LEAD Side Day Lothlórien: Level 59–60

November 9, 2011

LOTRO Epic Story

Welcome to LOTRO Epic A Day, where I guide you on an epic journey through Middle-Earth, one day at a time. Each Book of the Epic quest is separated into its own Day, with Side-Days for leveling up to the next book. Gather up your belongings and hit the road, a new Day awaits!

Lothlórien provides a breath of fresh air and warm sunlight after the long, dark Mines of Moria. Be wary however, as the Golden Wood hides dangerous animals, murderous orcs, and Elf archers that will shoot you should you travel too far without gaining reputation with the Galadhrim.

Lothlórien Quest Hubs

The first hub outside of Moria is a bit ramshackle, but it's still a relief to find rest outside of the minesMekhem-bizru (Rec 59-60): The first camp east of Moria is a small collection of Elves and Dwarves (11.5 S, 78.5 W). Quests here are found under Moria: The Dimrill Dale in the Quest Log and apply to the Dimrill Dale Quest Deed in the Moria Upper Levels section of the Deed Log. There are vendors, relic and forge masters, and a Stable-master here. You will have to foot it into and out of Moria though, the Stable-master only offers routes that lead eastward.

Elves are hidden among the rocks near the western bank of the Nimrodel, safe from advancing orcsEchad Andestel (Rec 60): On the west bank of the Nimrodel is Echad Andestel (14.4S, 73.1 W), a small hub hidden amongst the rocks. There are class set traders (exchanging equipment for Medallions of Lothlórien), vendors, relic and forge masters, a bard, and a Stable-master here. You can also find a skirmish camp southeast of the hub. Warning: Killing “protected” animals (they will be marked as such with names turned on) will negatively affect your reputation with the Galadhrim, whether done on your own or for the Poaching quest.

The Galadhrim do not offer trust easilyTalan Haldir (Rec 60): Climb the ladder to reach a flet on the eastern shore of the Nimrodel (16.2 S, 73.4 W). Haldir and several other elves are found here, offering a small number of quests. This is the furthest east you can travel before reaching Acquaintance standing with the Galadhrim – go any further and you will be shot down in a heartbeat.



Climb the ladder to reach the Elves in the heights. Just don't look down!Cerin Amroth(Rec 60): North of the splendor of Caras Galadhon is a small flet among the treetops (11.9 S, 67.8 W). Quests can be obtained atop the flet (climb the ladder to reach them) and a stable-Master on the ground west of the flet. Barterers on top of the flet offer housing items and pots in exchange for Lothlórien silver branches.



The gardens of Lothlórien are not just pretty, they are also practical (for those who enjoy quality wine)Vineyards of Lórien (Rec 60): At the edge of the wood is the Elves’ vineyards (18.2 S, 64.2 W). There are quests (at Imlad Lalaith 17.3 S, 64.2 W as well), vendors and a stable-master here, as well as superior crafting facilities for each profession. Just north of the vineyards are Legendary Item barterers (17.5 S, 64.7 W) that will trade Dwarf Tools and Khuzdul Tablets for legendary weapons and class items and reputation barterers that trade recipes for Lothlórien Silver Branches. Near the barterers are boats that can be used to reach Mirkwood.


Elves dance among their treetop homes in Caras Galadhon. You have to be careful though, or you'll fall to your doom.Caras Galadhon (Rec 60): Lothlórien’s central Hub is an immense village of treetop flets, Elven buildings, and golden leaves. To enter Caras Galadhon you must be at least Friend standing with the Galadhrim. Though the village encompasses a large portion of the map the only entrance is found by crossing over a small bridge and through a door on the south side (16.2 S, 67.2 W). Inside Caras Galadhon is virtually everything an adventurer might need, including vendors, relic and forge-masters, crafting facilities, vaults, rep barterers, quests, and enormous flets to explore and fall off of (you may have guessed that I fall a lot).


Lothlórien Reputation

In Lothlórien you can earn reputation with the Galadhrim, the Elves of Lothlórien. This is not just for rewards, but also is required to travel within the Golden Wood; to pass east of the Nimrodel you need to reach Acquaintance and to enter Caras Galadhon you need to reach Friend status. Reputation is earned by completing quests at any of the hubs in the region other than most of the quests offered at Mekhem-bizru. Many of the quests (including collecting orc “waste” and singing to trees) are repeatable daily, allowing you to gain more reputation over time. Finishing Volume II Book 6 of the Epic Quests will grant you enough reputation to become Acquaintance automatically. You can actually decrease reputation in the area by killing “Protected” animals – these will specifically be labeled as protected when targeted or with names turned on.

Rewards for reputation with the Galadhrim include the ability to purchase crafting guild recipes, a horse, and other general items from the reputation vendors in Caras Galadhon and at the Imlad Lalaith docks (17.5 S, 64.7 W).

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  1. Merialac Says:

    Very nice, as always!

    There are a couple more trees north of Talan Haldir and west of Cerim Amroth where elves give repeatable quests that send you into the orc-infested areas northwest of the golden wood. These are very convenient for those people looking to finish the Lothlorien orc-slayer deed.

    That said, I find that Lothlorien is up on top of my favourite areas list right next to the shire. I love that many of the quests (especially inside Caras Galadhon) are different from the regular “go there, kill xyz, come back” quests you find in most other areas. I can’t wait to get my second character through Moria to enjoy this area once more.


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