Episode 112: You Don’t Know Falcor??

October 30, 2011

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falcorThis week we talk about Draigoch guides, lotteries, horse emotes and more!

Goldenstar’s burglar is still level 48 and is supposed to get to level 50 by Tuesday (don’t hold your breath). In other news, she’s collected as much as she think she wanted from the Fall Festival.

Merric’s champion is level 62 and in Mirkwood. He warns the drownholt area is still pretty crummy and Goldenstar’s characters should still avoid them.

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Letter from Arodhir:

Hi Merric & Goldenstar,

Love the podcast, it’s one the few things I look forward to on Monday mornings (I listen to your cast as I drive to work).

I had a couple questions regarding crafting in ROI.

#1) I’m a little confused about whether or not low-level alts are able to progress into Tier 7 crafting — I remember hearing somewhere that Tier 7 crafting is gated by ROI reputation, but was not clear on the details. If this is true, are all crafting professions gated in the same way? I wanted to create an alt to be my Jeweller, but if he is not going to be able to advance to the top tier of crafting (without leveling to 65+) then I don’t want to waste my time and in-game resources.

#2) I’m having a hard time to find a good website/resource to view the new recipes introduced in ROI. Lotro Wiki has some, but not all. Do you know of any other resources on the Internet that is available?

Thanks in advance for your help, and keep up the great work with the blog and podcast!

Best regards,

Arodhir (air-road-hear), Captain of Landroval

Letter from Eckee of Brandywine

Hi Baby Hobbit and her parents (solved that merrick/goldenstar & goldenstar/merrick issue for you!)

I heard one of your listeners ask about the mac version. Here’s my 2 cents.

- The crossover solution is about as easy as it gets (not completely straightforward – make sure you read all the faqs on the crossover site) and it runs fine with just a couple of tweaks. I have to turn off hardware vertex shading to get it to work.

- The one from fileplanet is legitimate, but on my machine it does wig out since I cannot figure out how to turn off the vertex shading with that version… :( (hey guys, one of your listeners knows how, let me know)

Both options use the same Pylotro thingy (no idea what the official term is) which is community maintained so don’t expect a perfect system..

Also don’t be alarmed when you first login and the ground is either jet black or looks like a disco ball – it’ll fix itself one you travel a short distance and load some new textures.

By far the smoothest option is using bootcamp, but then you need to restart into the PC side and that’s annoying.

On the upside this will run smooth on even low end machines like our ’09 mac mini – whereas it will run terribly on the mac side under crossover etc… You’ll need a beefier machine (or video card) to handle it running just OK on the mac side, presumably because of the extra layer of ‘stuff’ that makes it run.

Also have not figured out how to get CTRL and other PC keys to translate through crossover properly..

Enjoy the show (do people ever write in to say they hate it???)

Eckee of Brandywine
Kin: Knights who say ni!

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25 Responses to “Episode 112: You Don’t Know Falcor??”

  1. Pardita Says:

    I love the podcast, but something really bugs me, as a female player Goldenstar, I wish you would show other interest in the game besides outfits and emotes. I’m sure you’re a good minstrel, I’m sure you’ve been playing awhile now? Wish you wouldnt sneer at armor or skills or anything besides fluff stuff?

    I know lotro is a casual game, just wish females who played this game and have the opportunity to “role-model”, have a “voice” weren’t falling in to that stereotype of sneering at combat and numbers and only interest themselves in stupid stuff.



  2. Pardita Says:

    Playing dumb is “not cute”.


    • Avatar of Goldenstar
      Goldenstar Says:

      I’m so sorry to be such a disappointment to you. I have actually have had little opportunity to play my minstrel in actual combat since the Fellowship Walk began. Now that it’s finished I hope to return to my minstrel but I do play casually (the title of the show is not just for looks). I have done very very little with my minstrel in a while. My life is busy.

      I probably will NEVER be into getting the top armor or skills. I may get them eventually but it’s not going to be on your schedule, it’s going to be on mine. I’m not a stereotype. I’m not a dumb gimmick for a podcast. I’m a person. This is how I enjoy my game time. Things that I like are not stupid and the way I play isn’t wrong.

      Again I’m so sorry I disappoint.


      • grimbran Says:

        I think it is a misconception of what is on Goldenstar’s plate. As a father of 2, I understand completely that when taking care of a kid baby-hobbits’ age, you need to be able to pretty much drop everything in the game at any moment. With kids, emergencies arise often, and they want attention, and these things would hinder Goldenstar from the more serious hardcore play that you seem to think she should be modeling for the female gamer community. I think she does a great job of having fun in the game, maintaining a popular blog, probably working at some job IRL, while not shirking her responsibilities as a parent. I love the podcast because merric and goldenstar are very yin and yang. Merric tends to focus hard on the game details and its mechanics and gets a little wound-up on some things.(same as me) And goldenstar checks that by getting the podcast back on track from the detail tangents and keeping it lighthearted and fun with festival and cosmetic info and not taking things *too* seriously. It all comes together perfectly in my book. I get some nitty-gritty details from one and some lighthearted fun details from the other. I’m listening in and reading the blog for both sets of info.

        If you think she should act differently on the podcast than how she really is, in order to combat some stereotype you are labeling her with, then you are doing it just so she would model the stereotype that you would prefer. And how is that any better?

        Keep doing your thing Goldenstar. ;)


      • Ranni Says:

        Goldenstar, you don’t disappoint. At all! I’m angered that someone would even make that comment. It’s a game we play to enjoy however we see fit. To suggest you should be uber-drooling over stats and skills or the latest raid or whatever is offensive. To me. This is why I’m not in a kin because I want to play the game the way I want to. Not what someone else expects of me. If you’re having fun then that’s all that matters. Period.

        Pardita, if you want that “female role model” then start your own podcast. I honestly don’t think Goldenstar is ‘playing dumb’. To call her out like that is not cool. What makes LotRO such an awesome game is that there are so many different facets to it, it appeals to people for different reasons. None of those reasons are wrong, less than or …. And just to be clear, I’d say the same thing whether it was Goldenstar in your line of fire or anyone else.

        Don’t listen if you don’t like what you’re hearing. No one’s forcing you to.


    • LOTRO_Fanatik Says:

      It is truly amazing that people have the audacity to complain about and provide ignorant comments on free podcasts and those that produce them. Whether its the Nerdist, SMODCast, or CStM, podcasts always seem to draw those griefers who complain about what the hosts should or shouldn’t be doing. If you don’t like the content or “something really bugs” you about it, then WHY THE FRACK ARE YOU LISTENING?! It’s free! You’re complaining or providing “feedback” on something you actually take the time to download, queue up, and listen to, all for FREE!

      Last I knew, Perdita, you’re not producing or sponsoring the podcast in any major way that would give you the license to demand changes in format, content, or delivery. Suggestions? Sure! Constructive feedback? Even better! But complaints about GS and her “voice” or “interests in stupid stuff” that, I would guess, the vast majority of the CStM audience likes or finds appealing? You’re way off the mark.

      I am almost exclusively playing LOTRO in the Moors now but I don’t complain about how CStM doesn’t have more PvMP content or information. I know going in that it’s not their focus of the show!! If I want more PvMP content, I’ll listen to a different show, or even better, write it myself and contribute something to the LOTRO community. But with two young kids myself, I just don’t have the time or energy. I feel lucky that I can get in a couple hours of playing time 3-4 times a week. So in the meantime, I listen to CStM because I enjoy the dynamic between Goldenstar and Merric and I appreciate their take and delivery of LOTRO related content, and the fact they are providing a free service that take several hours of precious personal time each week to produce and publish.

      Perdita, if you have a problem with the podcast that would actually prompt you to insult the interests of the hosts and their audience, then by all means move on. These aren’t the podcasters you’re looking for.

      Goldenstar keep up the great work! Those of us who understand the complexities of raising a Baby Hobbit, working full time, and being married to Merric (okay, no one else understands that one ;) ), appreciate all that you have done, continue doing and whatever you may do in the future support and contribute to the LOTRO community on the road to Mordor.



    • Beryline Says:

      This podcast fills a valuable niche. Goldenstar and Merric put in soooo much time to give us information, pointers, and tips on our casual stroll to Mordor. Not our Raiding Run to Mordor. For raiding information you can visit sites like docholidaymmo.com that focus on end game. Complaining that a podcast isn’t something it was never designed to be is like complaining that your Lothlorien Waybread doesn’t taste like Bilbery Pie.


    • Garadal Says:

      Instead of violating Wheaton’s Law on here, you could already be listening to one of the many other LOTRO podcasts. Don’t let the door, etc.

      Or as my inner Hobbit puts it: “The gall of some folk!”

      As for me, the CSTM podcast has actually made me look forward to Mondays, because then I get to listen to a new episode on my way to work. How crazy is that.


  3. Moryel Says:

    Goldenstar is who she is. Everyone plays different and focuses on different things whether they be male or female. You want a female voice on gear and raiding, read Ketani’s stuff.

    Goldenstar has enough on her plate, what with the whole being a wife and a mom, having a job, running a blog and hosting a podcast, without trying to be who you want her to be.


  4. Osolep Says:

    OMG how uncalled for! Goldenstar just spent about a month coordinating, promoting and running the Fellowship Walk which raised over $6000 dollars! That is truly amazing and something which speaks volumes for what kind of a person she is! I believe that she has shown great leadership, character and dedication and those skills are much more valuable then discussing combat tactics and raid strategy. What have you done recently that could compare to that, killed a couple mobs, completed quests, leveled to 75…. common!

    Anyways I came on here because I noticed that you gave a shout out to Osolep1211111111111111….. lol. That is me. I don’t remember signing up my name like that for the iphone. I must have left my phone out while signing up and the little one got curious. It was suppost to be Osolep because I am sure I am the only one.

    Thanks guys for running a very entertaining and enjoyable podcast.


  5. Docholiday Says:

    Low level crafting in RoI certainly is possible and you can max out every profession without any rep, or guild rep. However, some of the more powerful (level 75) recipes are gated (as they always are) and a couple of the gathering combination recipes are also gated. However, if an alt or kinnie has the appropriate reputation they can make the items for you and trade them.

    I’ve finished Tier 7 of Metalsmith and Jeweller this way and am almost done Scholar with those characters barely stepping foot into Dunland. Not to mention there’s zero gating in Farming or cooking.


    • Duinathel Says:

      If I’m not mistaken, all gated recipes at 75 are available if your crafting alt has reached Master of the Guild rep level with their guild. The key difference is that instead of requiring a crit mat (which means a max 60% chance to crit which sure doesn’t feel like a 60% chance…) you require a master westfold guild item instead (and there is no crit chance, it’s automatic).

      I too was worried that the crafting alts had been nerfed. Not so, it turns out!


      • Docholiday Says:

        The only ones I know of that don’t fit this “rule” are the prospector and forester “high quality” components and there’s one for Scholar too. Scholar at least has a guild recipe to make that component, but there’s no comparable option for Tailors, Metalsmiths, or Jeweller’s that I know of.

        I’d love to be wrong here, but my Warden explorer is my first through Dunland so it isn’t really an issue for me.


  6. Indy Says:

    I went to check out the podcast you were a guest on, Goldenstar, but couldn’t find a way to listen to it! (They only had ID options for commenting that I don’t use, so I couldn’t mention it there…) You might suggest that they add a download link option, that’s how I listen to a number of podcasts.

    On the mounted emotes, I did win one in a lottery on one of my characters. You do NOT need riding skill to win — he doesn’t have it — and it IS character based. Only that character shows the learned emote in passive skills.


  7. Pardita Says:

    Im sorry you were hurt by my comments, I didnt mean it in a bad way, english isnt my first language so things can seem abrupt at times! I’m a mother of 2 and I can understand the time restrictions in being a parent too. All I was saying is I just wish more female gamers would show more appreciation in gear, stats, game mechanics in lotro in general. I play on crickhollow and the only female in the moors spends half her time flirting with everyone and the other female who plays well … well she sounds like a man! I see many good players in other games like wow, just wish I saw more on lotro that’s all!

    No hard feelings, enjoy your podcast and what you do for those children immensely, Pardita xx


    • Avatar of Goldenstar
      Goldenstar Says:

      There are plenty of female players who are into armor, raiding and end game stuff. Ketani here at CSTM is a perfect example of a girl who loves all that and she writes for CSTM (and helps answer questions I don’t know about for the podcast).

      They certainly do exist but unfortunately I do not count myself in that crowd. My minstrel is still 65 a month after ROI release! I play a few hours a week when I can. Merric has to completely take over baby duty for me to allow me my 2 hours with the Dum group on mondays. It simply isn’t in the cards for me. :)


    • Avatar of Goldenstar
      Goldenstar Says:

      Come over to Elendilmir; there are lots of girls there who lead endgame raids and cruise the moors.


    • Ranni Says:

      Pardita, I moved my characters to Elendilmir (a long time ago) for that very reason. I’m not playing there now so I can’t speak exactly on it, but Elendilmir was at one time considered one of the big raiding servers. I used to live in the ‘Moors and there were gals that just assumed I was a guy (I play creep side) and did the “flirt” thing with me, so I understand what you are saying there completely. I did not like it either.

      I have made characters on quite a few servers looking for the server that suited me best. Having been a raider at heart for so long. I was shocked to see how much I loved the community on Landroval and I call that server my home now. I am a casual player now so it fits me very well. Maybe you could make characters on other servers and find what you are looking for as well.


  8. Pardita Says:

    again, sorry if it came out the wrong way! Goldenstar and Merric seem like very nice people


  9. Azakael Says:

    One thing in the podcast caught my attention: stuff with your name on it. Let me tell you, I know what it is like to see all those ‘personalized’ tchotchkes and never find your name. When was the last time you saw a ruler with the name Desmond on it? ::sigh:: So sad.


  10. Adhrean Says:

    ..I was gonna say that I finally went and watched Neverending Story, but the mood set by previous comments makes this awkward lol. Anyway, cheers everyone!


  11. Thurinphir of Riddermark Says:

    Does Goldenstar have a “Baby hobbit needs attention, /afk” shortcut? if so, is it next to her panic buttons :)


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