LEAD Volume III Book 5: The Prince of Rohan

December 21, 2011

LOTRO Epic Story

Welcome to LOTRO Epic A Day, where I guide you on an epic journey through Middle-Earth, one day at a time. Each Book of the Epic quest is separated into its own Day, with Side-Days for leveling up to the next book. Any plot spoilers are contained within the story overview in “Turning the Pages”. Gather up your belongings and hit the road, a new Day awaits!

The threat of the White Hand becomes ever stronger each day. Saruman’s armies are growing and pushing past the boundaries of Nan Curunir. The Rohirrim are all that stands between them and the surrounding lands, but will Théodred’s small force be enough to hold the uruks at bay?

Chapter 1: Separate Ways

We bid farewell to the Grey Company, but we will always be counted among their numberBook 5 begins at Halbarad at the Rohirrim Scout-camp in the Gravenwood of Dunland (80.9 S, 10.6 W), at level 75. Halbarad wants to return Théodred’s favor by helping him fight Saruman’s forces, but the Grey Company must continue their journey and find Aragorn in Rohan. Instead, Halbarad has us stay with the Rohirrim and lend them our strength. Not being as injured or distressed as the rest of the Company we should make a fine addition to the Prince’s numbers and be able to journey south with haste when the time comes for us to depart.

We say farewell to Saeradan by the campfire. The Ranger gives us the company’s blessings, both in the form of a new tunic as well as his admiration and thanks. Saeradan sends us to Corunir, who is found a short distance to the north. Corunir gives us his spare boots and offers more goodbyes before sending us west to Golodir. He is ready to wreak revenge on the Dunlendings who betrayed the Company and killed our friends, but sends us on our way with a hood. Calenglad waits by the Tree of Tribute, pondering the short lives of Men. Lost in thought, Calenglad sends us to Radanir, who rests between the tree and the scout-camp. He hopes to buys us a drink in a peaceful land when this is all over, but for now gives us a pair of gauntlets and sends us to Prestadír. The Ranger hopes we will try and save Lothrandir if the opportunity arises and offers us the final piece of the Grey Company outfit. Return to Halbarad and the Grey Company departs.

Chapter 2: Grimbold

Halbarad sends us to the Rohirrim camp in the Heathfells at the fords of the river Isen. Meet Grimbold to gain our new orders. We are to meet with several Rohirrim in the camp to familiarize ourselves with their information; examine a map in the camp, speak to the esquire Cynstan near the river, and speak to Trumbald north of the camp. Théodred is in the camp when we return and thanks us for joining his forces.

Chapter 3: Training on the Banks

Attacking from horseback? Could such a strange thing be possible?Théodred gives us his impression of the enemy’s numbers (and mocks his second-in-command’s math skills in the process). The outlook does not look good and every person will be needed in the coming battles. Youths are being trained nearby so talk to Athelard on the small eyot in the Isen. Challenge a footman and archer to show them the proper method of fighting. We leave them to their training and head to Rungar north of Grimbold’s camp. Rungar is training men in mounted combat, which sounds like it could be a very useful and very fun skill to have. All we can do (for now) is pick up the used nets from the ground. Return to Théodred to hear the prince’s plan. Because he lacks enough men to face Saruman’s full force he intends to hit the Wizard with a surprise attack, driving him behind the walls of Isengard. If the armies continue to build up their strength but remain within the safety of the fortress then what harm can they cause? We speak to Grimbold, who approves of the plan and asks to join in the attack.

Chapter 4: The Prince of Rohan

A small group of brave men gather to face Saruman's mightGrimbold sends us to the map table to study the plans; examining the table begins the attack inside a solo instance. Théodred and Grimbold lead the attack on Isengard, leaving a small number of riders behind to defend the Ford, under the command of Cadda. We are sent with Cynstan to give these orders to Cadda and along the way the esquire asks us about war and the fear that comes during battle. Cadda is not happy with these orders but will obey the command. We return to Théodred and mount our horses as the Rohirrim begin the attack (and we get a neat mini-movie of the plan in action!).

We ride with the Rohirrim a short distance before they stop to wait for a scout to return. Back in Grimbold’s Camp the final phase of the attack is ready to begin, so examine the map-table once more.

The Rohirrim have arrived at Isengard and attack it; we flank the fortress on foot with Grimbold. A few half-orcs attack, followed by a big one.. who turns out to be Rungar, on horseback. Though the riders successfully reach the gates of Isengard, a massive horde of uruks stormed out of the gates and surround the Rohirrim. We must defeat uruks to protect the surviving Riders. More orcs will attack us even when we have defeated enough, so speak to Grimbold quickly to retreat.

As we continue to attempt a retreat the enemy pushes in from all sides. This is a challenging fight; although Grimbold helps fight the orcs, many more swarm us and defeat comes easily. Fortunately, the map-table takes us back to this stage of the instance if we are defeated. Flee south with Grimbold, stopping to fight and then rest when the opportunity comes. Near the border of Nan Curunir we are approached by a rider coming from the opposite direction; a second force of uruks attacked the Ford in secret. Prince Théodred has been surrounded by uruks on the island in the middle of the River, so we use the map-table once more to travel to the Ford and attempt to save him. Challenge our former Isengard jailer Morflak; the uruk retreats as a new company of Rohirrim arrives from Helm’s Deep to the east, lead by Elfhelm.


Although the remainder of the riders have been saved, many have been lost and Théodred lies mortally wounded. Grimbold and Elfhelm inform him of the battle’s results and promise to keep the Ford secure. Théodred asks us to stand by his father, the king of Rohan, and is lost to Middle-Earth. Speak to Grimbold one more time as the book ends. Though Théodred has perished the Ford must be held, lest Saruman gain a passage into Rohan. Those are worries for later though as the days grow darker; for now we rest while we still can and mourn the fallen Prince of Rohan.

Turning the Pages


The attack on Isengard on Théodred’s final day of battle is as short as the book that tells the tale. We are given the opportunity to assist in the preperations for battle, but every task is in a short distance. There is no time to travel further for more support or wait and build up strength. Isengard’s forces would pose too much of a threat to Rohan if they attack the horselords directly and so the armies must be stopped here and now.

The quick progression to the attack provides the feeling of urgency while still allowing us to witness just how unprepared Théodred’s forces are. Many of his number are youths who aren’t ready to fight on foot or horseback and even his own esquire has not yet felt the heat of battle. It is no surprise when Théodred’s plan fails (especially to those who have read the books), but we are still pulled in to help ensure the Rohirrim aren’t wiped out. At the end of the day the fate of Rohan has not improved and the prince is dead – this tragic battle is but a spark that will set alight war on the fields of Rohan and Fangorn forest.

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22 Responses to “LEAD Volume III Book 5: The Prince of Rohan”

  1. Lars Says:

    I tried chapter 4 (afternoon) 5 times with my hunter, and died within seconds. Of those 5-6 Uruks that appear, I have the aggro of 3-4 which doesn’t last very long. Any advice?


    • Feathil Says:

      Have you tried traps and kitting and letting the npc kill them?


      • Avatar of Hildifast
        Hildifast Says:

        I had the same problem. After about 7 attempts I got it. Run to the right (away from the river) as soon as youve talked to grimbold. One uruk comes from this side (normal mob, not swarm.) Take it down, and then just kite for the rest. Traps help of course, but you can do it without. And if you have any snap-jaw traps (book 4 reward) then theyre perfect.


  2. Lars Says:

    didn’t try traps as well as thorns, since that would raise my aggro I think… the problem is, that I got the initial aggro of too much, and the npc is busy killing the rest


    • Avatar of alphaman
      alphaman Says:

      The battle doesn’t last long enough to worry too much about aggro (especially since the mobs seem to head straight for you from the start). Because the mobs are all about 2.5 k health it’s more just getting them down asap.


  3. Alds Says:

    I really disliked this book. All of the action happens off-screen in those dorky cinematics, there’s no proper rewards, everyone we just met dies without us having an option to save them and the quests “preparing” the unit are so ridiculously easy and uninspired that I haven’t bothered running them on my alt.


    • Avatar of Hildifast
      Hildifast Says:

      No proper rewards? Tier 7 relics arent proper rewards?! Either your a fool or you havent finished the book. However, I gotta say, youre right about the cinematics.


      • Avatar of alphaman
        alphaman Says:

        I’d recommend reading the LOTR books, the battle is actually mentioned in them :) Granted in the books it’s very short mention and all off screen… unlike here where we’re right in the midst of them (I don’t really know what you are referring to that we don’t participate in, except one event that we fight up to but are too late to reach). The movies show what we just did/fought.


        • Avatar of alphaman
          alphaman Says:

          Just my opinion of course, and the book mention is because there’s no other option for the end of this battle. It’s crucial to what happens with Théoden until Gandalf meets up with him.


  4. Tim Says:

    Hey guys. I tried this and it totally helped with my hunter. I used camouflage to conceal myself until Grimbold (can’t really remember if it was him) &had all the aggro. Then I picked them off one by one. Works like a charm :D After I figured that out, my time with the book became a lot more enjoyable.


    • Rorggrim Says:

      Thanks for the tip. Not that I can camo, but I stayed far enough back and passive with the warning and just let Grimbold establish aggro, then picked off targets one at a time. Easy-peasy, finished this first try.

      75 Man Minstrel
      Jesters of Landroval

      PS LOVE the cosmetic Ranger outfit. Totally wearing it.


  5. Harperella Says:

    *Spoilers Ahead* This was really a great epic story. I especially liked the part where we all mounted up, ready to assault Isengard. I was all riled up to have a cavalry charge when we all stopped just short of the gates and Theodred asked me and Grimbold to go stand behind a log and fight orcs while they took the main assault. The battle was good, as were the following ones, but I really wanted to see more mounted combat by NPCs. In some of the battles, we had mounted NPCs running around, but there were fewer and fewer until everyone was fighting on foot. So it was a nice gesture of having a spot where you were expected to ride, but I wish they could have figured out a way to have some of those Rohirrim keep fighting on horseback.



  6. Avatar of Hildifast
    Hildifast Says:

    What now Alphaman? And before you say it, no. You may not have a break from the awesomeness.


  7. Narnian of Vilya Says:

    I loved the videos at the end of each segment detailing each phase of the fight. Turbine really got it right. I look forward to experiencing the March 2 fight as well, because after that comes the big battle at the Hornburg. I hope we make it there too!


  8. Jesuliina Says:

    I’ve now tried it with my hunter 7 times.. used traps and tried stealth and everything. But when i get i group down, there spawns another.. and another and another… at least 10 new groups and it just doesnt end.
    When i tried to just kite them and let Grmbold kill them at some point Grimbold just stopped fighting; started to hit one orc that was green and then the orc and Grimbold just standed there hitting each other wihtout even damaging each other – both with max healt. I just ran and watched them for 10 minutes and then let orcs kill me.

    So wtf is happening here?!


    • Alphaman Says:

      At what point in the fight is this happening? There are certain points where you need to run back as you retreat. I haven’t heard of a bug where they keep spawning, but it’s possible that you might be seeing one, or you’re not killing the individual waves fast enough (you want to get them to aggro him, but you still need to defeat the orcs not just avoid them).


  9. Draculetta Says:

    So after you finish this one, what is next.. or is that it? I notice I’m 6/7 for the allies of the kind deed after this one.. the one I need says continued in a future update… so I’m done with the book’s at this point???

    and I feel all the hunters pain on this one… took me forever to do.. Kiting was the key.. as long as I pulled them 1 by 1 I was ok…

    I just ran back and picked them off 1 by one…


  10. Alphaman Says:

    Yep, this is it till the next book is released. And then it’ll still probably have a “to be continued deed”, up until the final book in Volume III


  11. Draculetta Says:

    Wow, this book was REALLY short…



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