Weekly Store Sales Starting December 16, 2011

December 15, 2011



The following items are on sale from December 16 – 22, 2011.

Free Sample of the Week


Your free sample this week is Out-of-Combat Regen Tomes (stack of 5, 90 minutes). Simply put into your cart and use coupon code 6HV2C2 to get this for free until December 22nd. Coupon code has one use per account.

Weekly Store Sales

Shared Storage (Tiers I – VIII)

Share items among your characters on the same server!
• Easily manage shared items
• Start with 20 slots; up to 80 extra slots available
• Filter and search for items by name

Store Location: Account → Account Storage
Levels: All

CSTM RECOMMENDATION: I love my shared storage and I’ll tell you why. Because sending my tailor, jeweler, or scholar materials that my alts collect one item at a time via the mail system is stupid boring and annoying to me. Shared storage is a convenient place all your characters on the server can access. Now I just dump all the mats in there for the crafter to come pick up later. Or use to store some of my cosmetic outfit overflow so all my characters can still dress up.

tomesVault Storage (Tiers I – VIII)

Store more!
• Store and organize your character’s items!
• Increase your number of vault storage slots by 15 per Vault Upgrade; up to 165 slots available (every character receives a 30-item vault for free).
• Filter and search for items by name!

Store Location: Character → Vault Storage
Levels: All

CSTM RECOMMENDATION: More space is always a good thing. You’ll always find something that you’ll want to keep. I will note that while you can buy all the vault upgrades in the store, only upgrades 7 – 9 are store exclusive. All other vault upgrades can be purchased in game with in-game currency. I would recommend spending your pretend gold before dishing out your real life moolah.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The amount of available storage was increased with Update 5. This sale is only for the previous upgrades of tiers 1-8 (or 150 vault slots). Shared Storage Tier 9 (15 additional slots) is not included in this sale.

Inventory Bags

Increase the amount your character can carry! Unlock a 4th and 5th Inventory Bag for all characters on your account – an extra 15 slots each!

Store Location: Account → Account Storage
Levels: All

CSTM RECOMMENDATION: I personally have no idea how anyone could survive with only three bags. I suppose that just says I keep too much junk. If you’re like me, I say buy this. Buy it now and you’ll be happier. It is an account wide purchase although you do have to buy each of the two additional bags separately.

tomesCurrency Cap

Carry unlimited gold!
• Remove the restriction on currency from all current and future characters created on your account!
• Allows you to buy a Deluxe house, which grants even more storage!

Store Location: Account → Currency Cap
Levels: All

CSTM RECOMMENDATION: The currency cap can be annoying and this definitely is a worthwhile purchase. Bonus that it is an account wide purchase. It is free for VIP and if you downgrade from VIP to Premium to get to keep the unlimited gold cap, however it is only for characters you created while VIP. I think if you don’t plan on VIP for any length of time, this is a worthwhile purchase.

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18 Responses to “Weekly Store Sales Starting December 16, 2011”

  1. Stephenfry Says:

    Very, very good sales. One of the best for a while, even if its all only 20%. The free sample is awful though, does anyone ever need out of combat regen? Not I.


  2. Thorvor of Vilya Says:

    lol…I just bought more vault storage a few days ago


  3. susan Says:

    waiting for the week before xmas 50-75 percent off sales….


  4. Indy Says:

    Shared storage is great! Transferring material using mail isn’t just clumsy and slow, it can also get a bit costly! Turbine charges more mail postage as the vendor value for the item sent increases. Especially if you play on multiple servers, extra shared storage is an alternative to buying more vault space, which is per character rather than account-wide.


  5. Golmir Says:

    Is this the first time every sale item got a thumbs up?


  6. blackwolfe Says:

    It looks as though they removed the increased shared storage that was added in update 5 because I cannot see it in the store and the update 5 store notes also does not have shared storage in them anymore.


  7. Zyngor Says:

    I believe Tier I of Shared Storage (the first 20 spaces) is a couple hundred TP more, as (for me) it shows 995 being the regular price, and 796 for this week. After that, I’m assuming it’d be the 476 TP for each 15 slots or something (in store, it reads “Maximum number of shared storage slots is 110.”)

    Still, I’m definitely considering it, as it’ll make me able to share things like Moria Medallions with alts too lazy to do the runs. Also, now that your very lowly leveled alt crafters can basically become Kindred with factions like the Iron Garrisons, it’ll be an easy way to share reputation consumables. :)


  8. Hawkwind Says:

    Noob question …
    For example the storage sales … 2 numbers …


    What is the first one ? (195 ? 156?)


    • Avatar of Goldenstar
      Goldenstar Says:

      Each tier of vault storage is more expensive than the one before it. The numbers are the ranges of full price. The second set of numbers is the ranges for the sale price.


  9. blackwolfe Says:

    Im thinking the higher cost is for the initial purchase, that is, the first 20 slots of shared storage for example.


  10. Netham Says:

    Looks like the initial purchase is more expensive. The II upgrade on shared is 595 normally and 476 atm.


  11. trolles Says:

    Anyone else is having problems using the coupon? It keeps saying coupon not valid.


  12. eboe Says:

    This sale got a woot-woot from me because after I had a couple of slayer accelerators hanging around from previous toons and I couldn’t mail them, this will finally allow me to do that, as well as stack up the north-men medallions etc in shared storage. Win-win!


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