Pibgorn: New Minstrel Instrument

December 14, 2011

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Goldenstar Playing the Pibgorn

How this escaped my notice until release is unknown to me but the Minstrel class has a new instrument available to them with Update 5!  It was the announcement of new items in the LOTRO Store where I learned of the Pibgorn instrument. After questioning if it was a real instrument (and trying to get over the urge to call it Pig Born), I hopped into game to find out more about it.

Basic PibgornThe first thing to note is that if you simply want a pibgorn to play, head to the local bard for a Basic Pibgorn you can purchase for 2 silver. It does require level 65 and pibgorn use trait.

People have been selling these on the AH because of confused minstrels not sure where to go. I’m here to make sure you are not one of these silly folk!

All minstrels are automatically able to use the pibgorn just like all other instruments in Middle-earth. No training is required.

If there is a way to mentor playing the pibgorn to others, I have not found it. Doesn’t mean there isn’t somewhere though. Perhaps it drops somewhere?

Minstrels also have the option of picking up a Simple Pibgorn from Bards for 60 silver. This has a –6% healing power cost bonus to it and requires level 20. It is classified as a minstrel item so other classes will not be able to use this one even if mentoring abilities are found (and it also requires lute use – not pibgorn use which is curious).

PibgornRecipeIf you are looking for a Pibgorn to use in battle, you currently only have one option. Even though I found out about the Pibgorn in a LOTRO Store announcement, I can’t seem to find them in the store at all.

Your only option is to find a friendly Woodworker who knows how to craft them. I’m sure it will be available in the store eventually but it’s nice that our woodworker friends get a head start!

Your woodworker will need friend status with Theodred’s Riders and reached westfold (tier 7) crafting to learn the pibgorn recipe (it is multi-output). It is bound on acquire so it is something the woodworker has to work on obtaining on their own. The recipe can be purchased off Rohirrm Quartermasters for 460 silver.

As with all of the new tier 7 instrument recipes, there are five versions available.

  • Premium Pibgorn of the Battle-singer
  • Premium Pibgorn of the Wary Watcher
  • Premium Pibgorn of the Resolute
  • Premium Pibgorn of Harmony
  • Premium Pibgorn of Conservation (base recipe)

For more information on the stats of these instruments and their crit version “Exquisite Premium”, I suggest giving this forum post a perusal. Note these stats are used for all the new instrument recipes so you can play with ever instrument strikes your fancy, not just the one that’s best for how you play your minstrel.

If you are interested in the musical properties of the Pibgorn, I suggest reading Astleigh’s post on the forums! There is even a video so you can hear what a Pibgorn sounds like in-game.

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30 Responses to “Pibgorn: New Minstrel Instrument”

  1. Breghor Says:

    Awesome! =]


  2. Minulinnwen Says:

    Check out this Ales and Tales video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uwtcIT-nfFY

    I’m not sure what to think of the sound, yet.


  3. Bootsy of Laurelin Says:

    This instrument has already gained the nick-name Pighorn on Laurelin.
    It is borked with bad scale progression and a sound like someone pushing a pig up a drainpipe.


  4. Devonna Says:

    I was really excited when I started reading your post. “OH yeah, a new instrument!” but then I listened to what it sounds like. Oh my….that is an interesting sound isn’t it. :(


  5. Alysin Says:

    I’ll have to level up my woodworker so he can make one if these for my mini.


  6. billman Says:

    Um, wait, what? Bind on acquire? so, in fact you can only get one if you’re a woodworker. So, no, your woodworker friend can’t make you one, it can only be theirs if it’s BOA.


  7. Zyngor Says:

    In blind haste, I rushed to open up any Woodworker’s Westfold Decorated recipe scrolls I had on hand, because I remembered that the previous instrument recipes dropped from this type. After exhausting those, I went to the skirmish camp, used up X amount of the new Marks to get some more (won’t disclose how much, out of my own stupidity), and was sad to not get it.

    After a little bit, I think a kinnie must have asked in Regional chat, and was told the recipe was sold from the Theodred rep vendor. That was just about the time when I /facepalmed, but went over and bought myself the recipe. Unless I totally skipped over it, I do not think this information was included in the Update 5 patch notes.

    Note that all new outputs of minstrel instruments cost 2 Reinforced Birch Board per craft (first output is still 2 Solid Birch), and ALL Pibgorn outputs cost 3 Reinforced Birch Boards. With the Improved recipe (also sold by Theodred rep vendor, also Friend required), it’s MUCH easier to make the reinforced wood.

    There appears to be a slight typo in the critted version of the third pibgorn output (reads “lute” instead of “pibgorn”), but hopefully that should be a simple fix.


  8. Glenwin Says:

    Regarding the beformentioned video:

    Yeah, that’s the best way to show a new instrument!

    Let someone play it in public who doesn’t know anything about the instrument and chooses a song which is the most inappropiate one to play with this instrument. Then make a video about that curious, ugly sounding thing!

    That’s how to stir up attention, right?

    Played like this it of course is horrible.
    Every instrument played wrong with the wrong material of cause sounds horrible. We hear that every day in Lotro. Stakkato chords played on flutes, clarinets, bagpipes at 160 pbm.

    I really don’t get it. Why would someone play an instrument that way as in the video? If one cares about music he or she would seek for the right song to play and would resist the urge to just present something awkward only for the sake of it. It takes 5 minutes to get yourself educated about the instrument. Is this too much to expect from someone to do?

    And if anyone really does not know where to begin, start here:



  9. Glenwin Says:

    Sorry, that made me really mad.

    Please come up with something appropiate and try to understand what you are dealing with.

    There is a new instrument! We should be very thankfull for that. It fits perfectly into the world of LotRO. Do not destroy that with being careless.


    • Ariadneth Says:

      Totally agree with you! As I went to see the video I thought “what on earth is that?” but then I remembered having the same “problem” when trying to play music pieces with my minstrel in the different instruments and one file might sound excellent in a lute and a nightmare in a clarinet, or the opposite. And then I thought that maybe this just wasn’t the right song for it.

      I followed your link and it is a really pretty sound, just as bagpipes, that needs specific pieces to be used. And the same as you I ask myself: what sense does it make to play anything with any instrument? I am not a musician and I download pre-made songs for my minstrel, but I always put special care in choosing the version vs. the instrument so it doesn’t simply sounds as a nonsense (which is what went on with this particular video).

      I’m looking forward to see the link to a well chosen song in-game!


      • Glenwin Says:

        working on that right now…

        I have two solo-pieces which are about OK. Now I need to record the video and upload to my vimeo account.

        I’ll be back.


  10. Bryandt Says:

    Ugh. Next they’ll be adding a vuvuzela.


  11. Glenwin Says:

    How to incorporate the pibgorn into a nice song with other instruments:


    Now imagine that ingame. Play the pibgorn at least 1 octave lower than you would initially think. Then it would sound less squieky. I tried it myself with my minstrel and found out that I had to transpose an existing midi-track down 2 octaves.

    I believe it IS possible!


  12. Thurinphir Says:

    could someone link a video for the minstrel’s ballads, anthems, coda, tales, Harmony (entering stance) and War-Speech (while on a horse)
    if the instrument sounds worse than the flute, it would use it

    Bagpipes sound bad used in battle because in real life, it’s easier to play bagpipes if you don’t stop (you don’t have to fill it with air again, I believe) There is one /music file (that I’ve found) that shows how it should be used – “BagpipeBigSolo” from the Fat Lute
    maybe the pigborn will need specific parts/songs used only for it


    • Thurinphir Says:

      people on the forums have been asking for a new instrument for ages now, don’t complain or we won’t get more! (waiting for Viols)


    • Thurinphir Says:

      okay, eveything that doesn’t require combat sounds okay. going through your ballad rotation has never been more painful though


  13. Bellebrian of Vilya Says:

    Bowed psaltery, please! And surely a bullroarer would be most appropriate (especially for a hobbit mini) as well as having cool animation potential.


  14. Halfindil of Riddermark Says:

    I read something really awfull for pig born
    #dyslexia (or whatever its called in english)

    - Halfindil


  15. Foxfire Says:

    Still seeing Pig born here.

    Isn’t there an alternate name they could have used?


  16. Flosiin Says:

    If anyone is on Winfola and is looking to get any of these level 70 instruments crafted, send a note to my captain, Flosiin. Just have to help provide the mats- no extra charge. My hunter, Carrottop, has all the recipes.


  17. susan Says:

    hideous. sounds like those obnoxious vuvuzela played at matches.


  18. Elahedor Says:

    Is there a mentoring tome?

    It appears that the bard sells a basic one, just like all the other basic instruments, and it should be usable by all classes.

    I’ve got all the instrument proficiencies on my LM, even if I don’t use anything but a theobro to entertain folks while I’m standing on a rock in Galtrev.

    The bagpipes sounded hideous, but I think this is worse :).


    • Avatar of Goldenstar
      Goldenstar Says:

      As I stated in the article, I have yet to find a way for me to mentor it. I checked the barter vendors in galtrev and the skirmish vendors to no luck. Doesn’t mean it doesn’t drop somewhere though.


  19. Astleigh Says:

    Here’s a real pibgorn tune played in LOTRO: http://youtu.be/Xtp2TlMAbAg


  20. Glenwin Says:

    Well Astleigh, that is a true achievement I’d say :)

    As long as one is playing solo and can cope with the messed up scale of the ingame instrument which you and others are currently discussing at http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.php?435612-The-new-instrument-pibgorn it is ok. But which non-expert in messing around with midi and abc-files can do that? If it takes that ammount of work to get something that’s bearable the instrument is more or less doomed.

    I tried to come up with a tune myself the last night to prove the instrument is all fine, but ran into all the problems the pibgorn currently gives us musicplayers and finally gave up. It is very disappointing.

    We might see it get played in large bands with 10 or so musicians where multiple lutes, harps (and so on) will be able to cope with the immense loudness of the instrument. This may be “like the real thing” (see this video for that: http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=1414735767584&ref=mf (count the number of pibgorns and the numbers of the other instruments played)) but it would have been better if the instrument was more of use in small bands, too.



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