Episode 116: Recording Failure … Again

December 4, 2011

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Record_ButtonThis week it took us not one, not two but THREE tries to actually record the “What We Did” segment so please forgive if our hearts are not in it by the time we actually got it recorded!

Merric has gotten his champion to level 75! He’s considering making it his new main and Goldenstar refuses to heal him. He needs to work on the champ’s virtues.

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15 Responses to “Episode 116: Recording Failure … Again”

  1. Lorgelas Says:

    Are we gonna have to put baby hobbit in charge of the record button? :)


  2. Opdum/Bregle Says:

    Stupid tires, sounds like I missed a helluva run. Well, at least an entertaining one!


  3. Joshua Says:

    Remember to hit record for Tuesday’s interview!


  4. Tommith Says:

    Sorry to hear about all the troubles. Even though I do not play anymore this podcast will always be in my feed. Truly one of the best!!!


  5. Crell Says:

    3? I missed one.. this kills my soul!


  6. John Says:

    Sometimes CSTM hosts need hugs too…


  7. grimbran Says:

    I agree with you about the sales for December being lackluster, Goldenstar,(aka- “poopy”) though I kinda expected to happen ever since they did away with 50%-off Tuesday sales permanently. Last year it was all %50 off sales in December and this year the only 50% off ones are silly ones like simple rally horn and certain old fast mounts(but not the new ones like the hunter, guardian, and pale green skeleton horses.)

    It seems that Turbine has tightened their belt a bit and decided that 20-30% off is basically the “best” sale price that they will offer now, regardless of holidays/anniversaries, etc.

    Bummer. :(


  8. Golmir Says:

    Looks like you copy/pasted the episode 115 Reviews/Donations text. They differ from the people you mentioned in the podcast.


  9. Narnian of Vilya Says:

    “Killing your soul makes me happy” – that’s how I know you’re married! :)


  10. Thurinphir Says:

    made a hobbit trio on Landroval with my siblings! we have my minstrel, my brother’s guardian, and my sister’s burglar. I think we may all go VIP for the holidays, so we’ll do some 3-man content then.
    perfect timing for Aslaron too, approching lvl 30s with nowhere to go
    -Thurinphir SneakyBoots, Dawn-Breaker


  11. Adam Says:

    A good choice Merric, Welcome to the Champions dark side, and yes, we have cookies! You don’t need heals anymore Merric, the force is strong with us now :P


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