LOTRO Plugin Review 13: Busy Bee Tasks

August 25, 2011

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Tasks are not something that I had a lot of experience with before this plugin. Sure, I would occasionally find some trash items that I could turn in here or there, but it was always difficult to figure out what items needed to be saved if I ran out of inventory space, which ones were safe to sell, etc.  But after trying the plugin Busy Bee Tasks I find that not only do I know what items I have that can be turned in for Tasks, but I also know how many I need to complete a quest, how many I have total in my inventory, what areas they can be turned in at, if and two whom the quest will grant reputation, as well as what character levels the quests are valid.

And yes, while Tasks may not be everyone’s cup of tea, I still recommend giving this a try.  A little bit of experience never hurt anyone, right?  The only downside of this plugin is that if you’ve leveled beyond the range of tasks, you will probably not find much use for this plugin unless they eventually raise the level range in which tasks are granted.

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40 Responses to “LOTRO Plugin Review 13: Busy Bee Tasks”

  1. Keirion Says:

    “And yes, while Tasks may not be everyone’s cup of tea, I still recommend giving this a try. A little bit of experience never hurt anyone, right?”

    Except for the part where you outlevel all the tasks and the deed sits there in your log mocking you and you can only hope that some day they’ll raise the level of tasks so that you can finish that deed and get it out of your log… of course this might be a sign of OCD…


    • Avatar of Merric
      Merric Says:

      LOL, that is pure awesome.

      Yeah, I’m a little disappointed that they haven’t upped tasks to go up to 65 yet, although I’m sure there is some internal debate over the subject. Maybe after the release of Isengard we can see those. I know that a lot of people would like those cosmetic cloaks and titles!


    • Hak42 Says:

      Yes! That deed definitely messes with my OCD. Especially when the vendor trash that you pick up at higher levels still warns that it can be turned in for tasks, which is just a cruel lie.


  2. Halibrand Says:

    I’m all about Gondamon!

    Seriously, nowadays when I create a new character, I level them up to around 10, and send them to Gondamon. They can spend a few days (or more) doing turn-ins there, so that I can get a low character to Aquaintance with Thorin’s Hall quickly and easily. Getting access to their Superior Workbenches instead of having to use Esteldin is pretty fantastic pre-Moria.

    I adore tasks, and it’s all about gaining reputation for me.


  3. Jennifer Says:

    This plugin looks really great, especially for my lower level alts. I downloaded it but can’t get it to work in game. I keep on getting an error. =(


  4. Dan Says:

    Ooh, this is something that I would actually use, because as much as I’ve tried to do as many of the tasks as I can (yea, I’m weird that way), I never seem to make as much progress as I’d like (although the problem is usually that I don’t have room in my bag to haul around all of the skin, sheaths, fur, goo, etc that is needed — this plugin doesn’t solve that, does it??) I might have to look into how to install one of these plugin things


  5. Dirstel Says:

    Don’t like tasks. I think I’d prefer the money from selling the stuff.


    • Dirstel Says:

      Although I might be more inclined to give them a shot with this plugin on my lower lever characters….it might just make the tasks viable for me.


  6. Larry Wilbur Says:

    I have used this for quite a while now. It is very helpfull epecially in getting the pesky rep for Forochel and Those people of the north. Without spending extra time doing task killing I have managed to get to almost 350 tasks just by completing quests and some deeds and I am at level 52. it is also very helpful for knowing which alt to send to when you are slayer deeding stuff of lower levels. I have a jeweler alt that just sits in esteldin and gets all the hand me downs (turn in a few a day while doing guild rep). Even with using it getting to the 500 task level would require alot of effort and possibly starting tasks from getting hand downs from higher level alts. i have noticed that i did level so much faster on my 2nd alt doing the tasks, rep came alot faster, but i dont think the end prize is really worth it. The cloaks are kind of tacky. its definitely worth the rep turn ins and helpful for xp however


  7. Zyngor Says:

    Wow, this actually looks like a really useful plugin that I’d actually use (pending scaling tasks past Moria). If it can save me the trouble of having to continually return to the taskboard to check if any pieces I picked up are useful for my level, looks good to me.

    Do you know if the plugin automatically updates any pertinent info if you should level (and thus going in/out of the task ranges) while you have it loaded? I suppose you could simply reload it, but that would require its own endearing task known as effort.


    • Avatar of Merric
      Merric Says:

      That’s a good question. I think that it updates automatically, but I can’t be sure.


      • Watson Says:

        It greys out the line for stuff you can’t hand in anymore. I fide that a handy reminder to sell hand-ins that I’ve out-levelled. You can reload the plugin to get rid of the greyed out lines.


  8. Stephenfry o'Imladris Says:

    “..nline\Plugins\BoskoPlugins\BusyBee\BusyBeeWindow.lua:12: Unable to resolve package “Turbine.UI.Extensions”.”
    “..e Rings Online\Plugins\BoskoPlugins\BusyBee\Main.lua:11: Failed to import package “BoskoPlugins.BusyBee.BusyBeeWindow”

    It looks a great plugin, but I’m getting these two errors when opening, anyone know what to do?


  9. susan Says:

    Wished I had seen this when I went through my task phase. I used an almost illegible handwritten spreadsheet and the lotr forums to tend to the tedious planning ahead for who does what where rep area.

    It almost made me insane. The sheer difficulty in tracking the trophies, lvl,area used for what reward is beyond retarded. Add in the fact that it eats up inventory space i can see why most dont bother with it.

    In the end, tasks are invaluable for gaining rep, especially if you save up stacks of the easiest trophies for your alts from your main, and like a previous poster said, park them in a rep area and just log on to turn in those already farmed trophies.

    On one alt alone I have gain full rep with 5 factions doing this with little bother. takes a long time but what the hey….


  10. Tony Says:

    Tasks are a huge burden on your bag space, but if you’re concerned with reputation at all I think they’re worth it. What helps me is that whenever I return to a town, I just sell all of the ones I have less than 4 of. There’s usually several. 4 is the lowest number of items anyone will accept to complete a task. This usually winds up giving me several spaces.

    The problem is you never know who is going to want stuff because the boards only display something if you’re within a few levels. So I definitely like this plugin, it makes that less of a chore.


  11. Lydia's Lotro Says:

    I made a spreadsheet of all the task items that give rep, where to turn them in, and what is the last valid level to do so. I also have a running list of all the similar sounding items that are just vendor trash. And this plugin will automate all that! Whoohooo!


  12. phantasm8 Says:

    When I find myself with some time to kill, I usually grind a slayer deed or two and send all the task loot to a lower-level alt. That will usually last him a couple days of turning in tasks and with so many alts, the plugin helps me quickly recap which alts need/have which task turn-ins. I leveled from 40 to 50 doing this, completed the 500 task deed, all without getting new gear. D’oh!


  13. Corvald Says:

    I use the BusyBee plugin and also the Daily Tasks plugin for tasks. The Daily Tasks plugin doesn’t have a nice graphical interface, but it can list what each of your alts can use, and can also list the junk items that don’t have associated tasks. That makes it much quicker for trips to the vendor/mailbox.


    • Bob Says:

      The DailyTasks plugin is certainly more useful in that respect despite the lack of pretty interface. If the way you work with tasks is to farm slayer deeds/rep items with a higher level character and then send the trophies to the lower level alts actually working on tasks, it’s able to list exactly what to vendor and what to send to who.


  14. TheArcher777 Says:

    Thanks for this review! I downloaded and gave this plug in a try: it is an absolute dream! No longer must I keep all of my bags full of icky bits of dead creatures and useless broken weapons! I can now check and see which ones I can and cannot use! Thanks again, Merric!


  15. mxdDanel Says:

    Does it work for the german client too?


  16. Andyna Says:

    I’m getting the same error that the other people reported.

    …nline\Plugins\BoskoPlugins\BusyBee\BusyBeeWindow.lua:12: Unable to resolve package “Turbine.UI.Extensions”.
    …e Rings Online\Plugins\BoskoPlugins\BusyBee\Main.lua:11: Failed to import package “BoskoPlugins.BusyBee.BusyBeeWindow”.

    I have plenty of other plugins that work fine, but this one won’t load. I downloaded the files that Merric linked to that looked like they were supposed to have been installed before you used any plugins, but I never had and the other plugins worked fine. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. Ideas from those who were getting this and figured it out?


    • Jennifer Says:

      I had the same issue but once I downloaded the files that Merric gave it worked. There is something in the files that helps this plugin work. I had used other plugins that worked without these files as well but this one needs it.


      • Avatar of Merric
        Merric Says:

        It reads like there might be an older version of the Turbine installed. Embarrassingly enough I think I had an older version of the Turbine files linked in my posts. The correct version can be found at http://content.turbine.com/sites/lotro/lua/Beta_LuaPlugins.7z

        Sorry about that!


        • Andyna Says:

          Tried the new version of the plugin files too and it still errors on me. Ah well.


          • Andyna Says:

            I figured it out. I unzipped the 7z file in the wrong place. For anyone else who stumbles across this and is having issues…

            Inside My Documents\The Lord of the Rings Online, open a folder called “Plugins”. If the “Plugins” folder does not exist, create one.

            If a Turbine Folder is not present inside of it, you need to download the 7z files Merric mentioned and copy the Turbine folder inside the Plugins folder. Do not copy the individual files into the Plugins folder, they need to be inside a Turbine folder (so the path would be My Documents\The Lord of the Rings Online\Plugins\Turbine).

  17. Alan Says:

    I loaded Busy Bee and it appears to be functioning, but it isn’t recognizing the items in my bag. All of the items on this list show a count of 0/8 or 0/15 etc. Is there is something I am not doing correctly? Thanks for the app, it is going to be a big help.


  18. Ilse (@Sheriziya) Says:

    oh, I wish I found this earlier! It’s a great plugin :)



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