LOTRO Plugin Review 14: Gambit Helper

September 9, 2011

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This week we take a look at Gambit Helper from Zanttux.  This plugin is something that I have definitely been in need of for a while.  Although I have covered Warden plugins before I found myself needing something a bit more extensive.

Now that I’m back on my Warden and leveling him I find that I have (surprise, surprise) forgotten most of his gambits and what they do.  This plugin solves that issue by putting a list of all of your character’s available gambits and putting them in a list on the screen and organizes them by their category.  So far those categories are:

  • Heal Over Time
  • Threat Over Time
  • Threat Transfer
  • Threat Increase
  • Avoidance Buffs
  • Damage
  • Morale Drain

The plugin also allows you to customize the list as well so that you can see the Gambit icon, make them only visible in combat, and to highlight certain gambits of your choosing.  Overall this plugin has made me much better at learning what my gambits do and overall a better Warden.

Note:  You will also need to install Dragbar for this plugin as well.

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12 Responses to “LOTRO Plugin Review 14: Gambit Helper”

  1. Thraorin Says:

    Nice, this looks very useful for when I finally get to taking my Warden beyond level 7. ;)


    • deadmeat Says:

      I can’t even get it to work… :’( Always get a error with it, even through I have all of the required items installed….


  2. Avatar of Skyrgrim
    Skyrgrim Says:

    YUSSSSS finally what I’ve been askin for


  3. Michael Says:

    Do you know of any gambit plugins that help with masteries? Instead of showing traditional builders (spear shield fist), show with masteries, builder removal plus traditional builders as needed.


    • Avatar of Merric
      Merric Says:

      I don’t currently, but I’m not sure if that’s because I’m too low level or not. I’ll see what I can find out though, Michael. :)


    • Q the Warden Says:

      BIG NOTE: Changes in masteries are coming in the Isengard release. I suspect that any inputs on how the plugins will work after the release are subject to change/modification.

      IMHO, a very good tool for those who are new to wardens and still learning gambits.
      It has potential to help people learn as they play. No doubt about it.
      However, I believe “seasoned” wardens will find that they will not only have the gambits memorized, but will be so efficient as to create gambits as if they were reflex actions within their very being.


  4. Syrdeth Says:

    This looks really good, I’ll have to try it out.

    I had been using WardenEase 0.4 (0.5 refuses to work for me, no idea why) and it appears to be abandoned. Thanks Merric! :)


  5. Elinnea Says:

    That looks brilliant, and I love the idea of using the checkmark to remind myself of which ones I need for deeds. I’ll go download it now to try it out, and maybe I’ll be able to move my warden from where she’s parked in Esteldin and put her back in the group of alts that I’m actively leveling.


  6. GregA Says:

    I really like this mod; there’s just two things I can’t work out:

    - whether the indicated keys for the spear, shield and fist be changed to reflect the order that I use (I’ve always had shield in spot 1, spear in 2 and fist in 3 for no particular reason)
    - I’ve been trying to work out the little numbers that look like footnotes at the end of some of the gambits. I think I’ve figured that the gold footnotes are the number of targets affected by the gambit, although Goad has a (4), while my skill at 55 has 3 targets affected. I can’t figure out what the blue footnotes mean…


  7. Moryel Says:

    Oh! Thanks Merric, this looks like its just what my warden needs.


  8. pablo Says:

    im having some trouble i dont understand the dragbar how to install it into gh


  9. Annalei Says:

    Is anyone able to get the new version (Gambit Helper 2) to load? I downloaded it with the LOTRO Plugin Compendium, so it downloaded the other required plugins as well. It will load the drag bars, but not the gambit helper itself.


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