Outside LOTRO: Edel-Silmarillion

September 2, 2011


bensilbuch05There is a wonderful article on Tolkien Library about Benjamin Harff, a German student at the Academy of Arts, who reproduced an absolutely stunning version of the Silmarillion for his exam.

This work is beautiful, detailed and nothing but wonderful. Only one copy in existance and no plans to publish or make it available, it truly is unique version of the Silmarillion.

Read the full article at the Tolkien Library for the full interview with Mr. Harff and more pictures of his amazing book!

Thank you to @Brazokie for alerting us to this amazing piece of art!

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11 Responses to “Outside LOTRO: Edel-Silmarillion”

  1. trolles Says:

    Just A-m-a-z-i-n-g!


  2. Paxse Says:

    That is a treasure and priceless. I was able to zoom in on the art on the first page. The detail is breath-taking.


  3. Beryline Says:

    That is gorgeous. It amazes me what effort people will put into a labor of love.


  4. Bootsy of Laurelin Says:

    That is stunning, I am at a loss for words for its beauty and Benjamin Harff’s work of love to use his own words; “The fire”.


  5. Narnian of Vilya Says:

    “Pure inspiration is useless without skill, knowledge and hard work.”

    That is the new defining quote of my life.


  6. Sam Says:

    Not bad at all, the medieval monks would be proud of him.


  7. Celtar @ Nimrodel Says:

    I am just stunned, wow what a great work of art. Well done Benjamin Harff, I hope some day he does get to bring it to the Tolkien estate to show them.


  8. Saelyth Says:

    what sam said.


  9. susan Says:

    he really needs to let it be published, it is truly an amazing work of art that begs to be shared.


  10. Hobbitmeister Says:

    Incredible piece of craftsmanship!!! Bravo Benjamin Harff!


  11. grimbran Says:

    Nothing short of amazing. :)


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