Outside LOTRO: Colbert Report Ring of Power

August 2, 2011


Typically we here at CSTM stay far far away from politics and generally other things from real life that seem to strive to destroy fun in the real world we sometimes are forced to live in.

However, this clip from the Colbert Report attempting to explaining the debt crisis with Lord of the Rings characters is simply too good to pass up. Enjoy!


Special thank you to Draculetta of the Meneldor Server for sharing this link with us!

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20 Responses to “Outside LOTRO: Colbert Report Ring of Power”

  1. Mz Says:

    XD too awesome!


  2. Avatar of Cithryth
    Cithryth Says:

    Just a note: He doesn’t usually wear a ring on his right hand – the ring on his right hand is the One Ring :P


  3. mikl4cstm Says:

    Not available for Canada!


  4. Battle Minstrel Says:

    That is awesome. I should definitely use Lord of the Rings to explain things in the future.


  5. Sam Says:

    Can’t see it.


  6. Ailem Says:

    Canadians can catch it here: http://colbertreport.thecomedynetwork.ca/

    Look for the July 28 show.


  7. Draculetta Says:

    I never caught that he had the “one ring” on… too funny..
    thanks for point that out Cithryth


  8. Adam Says:

    LOl, over here in the UK, it clearly can’t play, what we see instead is the dude in front of a US flag and this text:

    Dear Great Britain,
    We’re terribly sorry, but full video clips of the Colbert report are not available. But please don’t send any red coats in retaliation this time, as you CAN experience the truthiness at FXUK

    ^^thought that was worth sharing to those who just get the video! :D


  9. Glompf Says:

    Since I am from Europe, then I am not that familiar with all the hobbits in this story. But I think it is hilarious nevertheless, sarcasm and irony are so fun when you /poke the politics with a /laugh


  10. Joshua Says:

    I love how, by the end, he was just pulling out all of his LotR stuff just to show it off, not because it had anything to do with the joke. ;P


  11. Eaowyn Says:

    Lol, now thst was priceless! I want the pinball game :-P…… and Anduril too. I do still have the little burger king toys still. Some still in their packages too. Best toys at burger king… ever!


  12. Beryline Says:

    I love a) the significance of the sword, i.e. none at all escept that he has it, and b) that he wants to be Faramir.


  13. Beryline Says:

    third try? except!!!!!!


  14. Elvishmouse Says:

    I feel bad for cringing at his pronunciations v_v


  15. Artphul Says:

    He also has one elvish ear!

    Great clip. There are people at my work who really think he is a conservative talk show host! (rather than stretch the boundaries to embrace the sarcasm)


  16. Suzawen (Landroval) Says:

    Hilarious!!! I want that sword!!!


  17. TheArcher777 Says:

    There’s a great clip of him housing James Franco on Silmarillion lore in an interview from a couple months ago. Its amazing, I highly recommend it!

    I heart Stephen Colbert!


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