Episode 113: Howard Returns

November 6, 2011

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This week we talk about the Fall Festival ending, the Glowing Skeleton Steed leaving the store, and Warden Alterations for Update 5.

lotroheraldWe had Howard of LOTRO Herald fame stop by and give us an updating on what he’s working on for IOS LOTRO Herald apps. He also surprise gave away a Legendary ROI code to a live listener in our chat room! Congratulations to Calm our winner! Thank you Howard!

This week Goldenstar has made her burglar to 50! She also made her first trip to Urugarth with the Dums Monday Night Group and has gotten her class items from that dungeon.

Merric has gotten his Warden to 50 and is considering abandoning this alt. His champion is level 64 and is not liking the quest area in Mirkwood.

As a special challenge, count how many times we say “stupid” in this episode!

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Farnum of Whithywindle

Hi there Goldenstar and Merric, (sorry Merric, ladies first and all that :)

Its probably a huge non-issue to many but here it is.

I noticed there aren’t any armor vendors past Rivendell (Light, Medium, Heavy and Outfitters).

I’m always checking these guys out as i have a severe cosmetic-addiction.

I managed to slither my way into Galtrev but there aren’t any there either.

Since i’m sort of an eternal low-leveler (i am a alt-o-holic as well, 11 chars on Whithywindle) my highest character is lvl 47.

So maybe i missed them somehow. Do you know if there still are some and where to find them?

Big high five on your podcast… im backtracking all of them from nr. 1. Having a ton of fun in the process.

Here’s hoping you’ll keep it up for a long time to come. Cuddles to Baby Hobbit as well !

Farnum Redmane of Dale (Whithywindle server)

Poem from Farnum

Farnum, Captain out of Dale
on a proud steed in the Vale
Over field and hill his gaze
folks all frightened, in a daze
With a yell and press of spurs
bolting forward onto curs
Brigands shouting weapons bare
surely, one man wouldn’t dare
Flashing broadsword silver gleams
gushing blood in many streams
Brigands, crying now in dread
see their fellows lying dead
Farnum, Captain out of Dale
on an errand in the vale
Folks still sing of him in Bree, of
Farnum, Captain of the Free.

Ssenir of Crickhollow

Hello, CSTM!

Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know, you guys help keep me sane. I enjoy listening to old episodes of your podcast as I run around in Middle Earth.

I just wanted to let you know, I have recently started a LOTRO-related blog, called Ssenir’s LOTRO Library. I would love it if you would take a look and tell me what you think.

Thanks in advance! =)

Ssenir of Crickhollow


Mardormir of Brandywine

Hi Goldenstar and Mericke :)

So, I’m a level 72 ward on Brandywine right now, and I’ve been unable to have obtain enough LI’s to keep me supplied with stuff.I started looking into more advanced crafting, and it seems to take some serious cash or time, which I dont have. My ward main is an explorer, and my tailoring isn’t very high. I dont have any way to make substantial cash to level up my tailoring, or my alts crafting, who are all pretty far behind. I was wondering if you guys have any advice

-Mardomir of Brandywine

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Thank you to Stephanie H., Nicholas F. and Sander D. for their donations this week!

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4 Responses to “Episode 113: Howard Returns”

  1. Adhrean Says:

    Howard of LOTRO Herald was awesomely nice to give away that legendary isengard code, congrats to the winner =) And, his app is great! Looking forward to the next podcast, cheers CSTM!


  2. Daerechtel Says:

    Ping Back for your podcast #113 (http://uws-lotro.eu/admin/addnews.php?s=&n=29)

    Thankyou very much for your mention of United We Stand in your last podcast!
    Next goal – 6man ;)

    Daerechtel (Officer & Warden of United We Stand)


  3. Bellebrian of Vilya Says:

    Warden tips for Merric:
    1. Conviction is your group heal and aggro builder, not your big self heal. Don’t wait for it for healing.
    2. If you have only one mob, use self-heals. If you have multi mobs, use leaches.
    3. The RoI problems don’t kick in until level 70 or so. That’s not your issue. Sorry!
    4. You HAVE gone back and listened to the warden roundtable, right?


  4. Ssenir of Crickhollow Says:

    Thanks for the mention!

    Just for the record, my post regarding /facepalm moments was not because I was worried about forgetting to include the URL, and far more about moments of stupidity, so that people could enjoy a moment of levity.

    Anyway thanks again, and keep doing your thing!


    Shameless self advertisement:


    Don’t forget, you can check out my blog at http://lotrolibrary.wordpress.com/ !


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