LEAD Side Day Enedwaith: Level 65

December 14, 2011

LOTRO Epic Story

Welcome to LOTRO Epic A Day, where I guide you on an epic journey through Middle-Earth, one day at a time. Each Book of the Epic quest is separated into its own Day, with Side-Days for leveling up to the next book. Gather up your belongings and hit the road, a new Day awaits!

Enedwaith is the first unexplored region the Grey Company crosses through on their journey to reach Aragorn. There are many different geographical features in this area, from wide open plains to mountains to strange forests. Lurking among these sights are a number of dangers, so be on your guard. Enedwaith is also home to the Ost Dunhoth raid, centerpiece of the In Their Absence instances (all of which are level 65).

Enedwaith Quest Hubs

Quests in Enedwaith are set at level 65, though there are level 66 enemies to fight through the entire region as well as higher-tier loot overlapping  from Dunland into the southern section of Enedwaith.

Echad Dagoras: The Grey Company uses this camp (58.6 S, 14.6 W) to scout the surrounding lands from a safe distance. There are quests, vendors, Grey Company faction Reward Vendors, relic and forge-masters, and a stable-master. Among the usual epic quests and side quests you will also be offered daily repeatable quests with Grey Company reputation, IXP, and barter tokens given for the reward.


Gavar Cadlus: A small Dunlending camp, there are only a few quests at Gavar Cadlus (61.8 S, 14.1 W). Visit it while working on the daily repeatable quests for the Algraig and the Grey Company for more reputation points.

Echad Saeradan: Saeradan’s camp is hidden below several ruins full of Dunlending deserters (63.8 S, 17.5 W). Several quests are found here, including daily repeatables to earn Grey Company rep.

Uch Cadlus: The Dunlendings herd oxen for food and trade, but have to fend off predators from their camp at 65.1 S, 16.4 W. There are a few quests (including repeatables) here. Complete them to earn reputation with the Algraig.

Lhanuch: The Uch-lûth do not trust outsiders and will not offer us us quests at first. Complete The Edge of the Wild (offered at Echad Dagoras) and The Hand of Isengard within the Brenin’s Hall to gain access to the rest of Lhanuch’s quests. We can make use of their services whenever we wish; inside the crafting hall there are crafting facilities, relic and forge-masters, vendors, and Algraig faction reward vendors.


ScreenShot00015Harndirion: The Grey Company has established a base of operations in the foothills of Thrór’s Coomb (69.7 S, 13.7 W). There are quests, vendors, trainers, Grey Company faction Reward Vendors, relic and forge-masters, a skirmish camp, a bard, and a stable-master here. There are also  Quartermasters who offer items and equipment sets in exchange for Medallions of the North Men (earned in the In Their Absence instance cluster) and various tokens dropped in Ost Dunhoth. There is a lone Dunlending not far north of Harndirion (67.4 S, 13.9 W) who offers a daily repeatable quest for tokens and Algraig reputation.

Echad Idhrenfair: A small group of Rangers have set up a camp not far from the Hobbit village. There are only quests and a mustering horn here, but you can reach it quickly by using the stable routes to reach Maur Tulhau and traveling east.

ScreenShot00017Maur Tulhau: In this far corner of Enedwaith (62.5 S, 23.2 W) we make a startling discovery. Hobbits are living here, far from the Shire and traditional Hobbit-homes. There are quests (including repeatable quests for IXP), vendors, and a stable-master here. Just don’t confuse the strange, small people found outside Maur Tulhau for Hobbits – they’re actually goblins! Fortunately, they don’t turn us into green slime.


Echad Daervunn: This small camp (66.6 S, 21.5 W) has a few quests along with a vendor and stable-master. It’s also the quickest way into the Mournshaws, if you have visited the stable already.

Enedwaith Reputation

There are two factions to earn reputation with in Enedwaith: the Grey Company and the Algraig (the Dunlendings). Silver and Gold Tokens earned through quests in Enedwaith can be traded for equipment, legendary items, ixp runes, emotes, and more at the Rewards Vendors in Echad Dagoras, Lhanuch, and Harndirion.

The Epic Quests and individual side quests will only get you so far when building up reputation here. There are daily repeatable quests to complete as well which means that reaching Kindred in both factions will take an extended period of time. It is also important to follow specific steps to access the most repeatables or else you will be shut out of several quests used for earning Algraig reputation.

To ensure the most repeatables are open to you, follow these steps: complete Feeding the Company, obtained at S, W. Do NOT complete Feeding the Company – Repeatable. Instead take A Matter of Doubt, which sends you to Uch Cadlus. After completing this quest there will be more quests open at Uch Cadlus, which you will complete to unlock Protecting the Herd – Repeatable. You now have access to all the Algraig repeatable quests.

The Grey Company and Algraig factions also represent the final two factions in the “World Renowned” deed. Complete this deed by reaching Kindred with the Grey Company and Algraig, as well as the Men of Bree, Hobbits of the Shire, Dwarves of Thorin’s Halls, Elves of Rivendell, Eglain of the Lone-lands, Rangers of Esteldín, Wardens of Annúminas, Council of the North, and the Lossoth of Forochel (all of the factions in Eriador north of Dunland). Finishing this deed takes a long time, but earns you a special title and the Steed of Eriador, one of the fastest mounts in the game.

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3 Responses to “LEAD Side Day Enedwaith: Level 65”

  1. Zyngor Says:

    Nice post. They really need to add HUGE red text in the game at the “Feeding the Company – Repeatable” vs “A Matter of Doubt” point to make sure players know that taking the pro-Algraig path will lead to a daily repeatable that offers both Algraig reputation and a Gold Token.

    I remember taking my hunter through the daily repeatables, and how much I (and I’m sure others) detested the wolf den. At one point, for a couple days, I refused to even do the “snuff the torches” one, but realized how far I was getting behind in the Grey Company reputation. I sucked it up, tried to learn the pathing of the signature wolves (and the fact that, in some of the bigger rooms, you can stand on the edge of some rooms where there is some black patching on the ground and wait for them to pass by), and got it done.


    • Avatar of alphaman
      alphaman Says:

      Yeah, that quest is a pain. Luckily, if you’ve hit a high enough level (73 or 74) you can run it without any of the wolves bothering you, if you still need Grey Co rep anyway.


  2. susan Says:

    Loved the area of Enedwaith, hated the grind for rep. Once I got over the whole being locked out of one side because of the choice I had made, I just got on with it. Wolves and Giants. Had enough to last me a lifetime.

    bright side? the most awesome housing cosmetics, gorgeous scenery, good rep gear.


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