Winter Special for December 31, 2011

December 31, 2011



Stat tomes are typically a hot item and with stat caps removed, this may be of interest to more than the core will users depending on how you plan to build your character.

The tomes are a consumable put into the pack of the character that purchased it. You have to use them in order (Tome of Agility I before Tome of Agility II, etc).

These tomes can drop in game but they seem to be a bit on the rare-ish side. But it is an in-game option if you want to check the Auction House first.

These tomes are normally 295 Turbine Points each. This sale will make them around 222 Turbine Points each.

Combine this sale with the 25% off Coupon Code for today and you can pick up Tomes of Agility for 166 Turbine Points!

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