Living in Moria: With the Orcs

November 8, 2011


Living in Middle-Earth is a new column about non-playable character’s homes in Lotro. Each week we’ll discover a new location with a distinctive way of life and decoration style, looking at the little details we often pass by.

So you thought there was only dwarves living in Moria? Oh no, no, no. There is… Orcs! Tons of orcs!! And goblins too. Let’s take a look at their lifestyle.

The average Moria orc lives in a tent.



In his spare time, he likes to craft pendulums.

ScreenShot00047 ScreenShot00051

And make great pieces of art. With finger painting. On the wall.


Orcs also like fancy totems that reminds them of home and puppies.


They gather at night for scary stories around the bonfire.


Orcs are also great recyclers. After destroying other people’s furniture, they like to fix it up. That’s the spirit!

They make the most comfortable beds.



The most energy efficient ovens.


The most amazing dinning tables.


And the most delicate chandeliers.


They’re also well known for their musical skills. Be careful though, they might use your head for drumming when they get exited.


Overall, when left with a choice, Orcs prefer to redecorate. And I love their style, haha!


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24 Responses to “Living in Moria: With the Orcs”

  1. Geldarion Says:

    Haha, I was way too busy running from them and slaying them to look at their bunk beds! That’s amazing! Thanks for looking at them!


  2. Bellagum Says:

    I love these columns and looking at the various NPC characters and areas in the game! It adds a whole new level of appreciation for the world. Humorous too, I found this orc one very funny!


  3. Atzumo Says:

    Woah, didn’t know that Orcs liked redecorating and to fix old furniture as much as I did. I love those beds!


  4. Traveller Says:

    Great article, keep them coming. I just noticed the wall painting yesterday,


  5. Cosmetic Lotro Says:

    Kia you outdid yourself again! Awesome article and to be honest, even though I feel like I have spent eternity in Moria, I never actually “looked” at what is there. Thank you for bringing this into the spotlight!


  6. Beorthain Says:

    maybe they should add a creep housing area. it seems they already have tons of potential furnishings available.


  7. mixeddrinks Says:

    the burg in me… i see an unlooted chest…


  8. Fandraen Says:

    Brilliant. I never noticed the recycling before, although I frequently admire the paintings!


  9. Foxfire Says:

    Ha! Thanks fire showing us the softer side of orcs.


  10. Maedhric Says:

    I love those cave paintings. The second one looks like some battle where the orcs expelled the dwarves from Moria, but the third one is most certainly that incident from the Hobbit where the Dwarves, Bilbo, and Gandalf escaped from the orcs with assistance from the eagles!


  11. Aeled Says:

    Hm, looks like I have to revisit Moria I never saw some of those things, redecorated Dwarven statues ftw!


  12. Breghor Says:

    You should be able to find the goblin illustration of The Hobbit just north of the major goblin encampment in the Dolven View. The other is found in the Silvertine Lodes, in the northernmost goblin camp, on the north wall.


  13. Marolytrien Says:

    Wonderful! Great work Kiarane!! Thats unveiling the immense work done by the dev team! People tend to forget this and stick to individual bugs or problems: They’ll complaint why the new update or expanson is late, they ll rush to complete or level up raiding in 2-3 days and then they’ll complaint for a respawn bug or a mistake in a quest line, and demand the heads of dev people in a plate. Cool down and enjoy the Middle Earth world.


  14. Baranwen Says:

    The furniture manufacturing arts of the Orcs of Moria have nothing to envy to those of the elves of Falathorn. Now that’s doing much with little! They have even double beds, for the little orckitts, how sweet! (orckitts?)


  15. Ratshag Says:

    Yeah, we’s real big on them folk arts, we orcs is. We won’t be usin’ yer head fer a drum though unless ya gots good resonancifications.


  16. Freyjuska Says:

    amazing article and screenshots, i had a good laugh :))


  17. PB Says:

    These are awesome, but you gotta slow it down – you’re going to run out of content too soon :).


  18. Tony Says:

    What I always found weird about orcs is how well spoken they are. It’s been a while since I’ve read the books… maybe they’re quite eloquent in them too. But in the game it’s weird running into these guys and seeing them speak perfect sentences lol


  19. mmicnova Says:

    have you thought about goblin town / gollum’s cave?


  20. Haldare of Gilrain Says:

    Great article ! Although I DO get side tracked with the smaller details of the game and before I know it the nights gone and I have nothing to show for it other than a load of nice screen shots. I find racing thru the game a huge waist of really nice content that’s had allot of thought put into it. Bravo Turbine.


  21. Andy Says:

    Orcish dreamcatchers from the local eyekea guaranteed to remove all fluffy bunny shaped nightmares from your baby orcs nights


  22. Thurinphir of Riddermark Says:

    i think that character with the crown could be Sauron or the Witch-King…perhaps the battle of the last alliance of men and elves. Sauron/Witch-King is crouching, maybe in a comical way or in defeat



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