Episode 117: Chicago

December 11, 2011

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This week’s we talk about Update 5 launch date, three new dev diaries, ROI store prices, store sales and more!

Christkindl Market, Chicago Illinois

Christkindl Market, Chicago Illinois

This episode was recorded without the live streaming audience due to Goldenstar out of town. Goldenstar had to be recorded via telephone so her audio is … well telephone quality.

This week Goldenstar played with the Dum group cleaning up class items. She goes over the Need/Greed/Pass mechanics. Also when she is not crossing time zones, Goldenstar has been spending a lot of time in Skyrim.

Merric has caught his guardian up to Goldenstar in Dunland so they can start leveling together again. He also ran the School/Library with Hoppy and Alamode.

Town Crier

Store News


Raise Your Glass


Good evening, my fellow hobbits :)
Great show. I’m a regular listener of the podcast and love it almost as much as berry pie.

I am not one play my own lute but a hobbit burglar has to give herself credit every so often. The strangest thing happened today. Just as I sent another wolf in Bree to that great Den in the sky, words suddenly appeared from thin air: The Undying.

Hope to see my favorite hobbits as the Yule festival soon!

Hugs, kisses, and berry pies,

Hollyberries the Undying
Hobbit Burglar

Player Achievements for the Week

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6 Responses to “Episode 117: Chicago”

  1. Opdum/Bregle Says:

    On behalf of the rest of the Dums, thanks for talking about Dumidum! I really greeded to listen to this live though.


  2. Idalwyn Says:

    Yey! love your shows, and looking forward to logging on Monday to try the new changes, just wish Goldenstar hadn’t mentioned Skyrim…..How bad would it be if I spent the half the Christmas money for my little hobbits on an X-box so I could play, trust me I’ve been sorely tempted, more so now,ugh.lol!


  3. Dan Says:

    Chicagoan here — I’m glad you had a good time! I love the Christkindlmarkt downtown also, although yes it is very crowded. Nice of Goldenstar to “phone in” her contributions this week :)


  4. Rohiriel Says:

    christkindlmarket! i work exactly one block away from there. :) it’ll be fun to listen to the podcast while at work tomorrow knowing you were there!

    i’ve been going every year for five years now – i collect the spiced wine boot mugs. and i always get the amaretto covered almonds!


  5. Andy Says:

    About the rep items in moria.

    I stupidly clicked all my wardens moria ones before I found that they only give rep to one of the factions and it’s not the faction for the legendary skill. Think I need to investigate further for moria rep where tokens cover miners and guards, the lorebook was being pretty unhelpful when I checked.

    Kind of wish they’d kept the npc’s in game for bulk handins just to save having to afk and use a macro keyboard spam. Having the npc option still wouldn’t hurt or change the game in any bad way.


  6. Elinnea Says:

    A great episode! You came to my city (Chicago) and then read my player achievements. =D

    Fun to listen to, as always.


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