Fleet-Footed Goat: Limited Release

December 14, 2011



A new store exclusive mount has been released! Meet the Fleet-Footed Goat. It is listed as a limited release and they have not said when it will be going away.The goat’s description is as follows:

This is no miner’s goat. This silky long-haired grey goat is outfitted to swiftly traverse mountain pathways and dark, subterranean tunnels, rather than carry heavy gear and provisions. It is sturdy enough to ride through the Orc-ridden halls of Moria, yet lightly armoured so as not to hinder its ability to move quickly and with great agility, making it highly prized among the messengers of the Iron Garrison.


This mount is as fast and same morale as the previous store exclusive Steed of Night, Steed of Minas Ithil, and Steed of Bright Days, etc  and with the same price tag. The purchase is per character so make sure you are buying it for the character you wish to ride this goat.

Additional views of this goat can be seen on Merrydew’s blog over on My Middle-earth.

If it is just the stats you are looking for there are in-game alternatives if goats are your thing. The Nimble Black Goat and the Wild Mountain Goat both sport the same stats and are earned in game through deeds. Visit LOTRO Steeds for information on those options!

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14 Responses to “Fleet-Footed Goat: Limited Release”

  1. Mz Says:

    that’s a sweet looking goat!


  2. Rinvan Says:

    I may need to buy that for my dwarf RK, been waiting forever for a new goat mount.


  3. Beorthain Says:

    goats make me seethe with lore-rage.


    • Thom Says:

      Agreed, Tolkien’s rolling over in his grave. Why not special cave mules or something?


      • Goreamir Says:

        Do mules run? It’s hard to get one moving at all, let alone get it to run I would think. Maybe they do, but a runnign mule looks pretty silly to my mind’s eye


  4. Ariadneth Says:

    I was lucky enough to get it from a lottery last week (but not extremely lucky to have it in a different character other than the only one who already had a goat) and it is very nice looking and fast. I specially love the pure white colour and the fine saddles, which make it seem more elegant.

    However, I would not be buying it from store for the same reason as the other mounts, which is a very high price for a character-only benefit. Of course if you have the money/points to spend and you want to do it, it’s respectable, but although I would love to buy store mounts I keep resisting temptation due to its (imho) extremely high price.


  5. Mirja Says:

    I will be buying this. That is, I will be getting it for my better half for christmas (and if I’m lucky, who knows what I will be getting? :D ) I agree that it is a little expensive for a one-character item, but it is very lovely.


  6. sycle Says:

    I also won one of these in the lottery last weekend. It is a sweet looking goat. Unfortunately, I won it on an alt. that I only use for storage. :-(


    • Tony Says:

      I wish mounts weren’t just account bound until used on a character. I guess I get why that’s so — people could make a bunch of dummy characters to increase chances of winning… but if they bother to do that I’m not sure why I should mind it lol


  7. Babble Says:

    Just bought it, looks very nice and white! I really hope, though, that Turbine lowers the prices of either the price of the mounts or the price of the Turbine points. Feels like a big part of my salary is going to LotRO-mounts now, and there’s been so many new mounts lately. Greed is good, but won’t be the way to fight Guild Wars 2 when that’s coming out.


    • Tony Says:

      Clearly people buy it at this price, so I don’t think we have much to stand on there… but if there was some way to convince Turbine that a LOT more people would buy this if it was account-wide or 1000 points I’d be all for it. I don’t know what that would be — a survey alone wouldn’t do it, arguably.

      I personally think a better system would be 1000 points for a one character mount and 2000 for an account wide one. In that situation, anyone who bought it at 2000 should have it changed to account wide. I know it wouldn’t please people who bought more than one of the same mount, but what can you do.

      When I see entire regions, instances and raids for less than a single mount? It just seems nuts to me lol



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