EU Migration Service Closing

November 7, 2011


migrationThe account migration process from the old EU Codemasters service to the Turbine service opened on June 1st of this year.

Today Turbine has announced that the ability to transfer your characters from the Codemasters service to Turbine is closing.

“On November 9, 2011 the EU migration service will be disabled. Any player who has not migrated their account by this date will be unable to do so. Due to EU privacy laws we cannot force migrate player accounts. If you have not yet migrated to the Turbine Global Service, please do so before November 9th to avoid losing access to your existing account and characters.”
[Source: LOTRO Forums]

If for whatever reason you have held off on transferring your Codemasters account, you can start the process at

We have heard of a few special accounts that have had issues migrating over. Just note that they are shutting down the migration request tool. They are not saying that everyone has to be migrated by November 9th. If you have begun your account migration by November 9th, you are good to migrate over!

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22 Responses to “EU Migration Service Closing”

  1. Pakita Says:

    And they give us only 2 day notice? It should be weeks or months. Another reason for me to hate Turbine.


    • Plagus Says:

      @pakita “only 2 days notice”? You’re kidding, right. How long since the 1st June do you need?


      • Pakita Says:

        I have trasferred my account months ago, but every few weeks I still see returning players asking what’s going on with this migration? Players who don’t actively play lotro, but think that they can return to game in the future, don’t follow lotro-related blogs and probably will get this notification to late.


        • Ariadneth Says:

          I was a client of Codemasters and they have been sending notifications way before the migration took place and even later. I think everyone who is using an active e-mail address should be well notified by now (and I am not talking about two days ago). If people used an e-mail address which they do not check often and don’t log into the game… well, it doesn’t surprise they don’t have any idea


          • Pointy Says:

            Nope. I’ve got characters that I forgot about, that were made for trials and f2p. They suddenly got an email on saturday 5th saying that the migration was closing. The email addresses are clearly valid But I’ve had nothing until now – and what I HAVE got came from Turbine.

  2. Evarden Says:

    You’ve had months though. Can’t imagine why you wouldn’t have already done this.


  3. Freyjuska Says:

    quite frankly, i wouldn’t expect the transfer service to close any time soon (in scope of years). for instance, my mom plays like once per year and i’m pretty sure she hasn’t migrated yet… ok, that’s not a typical player, but i don’t think the transfer is so costly to maintain they couldn’t run it for much longer time


  4. Halibrand Says:

    For the fraction of a second between when I read the third word in the title and the fourth word, I was all excited!

    I’m still anxiously waiting for when they open up EU –> US and US –> EU server transfers.


  5. Alds Says:

    Maybe *now* they can fix MyLotro…


  6. Hengluin Says:

    Just today I was browsing through the official forum section and wondered how long it would take to finalize the migration. I do hope they finally fix mylotro.


    • Fredrik Says:

      I wouldn’t hold my breath… when filing a bug report about “An Unexpected Error Has Occurred” to character settings, kinship tab etc you still get the same standard answer you got months ago when transferring to Turbine from CM:

      We currently do not have an estimated time for when this issue will be fixed and addressed. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

      But hopefully they might consider adressing the problem sometime when the migration has ended. Unfortunately im not really that impressed by the lack of feedback/information by the Turbine team on the forums generally but I would love to be suprised. Sorry for sounding negative but a “blue answer” now and then about the different mylotro problems would have been very much apprieciated.


  7. Andy Says:

    According to turbine my lotro account is in the post transfer freebie month, STILL!

    True I should maybe be contacting them to try and sort it but having already queried it I reckon I’ve done my bit although I have to admit I tried via more official channels than facebook and twitter. I’m fairly sure I’m not the only person that feels that the “social” media type stuff shouldnt be used for customer service just as I’m fairly sure that turbine should have done more groundwork in preparation for the takeover to avoid such cockups.


  8. Pointy Says:

    One of my accounts created for a trial and f2p got this notification through email. On Saturday. Hardly a lot of notice for something that’s going to be so extortionately expensive if you miss the cut off.

    I’ve just talked to a friend who originally tried to migrate when it first came in and couldn’t. He gave up on the game for a while, but got out of it and hasn’t played since then. He just found out from ME about this charge. He hasn’t received any email.

    Turbine have been very bad about notifying people of this.


  9. Eleasar Says:

    I hope they also get deleted from database so all the name blocking chars get removed that were created during f2p start but never been played beyond level 3 or 7 – really annoying.


  10. Mirja Says:

    When I went to the page it was just blank untill I started it with https instead of http. (Just wanted to give a heads up in case others also get a moment of panic seeing only white :)


  11. Andared Says:

    Pardon my complete and total ignorance, but could you illuminate on what exactly this means?

    Does everyone have to migrate? I’m just curious because I don’t think that I have anything to do with codemasters, but I’d rather not remain silent and possibly lose my account. What exactly is this migration thing about?


    • Avatar of Goldenstar
      Goldenstar Says:

      Codemasters used to host the EU servers and a separate pay-for subscription for LOTRO that was separate from Turbine. The Codemasters service was shut down and all the servers and accounts were migrated to Turbine.

      If you are currently playing LOTRO then no problem. The codemaster service is no longer active and you wouldn’t be able to play.

      If you are returning from a long hiatus then there’s a few questions to ask.
      1) Do you live in Europe? (if no, you are probably fine)
      2) Did you ever manage your lotro account from Codemaster’s web site rather than through Turbine directly? (if no, you are fine)
      3) If you answered yes to the previous two questions, did you visit the transfer site (linked in the post) to transfer your characters? (if no you probably should)

      Since you are confused as to what this all means I’m going to go out on a limb and say you’re probably fine. You aren’t familiar with Codemasters, you probably were not apart of their service.


  12. Andared Says:

    Okay, no to both of those questions. Again, I apologize for my ignorance, I just wasn’t sure what exactly codemasters was, so I figured that I could either A: Refrain from asking under the hunch that I was fine in order to save face. Or B: Admit my ignorance and make sure that 8 months of my life wasn’t wasted. :P


  13. jason Says:

    First of all, people are going to miss this deadline like me

    Hard to believe, but most us have real life commitments that take us away from online gaming for many many months at time.

    This came as a bad shock to myself and some of my colleagues.

    Basically what they have done is deleted my account which includes founder and expansions up to rohan.

    The problem is, codemasters refuse point blank to deal with turbine, regarding my account…as far as the poncy uk company is concerned they have washed their hands of the whole thing….quite why these inexperienced morons where allowed to host any MMO’s is beyond many of us..they provided a woeful and shocking service as it was.

    Then to find, time sunk into the game and the cost of expansions and the game itelf being invalid is completely unacceptable.

    The law states very clearly in the UK that no company is allowed to simply run off with your money.

    In this case this is exactly what codemasters have done.

    The EU privacy law is not applicable in the UK, like a number of other EU state laws.

    Just like the shengen which we told the poncy pointless EU to shove back up where the sun don’t shine.

    Unfortunately…if you have lost your account and they refuse to deal or work with you, the only recourse now is quite literally take them to court, or demand they refund the payments you made for both the game and or the expansions purchased directly from THEM.

    They cannot simply walk away and pretend nothing has happened, this is tantamount to fraud and deception and to a greater extent theft.

    The UK law quite clearly states that no company may do what codemasters have done, without them doing something such as is not a favour from them it’s a given right..or it’s theft…theft because they did not carry through with the legal migration..a *beep* stinking country like the Uk in a stinking *beep*hole called the eu….*beep* morons the lot of them


  14. Haldare of Gilrain Says:

    Here, here what on earth have you been doing? And why would you hate Turbine? there service is superb and codemadters could learn a thing or two from them.personally I’m glad turbine are now at the wheel as I’ve had nothing but great service from them. Two days indeed !!!
    And me too mylotro has so much promise let’s hope Turbine get it fixed!



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