Living in Angmar

November 14, 2011


Living in Middle-Earth is a new column about non-playable character’s homes in Lotro. Each week we’ll discover a new location with a distinctive way of life and decoration style, looking at the little details we often pass by.

Angmar, land of the terrible Witch king and for most of us, a dreaded passage during our 40s. However, we often forget that Angmar is also the land of a small community of Free people living in Aughaire. They managed to established a quite cosy village in a small corner of their arid region!

Aughaire is build out of permanent tents and I should say they look quite comfortable.ScreenShot00000


They also have amazing banners. Ok, maybe the fact that they’re made out of spears and skulls makes them a bit ‘’rustic’’… Yeah, like they could fit in an orc  camp or something… Well, whatever, the beads are pretty.


In any case, I think they match the rest of the decoration perfectly.ScreenShot00010

Villagers are also making great hanging banners to bring a little bit of colors into their palette. ScreenShot00002

My personal favourite piece of furniture from Aughaire is definitely their wooden mats. Who wouldn’t want to have one at home? Yes, I’m serious.ScreenShot00014

Looking at the details, you learn a lot about the culture and lifestyle of people. Apparently, this community has a strong tradition of drums! I also love the low level bench, perfect to play tam-tams, hehe.


I crave those fancy vases: simple and elegant. What do you think they put in them? I’d put wine. A lot of wine.ScreenShot00012

Err, ok. Not sure if this is a work in progress or a decoration…I’m pretty sure it’s smelly. (Yeah, says the girl who has a warg in her living room…)ScreenShot00001

This is it for Angmar folks!

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3 Responses to “Living in Angmar”

  1. Amblebras Says:

    Great series of articles. It’s amazing to me how much care and attention the designers have put into this world. It’s only when you slow down and really look around that you realize it. Keep up the good work.


  2. Baranwen Says:

    The people of Aughaire may seem suspicious and shut, but its all in those open tents. They don’t like to use doors, unlike the people of Forochel (well, the Lossoth have cold weather). You even can walk without problem into a couple sleeping together (so sweet!).


  3. Narnian of Vilya Says:

    I think that last image is of a tanning rack. Funny that they wouldn’t put that outside, because tanning is a nasty stinky business.

    Great piece, Kia!


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