LEAD Side Day Mirkwood: Level 61–65

November 30, 2011

LOTRO Epic Story

Welcome to LOTRO Epic A Day, where I guide you on an epic journey through Middle-Earth, one day at a time. Each Book of the Epic quest is separated into its own Day, with Side-Days for leveling up to the next book. Gather up your belongings and hit the road, a new Day awaits!

Mirkwood has a vastly different feel than Moria, presenting a nice change of pace if not quite the same epic scale or tone. It’s worth traveling through before you head into Enedwaith and Dunland, even if you have been here before. It is also a useful place to gather the upper level of Tier 6 crafting resources (Mallorn Branches, Khazad-iron and gold, Extraordinary Hides, and Sage Caskets).

Travel to Mirkwood by using the boats at Imlad Laliath’s docks in Lothlórien. You can return to Lothlórien and the rest of Middle-Earth by using travel skills or using the boats at the eastern bank of the Anduin in Echad Sirion (15.0 S, 61.8 W).

Several new skirmishes unlock in the level 60-65 range. They are all connected to the Epic Quest and only become available once you have progressed to a specific chapter in Volume II Book 9. At level 60 the following skirmishes unlock once you reach the indicated chapter: Strike Against Dannenglor (4), Protectors of Thangúlhad (14), Breaching the Necromancer’s Gate (15), Assault on the Ringwraths’ Lair (15), The Battle in the Tower (18),  and Rescue in Nûrz Ghâshu (Volume III, Book 1, Ch. 8).

Many classic instances are also available when you reach level 65. These include Dol Guldur: Barad Guldur (a raid) , Warg-Pens of Dol Guldur, Dungeons of Dol Guldur, Sammath Gúl, and Sword-Hall of Dol Guldur. To join any of these instances you must have purchased the Siege of Mirkwood Quest Pack (or the full expansion). Another instance group – In Their Absence – opens across Middle-Earth as part of the Enedwaith Quest Pack, including Northcotton Farms (Evendim, 22.9 S, 68.0 W), Stone Height (North Downs, 9.5 S, 50.1 W), Lost Temple (Trollshaws, 26.6 S, 14.1 W), Sâri-Surma/Glacial Fortress (Forochel, 19.5 N, 73.8 W), and the Ost Dunhoth (Enedwaith, 75.2 S, 19.7 W) raid. While the Mirkwood instances can be joined as soon as you reach level 65, you must visit the In Their Absence dungeon locations first before entering them, even if you use the Instance Join panel.

Mirkwood Foreword

Before we can explore the entirety of Mirkwood we must finish several quests in the early chapters of Volume II Book 9.

Elves hustle to bring supplies into Mirkwood, readying the Golden Host for war.Echad Sirion (Rec 61): Echad Sirion is the initial Malledhrim camp established at the western border of Mirkwood. Within the camp camp are standard vendors and Malledhrim Rewards Vendors that you can barter with provided that you have at least neutral standing with the faction (finishing any Mirkwood quest and receiving reputation will get you to Neutral standing). Various Expedition quests are found throughout the hub only during the VII Book 9’s Foreword (5 total). Unlike the pre-Moria Walls of Moria quests these are quick and easy to complete and offer barter items as rewards, making them worth the trouble.

*The Mirkwood Landing Deed can only be completed during this initial stage. Complete the Aiding the Fallen and Forerunners quest series as well as the final assault on the Orc fortress to complete the deed. Completing all of the Expedition quests before finishing the Foreword is a sure way to finish the deed if you aren’t quite sure which quests apply (the deed itself completes after the Foreword’s Instance).*

Mirkwood Quest Hubs

Echad Sirion (Rec 61): New quests are open in Echad Sirion (15.2 S, 61.5 W) after finishing Book 9’s Foreword. A Horse-master, mailbox, and milestone are also made available at this time – the vendors and Reputation (neutral level) barterers stay in the area as well.

Dark ruins provide shelter for the MalledhrimAmon Angened (Rec 61): The Golden Host has taken over a fortress inside the Mirk-Eaves and are using it to attack the nearby Orc strongholds (16.0 S, 60.0 W). Quests, vendors, and relic and forge-masters can be found here.



Echad Glamodúd (Rec 61): A small camp is located just south of Amon Angened (16.5 S, 60.3 W). Although there are only a few elves here they offer several quests.

Echad Mothelen (Rec 62): Two Elves rest around a campfire just west of the Haunted Inn (13.5 S, 56.1 W). There are quests as well as a mustering horn, which allows you to quickly summon others to Mirkwood.

There are no ghosts or spectres to be found inside the Inn, just Elves and DwarvesThe Haunted Inn (Rec 62): There are many Elves resting inside the Haunted Inn, a Malledhrim base within Mirkwood that is less dangerous than its foreboding name would imply (13.4 S, 56.2 W). There are several quests here as well as vendors, a stable-master, relic and forge-masters, and Malledhrim faction Rewards Vendors. Check all sides of the Inn to find all of the quests and vendors.


The further into Mirkwood we travel, the more dire the situation becomesOst Galadh (Rec 63): These ruins hide a large portion of the Golden Host in central Mirkwood (14.3 S, 51.2 W). There are quests, class trainers, Mirkwood faction Rewards Vendors (acquaintance level), vendors, relic and forge-masters, a bard, and a stable-master. There is also a vault and crafting hall, making this a good base for Mirkwood adventures.



In this camp you can find refuge from the foul waters of the DrownholtEstolad Merenael (Rec 63): A camp of Malledhrim is located at the east corner of the Drownholt swamp (16.9 S, 54.7 W). There are a small number of quests, vendors, and relic and forge-masters here as well as a Stable-master. Don’t miss the quest on top of the hill here either. A Smoking Fire is repeatable daily for IXP, Malledhrim reputation, and Bronze Feather barter items.



Iavassúl’s Watch (Rec 64): A small number of quests can be found at this campsite (16.6 S, 50.6 W).

Ivorel’s Camp (Rec 64): A few elves scout the Scuttledells from this campsite (12.5 S, 50.9 W). They offer a few quests for this area, but no other services.

The Golden Host has siege weapons prepared for the assault on Dol GuldurThangúlhad (Rec 65): The Golden Host has appropriated this location to serve as their base outside of Dol Guldur (12.8 S, 46.4 W). There are quests, vendors, relic and forge-masters, a stable-master, and many Malledhrim faction Rewards Vendors (Friend and Kindred level). The Badges of Dishonour quest is repeatable daily for more reputation, IXP, and a Malledhrim Gold Star (this is the way to earn Gold Stars if you are only completing solo quests).


Many of Mirkwood's Elven structures of old lie in ruins, or are inhabited by orcs and goblinsMithechad (Rec 65): A small ruined structure hides a Malledhrim camp in southern Mirkwood (17.6 S, 48.2 W). Quests, vendors, Friend-level faction Rewards Vendors and a Stable-Master inhabit this small hub.




Elves hide in the shadow of Dol GuldurHelethir (Rec 65): This small encampment is located at the footsteps of Dol Guldur (16.1 S, 44.4 W). From here the Elves and Dwarves can launch attacks upon the enemy from the southern flank. There are small and large fellowship quests given here as well as a raid quest that takes you into Barad Guldur (and a stable-master to make trips into Dol Guldur that much easier). Completing any of these quests awards the Malledhrim Gold Star, the higher tier Malledhrim faction barter item.


Remote, lonely outposts are established to flank the enemyBarad Angol (Rec 65): Just two members of the Golden Host camp in this hidden spot in the Ashenlades (17.5 S, 44.6 W). After finding a branch and turning in Scratching the Surface, Himeinior offers another quest.




Mirkwood Reputation

In Mirkwood you can earn reputation with the Malledhrim, Lothlórien’s Golden Host. Quests throughout the region give rep just for this faction; several quests are repeatable on a daily basis (visit Estolad Merenael and Thangúlhad for these). The skirmishes that take place within Mirkwood (the ones listed above, which unlock after progressing through the Epic Quest) also give 700 rep points once per day.

You will also gain Malledhrim Bronze Feathers and Gold Star Emblems by completing quests in Mirkwood. These can be traded for equipment, recipes, Legendary Items, pots, travel skills, and a faction mount at Reputation Barterers (Thangúlhad has the highest base & faction level rewards).

Becoming Kindred with the Malledhrim  is the third requirement to complete the “Ambassador to the Elves” deed (you must also become Kindred with the Elves of Rivendell and the Galdhrim in Lothlórien). Earning this deed grants you the Elf Ambassador Horse, one of the two fastest non store-bought horses in the game and the easier of the two to acquire.

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