No Live Show Tonight

November 26, 2011


BusinessCardDue to a loss in Goldenstar’s family, we will not be airing live tonight.  Goldenstar’s Grandfather died this past Wednesday and the visitation as well as the funeral will be taking place this weekend.  While we are currently tossing around the idea to record the episode later and release it per normal, even this remains up in the air as family matters will take priority.

We know that you all will understand the delay or even the postponement until next week, we do apologize for the short notice in which this information was delivered.

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57 Responses to “No Live Show Tonight”

  1. Limm Says:

    Sorry for your loss Goldenstar, I know how hard it is to loose a grandpa, mine passed away earlier this year, my condolences. :(


  2. Caelas Says:

    Only thing to say is my sincere condolances and I hope all the family and friends will find a way to come to peace with your Grandfathers passing…

    Dont worry about the podcast… we can wait and there are more important things irl… just not many! ;)


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