Final Day for the Fleet-Footed Goat

January 5, 2012



Today is the final day the Fleet-Footed goat will be available in the store. The banner in the LOTRO store states that this goat is available until January 5th!

This is no miner’s goat. This silky long-haired grey goat is outfitted to swiftly traverse mountain pathways and dark, subterranean tunnels, rather than carry heavy gear and provisions. It is sturdy enough to ride through the Orc-ridden halls of Moria, yet lightly armoured so as not to hinder its ability to move quickly and with great agility, making it highly prized among the messengers of the Iron Garrison.


Additional views of this goat can be seen on Merrydew’s blog over on My Middle-earth.

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2 Responses to “Final Day for the Fleet-Footed Goat”

  1. Tony Says:

    Great shot of the mount.


  2. mmicnova Says:

    goodbye nice goat! i loved how i didn’t have to grind moria and lothlorien dungeons to get this kind of mount. thank you :)


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