Bullroarer: Crafting Guild Reputation in Isengard

September 8, 2011

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*SPOILER ALERT* Below are listings and details on some of the Crafting changes with Rise of Isengard from the Bullroarer beta server.

LSEmblemThe Rise of Isengard is bringing with it a new tier of crafting (called Westfold) as well as a new tier of reputation that will need to be earned with Crafting Guilds as well.  The rank after Kindred is currently titled “Master of the Guild” and will require 45,000 reputation to earn it.  Why is it important for crafters to maximize their guild reputation?  Because typically doing so gains them access to some of the best recipes within the game, including Legendary Items, relics, and armor.  But let’s admit it it, when the expansion releases crafting crafting guild emblems is probably not going to be high on your list.

Luckily, some kind forum members have put together several lists of how you can go about crafting the emblems now so you can immediately turn them in once the expansion hits.  Take note, that due to the timers on emblems, crafting will take anywhere from 7 – 10 days; so there’s no time like the present to get started!

The first list comes from Thorcar:

  • 6 Small Expert
  • 3 Medium Expert
  • 7 Small Artisan
  • 3 Medium Artisan
  • 6 Small Master
  • 3 Medium Master
  • 1 Large Master
  • 7 Small Supreme
  • 3 Medium Supreme
  • 1 Large Supreme

This list will take seven days to complete.  Also Included in his post is also a list for the materials that Weaponsmiths will need if they wish to follow this route.

The second list comes from ditlbomb who put together a list for those who may not wish to make any of the Small emblems:

  • 4 Medium Expert
  • 3 Medium Artisan
  • 4 Medium Master
  • 2 Large Master
  • 4 Medium Supreme
  • 2 Large Supreme

This route will take 10 days instead of 7, but will eliminate the need to run to a crafting area every day.

Last, I’d like to mention a webpage started by Arbalister which includes not only the first list, but also  the materials required for Woodworker and Weaponsmiths.  He also states that he will update the page with the other professions in the near future.

Personally, I have been moving forward with the first list and I have been storing away emblems in order to obtain Master of the Guild as soon as possible.  This way I can just get the reputation and be done with it instead of hoping that I won’t be too distracted with the new Isengard content to remember to do it.

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32 Responses to “Bullroarer: Crafting Guild Reputation in Isengard”

  1. Avatar of Goldenstar
    Goldenstar Says:

    10 Days? I might actually rank up my crafting rep for once… (after I GET to kindred in the first place anyway)


  2. Vraeden of Elendilmir Says:

    I’ve been making the guild symbols/patterns/emblems/etc. on a regular basis for several months. Now it looks like they won’t be completely worthless!


  3. Mr RrrRRr Says:

    Hello !

    The names for the reputation of the guild has changed completely! These are the same as the traditional craft, beginning with apprentice. So with Isengard when they will max the guild, there will be “master”. Sorry Google Trad;)


  4. Tony Says:

    Might as well get cracking. I’ve been Kindred in a couple for a while… It goes faster than you’d think since the bigger symbols give quite a lot of reptuation. Even so, 45000 is a lot lol


  5. Elahedor Says:

    Immediately after playing around on BR, I started cratfting the emblems – and told my kinmates to do so as well. I now have more than enough emblems to get master of the guild. I would probably still be crafting if I hadn’t decided to figure out how much I needed.

    I’m going to log off on the 26th in esteldin just so I can turn them in & visit my class trainer before jumping to nar’s to pick up the epic. Then it’s off to dunland!


  6. Thomas the Captain Says:

    I am all set & I logged off in the tailor’s guild with 75,000 worth of rep items. Now I only need to wait for the 27th.


  7. Keirion Says:

    I haven’t posted it on the website, but I actually created and have been using a different combination to get the 45k, that’s designed around having to do it on the fewest number of times spent crafting as possible. What I came up with is actually very straightforward and only requires crafting on 3 occasions. Unfortunately, it takes 21 days, and we’ve now past that mark.

    3 medium artisan
    3 medium master
    3 large master
    3 medium supreme
    3 large supreme

    Even though it’s now less than 21 days until Isengard, you could still have it finished just a couple of days after release with not much effort on your part. It to be the perfect combination for the casual or weekends only player.


  8. Nethila Says:

    Actually, unless I’m mistaken, the second list takes 9 days instead of 10 (4 medium patterns takes 9 days)

    And Keiron, your list takes “14″ days theorically. All of these times take into account you can start building your first patterns NOW (without waiting for the cooldown the first time).


    • Keirion Says:

      You’re absolutely right, Nethila. Clearly I wasn’t paying attention when I was throwing that together. Only 3 occasions of crafting was the really significant thing to me in that list.


  9. Pointy Says:

    This looks useful. :)

    Are there any lists like this around for going all the way up in a crafting guild? My scholar is the only one that’s kindred with hers – it just seemed so much easier to get the mats for her to do the required crafting. Everyone else is really struggling for at least one ingredient – for my jeweller it’s the K-copper, because my metalsmith is also struggling for bronze and it uses the same metal (my jeweller is only level 48 so she’s being fect the K-copper and gold). For my tailor it’s the magnificent hides. For metalsmith it’s K-copper.


    • Pointy Says:

      It still thinks I’m a robot. :(

      Oh btw – is there anywhere to download the podcasts for listening to at leisure? I’ve looked in the itunes store but you seem to only be able to stream them, not save them. Is that normal? I’ve not used it for anything else :)


      • Avatar of Goldenstar
        Goldenstar Says:

        Possibly your email was reported to our service as a robot. It appears to be a made up address but perhaps I’m wrong. (btw you’ll never receive unsolicited email from us, we don’t do that or share email with anyone).

        You can subscribe to us on iTunes & it will download to your iTunes listing. Other similar services work the same & downcast (iPhone app) downloads it to my phone for offline listening. Does that help at all?


    • Krenn Says:

      In my opinion, it’s rarely worth leveling up using Khazad-copper. I think both my metalsmith and weaponsmith gained nearly all of their last guild points just using Medium Supreme (only uses the very cheap Khazad-Iron) and Large Master items. You can still make over 10K reputation per week with just those two, assuming you have a decent supply of Ancient Iron.

      But when Khazad-copper ingots sell on the AH for almost twenty times what Khazad-iron sells for, it’s easy to be patient.


      • Pointy Says:

        Yeah I think it’s because there’s only a small area in which to get K-copper, and even then it’s mixed in with the tin. When you can only get it in the lower half of Eregion and early Moria, and the iron and gold is available through the rest of Moria, Lorien, Mirkwood AND Enedwaith, it’s easy to see why copper/bronze is so expensive and hard to get hold of.

        I’m actually hoping that at least Enedwaith gets changed to the new tier’s materials. Maybe bulking out Moria with more tin and copper and moving the iron and gold out to only Lorien and Mirkwood would even the field a bit :)


        • Thorcar Says:

          Lower Eregion is definitely the place to go for K-copper and you can usually run into a shard dropper or two there. If you are a lower level toon, it is a wide open area which makes it easy to ride around and mine without having to constantly stop to fight. The same is true for Enedwaith for K-iron and K-gold. I was mining K-iron there before I could even hit anything.

          I agree with Krenn, though, in regards to using K-copper in rep leveling. All my K-copper goes to a kinnie to make hope tokens for me.


  10. Harperella Says:

    Can my lowbie crafting alts make t7?


  11. mixeddrinks Says:

    wow this was the best info about ROI yet! I stopped crafting rep emblems all togehter for the 3 at kindred! must go about doing it again!


  12. Blackwolfe Says:

    Heh, Im not even past aquaintance in any crafting guild yet but started working on my weaponsmiths guild rep again. I know you can make LI’s if you are kindred with them, but is there any “must haves” in Metalsmith/Scholar/Jewelcrafting/Tailoring guilds or is it just the ability to make blue gear and not having to rely on crit rate?

    I doubt I’ll be kindred in all of them when Isengard hits though, perhaps just with WS.


    • Halibrand Says:

      It’s more than not having to rely on crit rate: it’s also not having to gather a lot of one-shot recipes. If your goal is the Teal result, then this saves you multiple recipes and many more components because failures happen the regular way.

      For consumables, it really pays off to be pumping out the expensive dyes five at a time, or to be making whole stacks of crit food and potions at a time. Crit food especially!


  13. Thorcar Says:

    Blackwolfe, besides the crit items and LIs, you can also make barter items that can be traded for sealed crafted relics. Weaponsmiths make the ones for vitality which always sell well on the AH. You can also refine the crafted relics for a fair amount of shards. However, if you are refining relics for shards, it is better to spend an hour in Delving of Fror if you can get in.


    • Krenn Says:

      The Cook relics are especially good to refine; for the cost of 14 crops and 8 silver you can make the daily relic which refines for 64 shards. (even less if you make the ingredients in bulk with the guild recipe)


  14. Thraorin Says:

    Thanks for the heads-up. :)
    I am now already two-thirds on the way from Kindred to Master of the Guild for my weaponsmith and woodworker – good thing I kept all the surplus rep items when I hit kindred.


  15. Gilreth Says:

    I sorted out my own list working round the fact I was away from my computer for a week. then logged the jeweller alt in to discover she had tons of supreme symbols in stock so needed one days crafting and that was it. metalsmith was more of an issue but she is getting there slowly…..


  16. Rosalie Says:

    Jeweller shopping list for 1st list:
    24 gold ingots
    23 platinum ingots
    3 white gold ingots
    30 ancient silver ingots
    24 khazad-copper ingots
    13 khazad-gold ingots
    3 polished rubies
    3 polished adamants
    5 polished beryls


  17. Rosalie Says:

    Scholar Shopping List for 1st list:
    18 Faded Sindarin Passages
    9 Torn Craftsman’s Diaries
    3 Cracked Dwarf-Carvings
    20 Fragments of Dunedain Scripts
    13 Relics of Lothlorien
    21 Long-Lost Second Age Texts
    11 Undeciphered Moon-letters
    4 Worn Elf-carvings
    23 Rune-carved Tablets
    12 Etchings of Moria
    4 Relics of Khazad-dum
    1 Broken Dwarf-Statue


  18. Rosalie Says:

    Tailor Shopping List for 1st list:
    30 Pieces of Sturdy Leather
    12 Bolts of Cotton Cloth
    45 Pieces of Pristine Leather
    13 Bolts of Silk Cloth
    63 Pieces of Exceptional Leather
    15 Bolts of Elven-Cloth
    40 Pieces of Magnificent Leather
    20 Pieces of Extraordinary Leather
    16 Bolts of Magnificent Cloth


  19. Rosalie Says:

    Cook Shopping List for 1st List (many items are components of an ingredient):
    20 Bags of Salt
    3 Bottles of Vinegar
    12 Bottles of Water
    24 Bunches of Blackberries
    9 Bunches of Strawberries
    6 Bundles of Mint Leaves
    48 Bundles of Spring Barley
    78 Bundles of Winter Barley
    15 Chicken Eggs
    19 Cups of Fresh Cream
    19 Cuts of Beef
    6 Drops of Fine Clover Honey
    19 Green Onions
    14 Heads of Cauliflower
    6 Lamb Kidneys
    4 Large Bottles of Milk
    6 Lumps of Butter
    6 Pinches of Cinnamon
    8 Pinches of Mixed Spice
    16 Pinches of Mixed Herbs
    2 Pinches of Shire Seasonings
    2 Pork Shanks
    14 Pouches of Fine Seasonings
    14 Royal Taters
    6 Scoops of Lard
    12 Shire Apples
    3 Stalks of Rhubarb
    10 Taters
    7 Uncooked Chickens
    12 Yellow Onions

    (full list follows this post)


  20. Rosalie Says:

    6 Small Expert
    6 Bowls of Hearty Stock
    –6 Green Onions
    –6 Lamb Kidneys
    –6 Bottles of Water
    6 Yellow Onions
    6 Cuts of Beef
    6 Scoops of Lard

    3 Medium Expert
    6 Cuts of Marinated Beef
    –6 Green Onions
    –6 Cuts of Beef
    6 Bags of Salt
    6 Taters
    6 Yellow Onions
    3 Lumps of Butter

    7 Small Artisan
    7 Marinated Chicken Cutlets
    –7 Green Onions
    –7 Uncooked Chickens
    –7 Pouches of Fine Seasonings
    7 Heads of Cauliflower
    7 Pouches of Fine Seasonings
    7 Bags of Salt

    3 Medium Artisan
    6 Pie Crusts
    –12 Cups of Spring Barley Flour
    —-24 Bundles of Spring Barley
    –6 Chicken Eggs
    6 Apple Pie Fillings
    –12 Shire Apples
    –6 Pinches of Cinnamon
    9 Bunches of Strawberries

    6 Small Master
    6 Cups of Tasty Frosting
    –12 Cups of Winter Barley Flour
    —-24 Bunches of Winter Barley
    –6 Cups of Fresh Cream
    12 Bunches of Blackberries
    6 Cups of Winter Barley Flour
    –12 Bunches of Winter Barley
    6 Drops of Fine Clover Honey

    3 Medium Master
    3 Pie Crusts
    –6 Cups of Spring Barley Flour
    —-12 Bundles of Spring Barley
    –3 Chicken Eggs
    3 Cups of Tasty Frosting
    –6 Cups of Winter Barley Flour
    —-12 Bundles of Winter Barley
    –3 Cups of Fresh Cream
    3 Cups of Winter Barley Flour
    –6 Bundles of Winter Barley
    3 Stalks of Rhubarb
    3 Chicken Eggs

    1 Large Master
    3 Pie Crusts
    –6 Cups of Spring Barley Flour
    —-12 Bundles of Spring Barley
    –3 Chicken Eggs
    3 Blackberry Pie Fillings
    –6 Bunches of Blackberries
    –3 Cups of Fresh Cream
    3 Cups of Tasty Frosting
    –6 Cups of Winter Barley Flour
    —-12 Bundles of Winter Barley
    –3 Cups of Fresh Cream
    1 Cup of Fresh Cream
    1 Large Bottle of Milk

    7 Small Supreme
    7 Bowls of Mashed Royal Taters
    –14 Royal Taters
    –7 Bags of Salt
    –7 Pinches of Mixed Herbs
    7 Heads of Cauliflower
    7 Cuts of Beef
    7 Pinches of Mixed Herbs

    3 Medium Supreme
    3 Balls of Dough
    –6 Cups of Winter Barley Flour
    —-12 Bundles of Winter Barley
    –3 Bottles of Water
    3 Jars of Blackberry Jam
    –6 Bunches of Blackberries
    –3 Bottles of Water
    –3 Pinches of Mixed Spice
    3 Large Bottles of Milk
    3 Cups of Fresh Cream
    3 Lumps of Butter

    1 Large Supreme
    3 Jars of Mint Sauce
    –6 Bundles of Mint Leaves
    –3 Bottles of Vinegar
    –3 Pinches of Mixed Spice
    2 Spiced Potatoes
    –4 Taters
    –2 Pinches of Shire Seasonings
    2 Pork Shanks
    2 Pinches of Mixed Spice
    2 Pinches of Mixed Herbs



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