Living in Forochel

October 31, 2011


Living in Middle-Earth is a column about non-playable character’s homes in Lotro. Each week we’ll discover a new location with a distinctive way of life and decoration style, looking at the little details we often pass by.

Forochel, home of the Lossoth people. Despite their pretty harsh living conditions, the Lossoth managed to establish some great villages in northern Eriador. Actually, they developed numerous different ways of building a home;here are some of them!

The classical teepee, or smoking tent. Some us already have one in our backyard, hehe.ScreenShot00001



Longhouses and tents made out of furs and animal skins.

ScreenShot00004ScreenShot00000 (2)

Now, that counts as a house, right? Look look, there’s small tent on its back! Well, whatever, I say it’s a house. And I want to live in it.


Otherwise one of the most interesting feature of Lossoth’s constructions are their door. Have you seen how amazingly detailed they are? Different furs, seashells to make small flowers, teal fabric; you can even see the leather lace that was used to sew it together!


There’s also those great banners unique to the Lossoth.  My favourite is the wolf pelt one.


Finally a peek at their home interiors, with comfy treated rugs and pelts to warm your feet up.


And look at all the pretty lights inside the main hall, I love it.

ScreenShot00007 - Copy

That concludes our visit to Forochel. If you have any suggestions to make on where we should head next, please send a mail or share a comment!

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13 Responses to “Living in Forochel”

  1. Thurinphir of Riddermark Says:

    You could try Esteldin or Angmar

    I noticed how detailed Thorin’s Hall’s door was (when my character was drunk) but there isn’t much more to the dwarves in Ered Luin…possibly both Thorin’s Hall and Moria?


  2. mmicnova Says:

    i’ve been a lotro daily player since december of last year. and i do mean daily. until about a month ago, when i had to move and the internet people still haven’t come to connect my new home to the net – so i’ve been offline for a whole month now… can you feel my suffering?
    forochel is maybe my favorite region in middle earth so far, i just love it. another area that i really miss is the whole bree-town and outside of bree on the way to the shire… those were the good old days :) my eyes have seen too many orcs and wargs on the battlefields of mirkwood, i could really use some bree fishing and pipe smoking about now :)


  3. susan Says:

    I have to agree, forochel is one of my favs, i love the sounds of the elks and the tinkling of the ice. The sky scapes and the elephants are amazing.

    I wish we could toss rugs down on our floors like that!


  4. Strunto Says:

    The furs on the ground inside the Lossoth homes reminds me of a detail in The Lord of the Rings, where Theoden’s tent was carpeted with various furs. I love that the movies are faithful to this small detail. Next time you watch The Return of the King, check out the floor in Theoden’s tent when Aragorn is visited by Elrond.

    Too cool!


  5. Andared Says:

    Perhaps Rohirrim dwellings? Or maybe the Trev Duvardain? (Or is it Gallorg that are the good guys? I always forget…)


  6. Elevyr Says:

    In my honest opinion, Forochel is one of the roughest visual areas in the game. It just feels so…unpolished, compared to the rest of the game. Visually messy and thrown together quickly.

    Of course, I’m someone who does environmental design for games as a semi-professional hobby, so I guess seeing the way it’s all put together is part of that.


    • Foxfire Says:

      Doesn’t feel that way to me at all. I too love Forochel. Personally I find the visuals to be stunning, as well as the soundscape. And really quite accurate for the region they represent.

      I also love the feeling of distance and wide open vastness out there. It’s a great and beautiful place to escape to for some quiet solitude.


  7. Pointy Says:

    I like Forochel, and some of those buildings are indeed lovely.

    What I don’t get though: they live in what’s basically the equivalent of the Arctic. Why do those buildings have such HUGE doors? You’d think they’d have a little one, just big enough for a person. You know… to keep the heat in and the cold out?

    Or am I weird for thinking that? ;)


    • mmicnova Says:

      what you can’t see is a system of 3 or 4 overlapping mammoth pelts, through which you go one by one as you enter or leave – thus preserving the temperature inside :D


  8. Limm Says:

    Love it! I never really noticed all the detail on the doors before, that is so cool! Great post, keep it up, I love this column! :)


  9. Garadal Says:

    Forochel is probably my least favourite region in LOTRO, but there’s no denying that is has some neat artwork. The northern lights are worth mentioning too, they’re quite pretty.


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