Episode 118: Caffeinated

December 18, 2011

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DumidumThis week we had a ton of news between Update 5 launching, the treasure-hunt event and yule festival starting soon!

Goldenstar went to Carn Dum again this week and shared her awesome “get stuck behind flags” skills. Dumidum enjoyed this game as well and even posed for me for this picture! Other than that, we are working on Volume I once again.

Merric is still complaining about deeds. Still, people. Send help.

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Dear Goldenstar and Merric,

Before the real Christmas rush sets in, I want to take this opportunity to wish you all (Baby Hobbit included of course) a wonderful Yule Tide and a great 2012. Even though lots of predictions have been made about the year to come, I know for a fact that CSTM will only get better!

I enjoy your podcast and blog very much and I have enormous respect for all the effort and time you put into it to keep up with everything in Lotro. I appreciate all the guides, the guest columns, the news flashes, interviews and I was an honoured guest at one of the Round Tables this year. Your blog is more informative than even the sources of Turbine themselves.

Enjoy the Holidays, keep up the good work, and please accept my donation as a small Christmas present for CSTM.

Much love and hugs,


Zilliz of Windfola

Greetings Goldenstar (and Merric and Little Hobbit),
A few months ago you gave me some pointers on the LI system for my hunter. During that time I leveled my hunter to 65, then to 70 when Isengard came out (for crafting purposes only). Waiting for Isengard to come out I discovered a few things. You are going to be very upset with me but I have a serious problem with hobbits (except Baby Hobbit who is my fav!) The reason I say that is because of hobbits I almost did not discover just how awesome the burg really is. I kept rolling hobbit burgs. As a result, I grew frustrated with them for whatever reason and deleted them. Mainly it was the boring Shire questline and the terrible “hi-yay!” sounds hobbits make when fighting. A little while back I rolled a Man burg and the result was drastically different. In a little over one week play time I dinged 75. The burg is an absolute blast! This is the most fun I have had on any other toon and I have tried them all except the RK. Currently my burg is rank 5 and spam tracked on arrival in the Moors, raid equipped and my hunter is locked at 70 forever. Both have above average Legendary Items thanks to you!
Zilliz of Windfola


Hi Goldenstar and Merric,

Great podcast! Have been enjoying them for about a year now although can’t join you live I check for the new episode on itunes on a regular basis :)

Over the year, while listening to your podcasts, other podcasts and especially people I have played with (when using in-game chat or vent), it seems there is a lot of different ways people pronounce different name places (example – “Michael Delving” for Michel Delving I have heard one person insist that Eregion is pronounced something very close to Aragon – claims it was in a “movie” or an NPC says it) – I don’t plan on correcting people but I would like to know how these places are supposed to be pronounced – I’m hoping with all your contacts at Turbine, MyMiddleEarth, Tolkien Prof, etc, you can maybe go through the different areas and maybe even several of the cities within them (like in Forechel – or even Moria although some of those place names have got to be impossible) Or if that is an overwhelming task, maybe ask your listeners/readers if they have any particular places they have heard pronounced differently and just cover those. Certainly not enough content for an entire episode but maybe worth a couple of minutes if it’s a slow news week.

At any rate, keep up the great work – really appreciate all the time and effort you put into the podcast and website – very informative and enjoyable!




So last week I guess you guys missed my email : ( But hey here’s a new one!

I just got back to the game recently after a long hiatus. College and work have been taxing but winter break is too cool for those! Got my minstrel from 65 to 75 from in 5 days. Special thanks to Maddening, a warden whom I bumped into while questing, we were burning through quests and I dinged 4 levels in 6 hours : D

I am liking a lot of the minstrel changes, especially the persisting ballad buffs, now I can eat pies and brush my hobbit feet while healing : D Hope there will be a new minstrel roundtable soon : D

Happy holidays!

Ialva of Brandywine


I got the most interesting deed after Update 5. I used some fireworks on low level alts for the first time after the patch and got a deed. “Fireworks:Launch Yellow Fireworks” Launch Yellow One-shot Fireworks 50 times and you get an anniversary token. Thought it was interesting. I had used fireworks before Update 5 and wasn’t given a deed.

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3 Responses to “Episode 118: Caffeinated”

  1. Artie Says:

    It was our first show!

    Finally had a moment to sit down and remember to listen (getting old the brain goes) Loved it and laughed all the way through it. You both make us giggle in a good happy way.

    Thank you for making LOTRO even more enjoyable than we ever thought it was possible.


  2. Aeled Says:

    The housing event will get you a small yard trophy saying this is the best decorated house in the neighborhood. It looks like a small house on a pedestal. No titles as far as I know.



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