Living in Esteldin

December 7, 2011


Living in Middle-Earth is a column about non-playable character’s homes in Lotro. Each week we’ll discover a new location with a distinctive way of life and decoration style, looking at the little details we often pass by.

Apart from being the crafting hub it is notoriously known for, Esteldin is also a major stronghold of resistance against the Enemy. The Rangers established a well hidden camp in the mountains, among the ruins of a Numenorean fortress. Ever wish your character could be a Ranger? Well looking at Esteldin’s installations might be the best way to see if the lifestyle suits you!

The first thing you should know is that a real Ranger lives in a tent. Any kind of tent.



They proudly display the flag of the Free people, to remember who they’re fighting for.


And talking about fighting, it seems that these guys never stop training!


They also arranged signs to help the newcomers get around with all the guilds in here.  Haven’t found them for all the guild though. To bad, they look good!


Living in a Numenorean fortress, they also benefit from some of the local features. Like this fireplace for example. Uh uh. Amazing right?! Me want.


After working a little bit for the Rangers (i.e. completing the epic quest line), they let you in one of their private room in the hold. Oh the great pieces you can find in there! This bookshelf for example is one-of-a-kind in Middle-Earth (Well, I think so…Is it?) Wooden stairs on both sides, carved banisters and detailed parchments and books, I love it.


And look what we have there, a horn and a chest? Hum hum.  Well really all I care about is the rug! :P


The Rangers also preserved some of the beautiful tapestries on the wall. Would they be of Annuminas maybe? What is your guess?


Finally I couldn’t help taking a peak at the important meeting that was going on. And look what I find! Not only do they have a pretty map of Middle-Earth but they also have another piece of my favourite Annuminas dinning set, yeee!


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7 Responses to “Living in Esteldin”

  1. Freyjuska Says:

    i am so ashamed i’ve never noticed the guild signs in esteldin! wonderful post as always :)


  2. Belamanth Says:

    re guilds: not all guilds are located in Esteldin. Others are in Thorin’s Hall, and scholars guild is located in Rivendell.:-)


  3. Cosmetic Lotro Says:

    I want those tapestries!! None of the player items look like that, and they are wonderful! Thank you for another great tour Kia, you highlight so many things I never noticed before.


  4. susan Says:

    as always, a lovely article. :)

    must have that rug and those stools!


  5. Kiarane Says:

    The style of the tapestries reminds me of the famous Unicorn Tapestries : Great historical reference!


  6. Baranwen Says:

    Wow, this is the first time I notice that fireplace!
    I dont know if I can make a good ranger, Ive never liked camping.


  7. Solariela Says:

    That style of bookcase can also be seen in the Library of Tham Mirdan instance, in the two upstairs boss rooms, but they are devoid of books.


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