Episode 115: Pause for Dragons

November 20, 2011

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This week we talk about Update 5 information and what we’ve been playing with on Bullroarer!

Goldenstar played with the new instance finder and ran “Fangorn’s Edge” on Bullroarer. Then we got lost in Carn Dum with our Monday Dum group. She also got her Minstrel to level 68 and a lovely poem sent to her from Scriber. Very nice, thank you Scriber!

Scriber Poem

Merric’s Champion finished both introduction areas in Dunland and is now level 68. He plans to keep up his Warden after assistance from the CSTM community giving him some helpful tips!

Town Crier

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Community News

Raise Your Glass

Cavagor of Rivendell


I have a level 33 guardian on Imladris, named Cavagor. I am currently trying to unlock the class trait “Litany of Challenge”. It says to “Strike with challenge”. I have tried a number of ways to increment the number. I have done it 108 time out of 350 but I do not know how I did this. The previous trait stated to “use challenge” which was simple and easy to understand. Please help me understand what I need to do, I will greatly appreciate your help.

Cavagor of Rivendell

Ralfrid on Dwarrowdelf

Insert generic greeting, avoiding who takes precedence. Love the show.

I made level 50 with my champion and into Moria this week.

Here is the funny story, though. I went into the historic instance, and we went into the cave. They told me to stay back and away from the Balrog. I watched them get toasted in 2 seconds. The little quest item said escape, and i was in a blind passage, so I ran and ran and died. I tried again and made it this time. At the end, the dwarf said… I’m out if here, you slow him down.

So,then it’s time to face the watcher. Same deal, catastrophe, but this time when they said run, I ran very fast. There was a dwarf in front of me, and I realized, I don’t have outrun the watcher, just this dwarf, so I sprinted past him. I went past the guards, and finally had to turn back and found that I had run so fast that I got to the meeting place well before the guy I was supposed to meet.

Ralfrid on Dwarrowdelf


Hi Goldenstar and Merric,

I really appreciate your podcast and blog.

In my opionion, the best episodes are the class roundtables. I learned a lot from them.

As my main is an RK (currently lvl 50), I am very interested in an update of the RK roundtable (episode 81a?). it would be great, if the discussion team would come back and discuss about the class changes (changed skills, new skills, items) that came with Isengart and how it affected the playstyle and playing strategies.

I think, that would be interesting for the other classes that have been subject to change, as well.

Best regards from Germany

P.S.: Good, that your site is up and running again without any problems for a couple of weeks after the malware script attack!

Aethalwulf of Landroval

I know there was some discussion on how long it would take, etc., when Turbine opened up world transfers again. I put in a request this past Saturday to transfer my original LoTRO character off of Nimrodel and on to Landroval. I just received confirmation that the world transfer was complete. So, less than a week turn around.

Just figured you might be curious.

Farnum Redmane of Dale (withywindle server)

Hi Goldenstar, Merric and Baby Hobbit

I thought id like to share the following. It may not be brilliant but its about free stuff so..

Whenever i get a bit fed up with my characters i make a new one. I love the first 10-15 levels so i do this often and later delete the character.

As you know we get this welcome box that you can open at almost every new level, starting when you exit the starters instance and that free temp horse drops out

Out of this box comes all kinds of goodies and all of em are account bound. Stuff like a writ of passage, where you have free riding to all locations that your characters has explored.

Before i delete my character i drop this stuf in my shared storage and save em for when i have need of it on one of my other characters. I only thought of this recently so im not sure if the usefulness holds up till lvl 10-15 but its allready come in handy a few times. I suppose you could best do this making hunters as they level quite fast at the start.
I realize you can buy that stuff in the Store, but we dont always have TP to burn :)

Maybe some of the CSTM fans have similar stuff thats interesting and maybe they would like to share.

Well thats it for now… as always, looking forward to the next podcast.

Farnum Redmane of Dale (withywindle server)

PS: As a great King once said; “Not all those that are alt-o-holics are mad”

Capt. Farnum Redmane of Dale (withywindle server)

Hi Goldenstar, Merric and Baby Hobbit,

SteedofGuardianSaddleSteed of the Guardian seems to have the same problem as the Steed of the Hunter.

I think i mentioned it somewhere in the thread but when i received the Steed of the Guardian (won in the Lottery) i noticed the saddleproblem immediately.

It was also noticable in the picture you guys posted when you announced the Steed in the Lotteries.

Ive attached a screenshot of Utbald Redmane of Dale on his most prized posession. He is not very pleased with it as it seriously threatens any chance of offspring.

Sorry for the low quality of the shot, cant run in higher resolution im afraid :(

Greetings from Capt. Farnum Redmane of Dale (withywindle server)

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7 Responses to “Episode 115: Pause for Dragons”

  1. Alevyr Says:

    It’s okay. I killed the dragons anyway :)


  2. PB Says:

    I’m so glad you guys are finally going through Urugath/Carn Dum. I only regret that it happened AFTER all of Merrick’s alts had passed through the level 50 class quest, because if he had seen how do-able these instances are with level 50 let alone 65+ charactes, there’s no way he would have wasted all that time grinding out skirmish marks for the class items (and boring us vicariously on the podcast!). It’s so, so, so much more fun getting these items the proper way…


  3. Thurinphir Says:

    *sigh* done all Moria quests, the other ones are boring or too far above level. the next epic quest (21st hall) has a silver quest ring :(
    back to Volume 1 (Book 10)
    My minstrel reached 50!!! now I’ve made many people dance, I have yet to do any Helegrod, Library, School instances (almost got one over GLFF)
    retired from skirmishing – Mrweird, Icy Crevasser


  4. grimbran Says:

    Regarding Farnum Redmane’s written question for the show about the low-level gift box. – The usefulness *does* hold up to at least lvl 10. (by level 10 you will get lots of temporary buffs that *scale according to level* (so you can save them for use on any character that needs a boost to solo a group quest, or whatever. The main thing I love from it are the 15min slayer scrolls. Getting to level 10 gets you two of them.(in addition to all the other account-bound level-scaling buff scroll goodies)

    In fact, if I were a F2P player and wanted to grind out the fastest TP to unlock things, I would save one character slot for disposable use. Roll a fast DPS class of your choice, level to 15, getting all the slayer and quest deeds for the zone you start in after the intro, (Erid Luin is by far the fastest/easiest IMO) Once you get all the main deeds for the zone you should have earned well over 100 TP. Then sell your gear and mail all the cool gift box items and the money to your main character, delete the disposable character and start over. I did it a few times when I first started playing over a year ago and found I could make roughly 130-150TP per run very quickly once I learned all the quests for the zone.(and where the best slayer deed spots were)

    If I hadn’t forever converted to VIP after a week of F2P, that is how I would be earning TP to use to unlock things. TP from deeds, vs your time spent, starts slowing down exponentially as you continue to level, so there is no point going past lvl 15-20 if you are just grinding TP points with the character.


    • grimbran Says:

      once you get used to the zone, its a 2 or 3 hour run from start to 15. And you get 4 low-level cosmetic dyes too, and you can use the temporary mount so that the disposable character gets around faster for the whole time.


  5. Merrydew Says:

    Who is Scriber? I got a note on Merrydew the night we made the video.



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