And all I wanted was to find the restroom . . .

October 6, 2011

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Before you read the rest of this post, you have to swear that you will not tell anyone else about this.  You are in the circle.  If you can’t keep a secret, click “back” on your browser now.  Seriously, if I find out that you’ve told anyone about this place I will tell Aragorn that you said un-nice things about his mama.  This is almost as top-secret as my grandmother’s triple chocolate chunk cookie recipe or a VHS copy of the Star Wars Holiday Special.


You may or may not know this (at least I think it’s cool), but there’s a room in the Galtrev crafting hall that has ALL of the guild vendors in it.  I’m guessing not a lot of people know about it because the place was deserted on Elendilmir.  As you can see from the picture, the only people in there are the vendors and my kinmates who were just told about it in kinchat.

You get there by going into the Galtrev craft hall and then go to the back by the oven and cook vendor.

If you already knew where this was, consider me late to the party.  If you didn’t know this was here, you can move your milestone from Esteldin, Michel Delving, Rivendell or Thorin’s Hall to somewhere else because you can now turn in your symbols/patterns/emblems/recipes in Galtrev, as well as get all of the new guild recipes.

Thanks to my kinmates from The Osgiliath Guard of Elendilmir for the heads up!

10/23/11 EDIT:

In the latest maintenance/patch, they added a marker for the guild hall in the Galtrev craft hall.

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18 Responses to “And all I wanted was to find the restroom . . .”

  1. Tanek Says:

    I found the door by accident just because I always run the edges of a room to clear as much as I can on the map.

    I think this is one of the best “reveals” of the secret craft guild hall I have read so far, though:


  2. andras Says:

    Great, thank you :-)


  3. SC Says:

    I don’t remember seeing it mentioned here and I’m not sure how many know about it but:

    You can now trade all those Ancient Gold Tokens and the like that are clogging your barter wallet for Skirmish Marks. Up to at least 35 skirmish marks per token. Talk to Tad Leafcutter outside the Bree rep hall in South Bree to redeem. I made over 1000 SMs on one toon alone.


  4. Isilwren Says:

    Oh hurrah!! I was loathing having to trek my cook all the way back to M. Delving just to pick up recipes and such. Having all the guild vendors in one spot is just simply AWESOME!!

    I hope they continue to create guild vendor areas in new expansions. I always felt it seemed wrong to have to return to the Shire (T. Hall, Rivendell) for items when I was knee deep in Mirkwood. I kept expecting the NPCs to say – “What are you doing back here??? Aren’t you supposed to be helping save Middle Earth??”


  5. Pickles Says:

    I found this out through a post in the forums. Thanks for sharing it here!


  6. lulu Says:

    OMG I was running back and forth between Esteldin and Galtrev for the guild recipes.

    Thank you!!!


  7. Zach Estel Says:

    This is AMAZING :DDDD Thank you for sharing.


  8. Glen Says:


    Just the other day I found a secret crafting hall near Thorin’s gate. At least I think it was secret because in all the years of playing LOTRO I’d never known about it. So either it was added recently, or it’s been there a while and I’d never discovered or heard about it.

    Anyhow I had just gotten on a swift-travel horse to go from Thorin’s Gate to Celondim when my cursor happened to float over a nearby door and turned into the little ‘open’ icon.

    I was like “What? Never noticed that before.” So I immediately dismounted and went to check it out. To my surprise it was a fully functioning crafting hall (without Superior facilities unfortunately).

    Anyhow maybe it’s been there all along, but I thought it was REALLY cool to find new things in old areas that you’d thought you’d completely explored.


    • Korth Says:

      That Crafting Hall was introduced with Update 2 among other things (like the farming fields on the north slopes near Celondim). So, it’s relatively recent.


  9. Ardineck Says:

    Nooooooooo! I found this almost immediately because of my desire to have fully revealed interior maps wherever I go. It was quiet and non-lag crafting for me and those select few I chose to share it with. Now, on a site like this, the quiet and lag-free environment is sullied. Curses!


  10. Narnian of Vilya Says:

    Vraeden, Vraeden, Vraeden…
    We swore you to secrecy. You promised. You made the blood oath and bowed before the sacred smithing hammer… Now you have broken the oath of secrecy and must be punished.

    Galtrev sparring circle. Dawn. Pick your weapon.


  11. Tony Says:

    I’ve been using it for a while now, someone mentioned it in the kinchat. Given how few people ever seem to be in it, I don’t think many have noticed it yet.

    There’s a blue barter icon on the map in the hut, which helps… but they really need to label the door in some way.


  12. Robert Says:

    When we are talking about Easter eggs etc. Did you find the place in Dunland where there are many snowmen? :D
    only thing that’s missing is Christmas trees.


  13. Bassoon Says:

    Wait…I thought I was the only one with a VHS copy of star wars holiday special. Oh the acting…


  14. Rochendilwen Says:

    Is this just between certain hours or on certain days or what? Because it’s not there whenever I venture into the crafting hall.


    • Avatar of Goldenstar
      Goldenstar Says:

      What server are you on? Since I found out about it, I have never not been able to get in.

      You might check in OOC to see if other people are having trouble getting in, and if it’s bugged, submit a trouble ticket.

      EDIT: Check out the screen shot I took above. They put a marker and ox head by the door to the guild hall.


  15. Rochendilwen Says:

    Hoop, found it /o/ Somehow, I managed to run straight past it several times, how blind can one elf be XD Sorry for the trouble!


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