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October 27, 2011

Housing & Furniture Guides

Sure Update 4 (aka Rise of Isengard) included new zones, quests and levels but that is not all. There was also a few furniture items that appeared for your homes or kinhouse as well!

The Decoration and Furniture Guide has been updated with these items. Here’s what we found.

From the Draigoch Raid


Draigoch’s Fireplace

Type: Large Wall

Dropped by Draigoch in Draigoch’s Lair. Barter item is called “Vial of Eternal Flame”

Description: A dark stone fireplace, where a small sculpture of Draigoch the Red sleeps.

Note: When used the mini dragon shoots flames


Statue of Draigoch

Type: Enormous Yard

Dropped by Draigoch in Draigoch’s Lair. Barter item is called “Battered Scale”

Description: A giant bronzed statue of the fearsome dragon Draigoch the Red.

By the way this is truly enormous. Ketani (this one pictured was earned by her kin) reports that the statue is bigger than the kinhouse.

From the Epic Story


Seers Orb

From completing Volume 3, Book 4, Chapter 26

Type: Small Furniture

Note: Bind on Acquire;
Orb is animated and swirls.

See a video by Alphaman of the orb in action.

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20 Responses to “Rise of Isengard Furniture”

  1. Suzawen (Landroval) Says:

    That dragon statue looks fantastic! Would look great in our kin house yard :D


  2. Ariadneth Says:

    Wow!! This is so cool!!! Every time I see these things I hate more and more the hook system and the fact of not being able to buy a bigger house (aka kinship) without making a kinship or an extra house on an alt to be able to put all this!


  3. Ariadneth Says:

    By the way, which kind of furniture is the orb?


  4. Bryandt Says:

    I must have that fireplace. It will be mine. Oh, yes.

    That dragon statue is pure awesome, too.


  5. Crell Says:

    Which one of the four chests did the barter items drop in? :)


    • Avatar of Ketani
      Ketani Says:

      I don’t recall, honestly. It’s a little confusing as to which chest is which in the Draigoch raid. I believe the housing items only drop from tier 2, though.


  6. Narnian of Vilya Says:

    I have a Breeland big house and that orb is in the back of the big room with the maps on the wall all around it.. Epic piece of furniture


  7. Aurianah Says:

    That orb is amazing!!


  8. Traveller Says:

    I don’t remember the orb being a reward, was it a default reward or did you have to select it?


  9. susan Says:

    holy cow… new furniture! amazing stuff :)


  10. Adhrean Says:

    Statue of Draigoch = Yard Deco of Epic Proportions, my kin house must have one! wheee


  11. Dirhallith Says:

    The Draigoch items look absolutely amazing (and it’s funny to see this, we were just talking about these items in the Draigoch raid I did last night).

    My one question: are they bound?


  12. Stormwaltz Says:

    Oh my gosh. You can get a palantir?


  13. Elisarion Says:

    My kin runs dragon raid 2-3 times a week t2 HM (so all chests), and the furniture has not dropped so far for us. No recipes for anything either, which we heard was supposed to drop. Usually 3 armor tokens, 3 random gear items, 1-2 2nd age symbols, and 3-4 dragon scales (need 3 per cloak, supposedly will also need them for jewelry recipes). So the furniture seems pretty rare so far, and I’m not sure raid jewelry recipes are even in the game yet.


    • Felaros Says:

      The jeweller raid recipes were in beta so they do exist in the game and they didn’t require any dragon scales.


  14. Robert Says:

    Regarding recipes.

    I’m playing lotro since it came out, and Ive been doing turtle 1x per week atleast since Moria came out and NEVER ever saw recipe drop either.

    So don’t feel bad, its just extremely low drop rate.


    • Dirhallith Says:

      I saw that recipe drop once (and it was fairly recently). What seems to be extremely rare is the second housing item (the little turtle) that I’ve heard about, but never seen drop. Hopefully these items won’t be the same in that regard.


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