earth Network Radio Thursday August 4th, at 1am, 5am, 9am, 1pm, 5pm, 9pm CDT to hear the very first podcast of the in-game event!

They are also planning on adding the podcast to iTunes for those who aren’t able to catch the show on Thursdays!

Kin Website:
Twitter: @alesandtales

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7 Responses to “Ales & Tales Podcast”

  1. RannaDylin (Lennidhren) Says:

    Listening to it now. Yay! Oh, and the show is now in iTunes, and at for the show notes and for anyone who misses it on Thursdays.


  2. Bootsy Says:

    *dives onto iTunes* Thanks for the link, I missed it on MyMERadio


  3. Sevalioryn Says:

    What server do you play on Goldenstar?


  4. Harperella Says:

    Well done on putting this up on iTunes, Ranna! This new podcast is really turning out great!


  5. Lorgelas Says:

    Good stuff. Dig it! Subscribed to the podcast on Itunes.


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