Episode 114: Baby Hobbit Guest Stars

November 13, 2011

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This week we talk about EU Migration service closing, character transfers opened and update 5 coming in the near future.

Fair warning – this show is absolutely riddled with Baby Hobbit interjections. If you are annoyed by adorable sweet little girls, perhaps this is not the show for you. Our Baby Hobbit is part of the family and welcome to join us if she’s awake!

Goldenstar played her burglar with the Monday Dum group going back into Urugarth. The burglar finished one of her class quests. Goldenstar is still in Dunland and is now level 67.

Merric has decided to try the warden again for the Dums group instead of the loremaster. His champion is now level 66 and in Dunland.

Merric attended UConn this weekend and shares his experiences and some pictures! WinterCon is next month!

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Community News

Raise Your Glass

Email from Ithilwen:

Dear Goldenstar and Merric,

I have been following your lovely podcast since just before your 100th show and am absolutely loving it. Since I’m living in the UK, I can’t make it to the live show, but I’ll listen to it either on Monday or Tuesday at work without fail.

I actually started to go back to the first episodes and am currently on number 16 – brilliant stuff (and I just feel like pointing out that listening to a book is not the same as reading).

Keep up the great work, always looking forward to the next episode ;)

Ithilwen of Gilrian.

Email from Thromos:

We got a couple of chickens up to the tower in Isengard.

Screenshots added to the Flickr group

Link to blog post.


Thromos on Nimrodel

Email from Glorborn:

Hi Merric & Goldenstar (an Baby Hobbit),

I just wanted to send you a big ‘thank you’ for reading out my player achievement on your podcast last week.

I hadn’t told the rest of my kinship that I’d done it so when you guys read it out I saw a spike in my popularity ratings :)

You joked about rolling characters on Snowbourn so you can join us on our raids. Go right ahead – you’d both be very welcome.

By the way, if you thought 8-players completing a 12-man raid skirmish was uber then get this…..we completed the Way Of The Smiths raid skirmish with 7-players the other day. Go figure!

Could you please pass my thanks on to Pineleaf for his awesome skirmish guides ? I’m our kin’s skirmish master and the only reason they gave me that title was because I’d read all of his guides and run every skirmish 100 times over. In many ways,our successes are his successes.


Glorborn (aka Adrian)

Email from Richard:

Just started playing the new Lord of the Rings game “War in the North” – and if you are, which I of course assume you are.., are fans of Tolkien’s world this game is AWESOME!!!!

I have fought my way to Ettenmoors now and the Rivendell part was awesome with maybe 30-40 minutes of great voice acting and information about the ‘parallel quest that Frodo, etc are undertaking”.

I’m playing it in on PC but assume the console ones are good as well.

Would LOVE to get your thoughts on this game in the next podcast – it is, in many ways…what I hoped LOTRO had ended up being when it comes to how areas ‘feel’ (Barrowdowns were outright scary). :)

Love the podcast,

Richard (on Landroval)

Email from Beldyl

Is there anything new on using Buff Bars? I miss my buff bars! Even now, every time I try it out post-ROI I get the same crashes you were talking about late September.

Just wondering if there is anything new on the subject.

Thx to you both for your time and effort. You’ve really created something special with the CSTM community. Congrats!


Email from Adhrean:

Hey CSTM! Looking forward to the next podcast as always, and just dropping by to say keep up the good work! Personally, I miss round-table discussions and cannot wait for the next one, whatever the topic maybe. How about having a round-table about PVMP,Crafting or something new soon eh? =) Cheers guys.

Adhrean(Adrian) of Riddermark

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  • Michel L.

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28 Responses to “Episode 114: Baby Hobbit Guest Stars”

  1. Moryel Says:

    Yay for baby hobbit! I mean really, who could be annoyed by her. (at least when she’s not in the same room doing something you know….annoying. :))


  2. Iardi Says:

    I probaly could, but that comes from haveing 3 little sisters.


  3. Puma Says:

    I remember lotr miniatures <3 Such a fun game


  4. Allaticia Says:

    Yay! We want to hear more of baby hobbit :D Just adorable. How about an episode with the baby Hobbit guest staring for real :)


  5. Ranni Says:

    I was telling Mike how Baby Hobbit kept finding her way in the show and how adorable it was. He reminded me we’re done having kids, lol. She made my night and the podcast. Gotta ask, though, what was the loud alarming sudden noise? Have a grandkid on the way and plotting revenge … Should hook Baby Hobbit up with Mysteri from Lotro Academy. She has planes flying over head and a bird in the background. Together they could make for hilarious antics I’m sure.

    Great show and so glad I made it for the live version this week!


    • Avatar of Goldenstar
      Goldenstar Says:

      The loud beeping noise was one of my netbooks. Baby Hobbit was sitting on my lap and wanted to use it so she’d have a computer for the show too and for some reason it turned on and started beeping furiously. That’s when Baby Hobbit got off my lap and went and got my other netbook to play with instead. :D


  6. Andy Says:

    Baby hobbit doesnt yet realise the bloopers, or should that be poopers, that could be getting saved alongside the baby photos to embarass her in front of potential suitors years from now.


  7. Talbot Says:

    Thanks for the shout out about UCON and the event! I look forward to the article :)


  8. Ngairiel (pronounced Nigh-ri-el) Says:

    Ok guys I’m killing my self laughing at the end of the podcast but POOR Baby Hobbit…just think how she’ll be sooooo embarrassed when she’s a teenager and dad hauls out the baby pics…er…podcasts…and mom and dad are talking about her poo!!!

    Keep up the entertaining work!!!


  9. Thraorin Says:

    First things first: more Baby Hobbit, please! This was the funniest episode ever! :D

    And in response to Glorborn’s mail about doing a raid skirmish with just 7 or 8:
    I ran Necromancer’s Gate on my hunter in a pug of 8 last week, and turned out to be the smoothest, most relaxing skirmish run ever.
    It’s true, sometimes less really is more. :)


  10. Veneration_ Says:

    I’m very excited about WinterCon!
    I’ll be there.


  11. Cosmetic Lotro Says:

    Baby Hobbit is definitely very talented! I hope she’ll become a permanent guest star (once she’s potty trained…) ;)
    Thank you for another great episode!


  12. Kingsley Says:

    I was sitting in the train when Baby Hobbit did her euhm… thing. I bursted out laughing and no-one knew why. Would’ve been kind of strange to explain: “Yeah, no, I’m listening to a podcast (a what?) about LOTRO (what’s that?) and then the baby hobbit (say what?) pooped her pants (you’re sick man…)”

    Excellent episode yet again. Greetings from the Netherlands!!


  13. Adam Says:

    Yeah, oddly Burgs have (and always have) had three items from Urugarth, and one from Carn Dum for their 45 class quests (< you should totally go to Carn Dum their with the Dum's, its got your name on it!):

    Goblin Badge of Rank (Dropped by Akrur in Urugarth)
    Insignia of Battle (dropped by Burzfil or Skorkrank, Urugarth)
    Warg Keepers Token (dropped by Akputh in Urugarth)
    Cruel Talon of Azgoth (dropped by the Morroval Azgoth in Carn Dum)

    its the only 45 class quest post we finish writing up :P


    • Adam Says:

      P.S also Merric; you can solo the champion class quest in Skumfill (left side) or very easy 2 man it; Emma and I did her champs last night, on her champ and my RK :)

      That last few minuites made me laugh. Baby Dwarf has developed a fondeness for raisins, and whilst we applaud his healthy choice, dealing with the aftermath can be trying… makes you eyes water!


    • Avatar of Merric
      Merric Says:

      We did some of CD last night and got the Ornate key for everyone. Next time we will be going farther in! Thanks Adam. :)


  14. Stormwaltz Says:

    Baby Hobbit SQUEE! ^_^


  15. Ardineck Says:

    Will the Eldgang rep reward for running the Rift of Nurz Ghashu be removed?


  16. Torkon Says:

    I was one of the winners in the Cosmetic LotRO PAX Mount Contest you guys talked about during this episode!!! Will be putting it on my Landroval server Torkon, so you’ll all get a chance to drool over it. ;)



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