The Adventures of Floid and Dewitt

October 6, 2011


How many times have I traveled to Weathertop? At least several times a year on my level 65 alone between the Fellowship Walk and Weatherstock not to mention leveling any alts there.

So imagine my surprise last night after the Fellowship Walk completed it’s journey to Weathertop that a fellow walker said he opened a deed. A deed I didn’t have! This has to be new with Rise of Isengard and what a fun little game!

The Adventures of Floid and DewittMeet Floid, the Mighty Steed and Dewitt the Adventurer. These two explorers have been busy wandering about Middle-earth.

Finding them will unlock the deed “The Adventures of Floid and Dewitt”.

They have been to 7 locations and finding them in all 7 locations will grant the title “The Wanderer” which you have to admit, is a pretty cool title.

Now I have given you a starting location to unlock this deed but I will not be spoiling any more. Once you open the deed, you will get a list of the regions these two have been to. From there you have to search!

If you are looking for some help finding this pair of adventurers, this forum thread may be of assistance. Be warned though it is full of spoilers and exact locations just in case you wanted a nudge, not the answer.

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13 Responses to “The Adventures of Floid and Dewitt”

  1. Deoxyribonucleic Says:

    I happened to find the pair in Moria at [undisclosed location]. Really neat deed!


  2. Elahedor Says:

    I googled Floid Dewitt. Turns out that Floyd Dewitt is a sculptor who is known for his delighting of horses. I assume this is who I’d being referenced.

    If so, tho, shouldn’t the deed have rewarded a mount (or even a housing trophy?)


  3. Joe Says:

    Hmm… I don’t know if I want to trust any horse I find in Moria, could be a trick. Or he’s drunk, but my Inn League horse won’t enter.


  4. Cluck Says:

    I ran into him in Moria the day after the ROI launch, but I thought it was a glitch – a horse in Moria, surely not!

    Awesome title though, thanks for the LL heads up :)


  5. GoTiK Says:

    I didn’t know about it and found my 1st one in Dunland (somewhere by the swamp area). Just saw someone take an odd turn and said to myself: Where in the world is this guy going? There is no road there!! :D Happy hunting… (I hope I didn’t give away too much)


  6. Babble Says:

    Hey guys, was just wondering if this guy is only findable on the US servers, and are they moved frequently or can you find them on the same locations all the time?


    • Goldenstar Says:

      There are no differences in servers. We are all on the Turbine service and with the same client updates. I do not know if he moves but I do not believe so.


  7. Saelyth Says:

    founded all them! :D Saelyth the wanderer yay!


  8. justmarko Says:

    One question please, what is the highest lvl range area involved?


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