LOTRO Resolutions

January 9, 2012


GoldenstarWe’re one week into 2012 and I think I need to prioritize my LOTRO life a bit .The holidays were a crazy whirlwind of activity that typically translated into not much time for LOTRO. Apart from my Monday Night Dum Group where I play my burglar, there were weeks I don’t recall logging in at all1. This is something I intend to change.

One thing I know about myself is that I love planning things. But I have to do more than just plan, I have to act! Here’s the goals I’ve set for myself when it has come to LOTRO.

  1. Get that minstrel to level 75 already
    Rise of Isengard has been out for months! People have multiple 75s. I really have no excuse other than I found myself not really playing Goldenstar until fairly recently when I got her to level 71. Just four more levels. I can do this.
  2. Pay attention to crafting
    I’ve never done this in all my years of playing LOTRO. My scholar got to max tier when she got there. The jeweler got to max whenever she found she had no more room in the bank to hold the materials so she decided to maybe try crafting something. I’ll make an actual effort to keep up with my crafting as I’m leveling rather than an afterthought.
  3. Figure Out the Legendary Item Stuff
    I realize this is probably just a me thing. Everyone else seems to act like setting up and using Legendary Items are no big deal. We’ve had a few passes with changes in 2010 to the LI system and quite honestly; they are a complete mystery to me. Yes, even at level 71. I don’t know what legacies I should be using, I couldn’t tell a “good” minstrel weapon from a “bad” one, I have never even crafted myself a relic, and I have no clue what shards do.
    Go ahead and point fingers and call me an idiot. This system seems overly complex to me and I found it very daunting. Other games I played you simply looked at dungeon loot and ran that dungeon until you got the weapon you desired, or you gathered materials for days and gave them to a crafter for a chance at a perfect piece criting. This build your own stuff sounds awesome but I’m not sure where to start.

    However, Alphaman gave me a Worn Symbol of Celebrimbor for Christmas in-game and dammit, I’m not going to waste it. I’m going to figure this junk out if it kills me and have a great weapon for a change.

  4. Get Back Into Dungeons
    First I need to accomplish goal #1 but I really enjoy running dungeons with friends and this is something I haven’t experienced in quite some time. We were attempting to get a dungeon running group together in the summer but it never seemed to settle. I’d love to get into this again and do some lousy healing.
  5. Work on my Rune-keeper
    She’s collected some dust but it’s a class I really do love. I think she’s still sitting in Moria, probably crying and wondering why I abandoned her. Great. Now I feel guilty.

Do you have any goals you wish to accomplish? Doesn’t need an end date. Just a goal you’d like to eventually check off the list.

  1. Skyrim may also have some blame. Not trying to pick on the holiday season entirely.
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41 Responses to “LOTRO Resolutions”

  1. Avatar of Vræden
    Vræden Says:

    Lousy healing! Yay!!!!!


  2. Niscadae Says:

    1. Crafting, I have a few toons with mastered crafting ability and guild status. I need to finish up the rest. My jeweler, cook, and metalsmith are slackers. And I still need a guilded weaponsmith.

    2. Level up a couple more toons to 75. I have my eyes on trying the minstrel finally. Need more minis in kin. Also want to give the lore-master or captain a shot.

    3. Optimizing our kin. Not just gear, but also fine tuning everyone with working together.


  3. Tony Says:

    Mine is almost exactly the same haha. My RK is my main and I need to get her going again… and my other focus lately has been a Minstrel I have in the 20s. I’m not sure on what Minstrel’s general impressions of their class is now — but I’ve not played one in well over a year and I’m finding the changes since then to be great.

    LIs are still somewhat of a mystery to me. I guess I “get” the systems, but I personally think they’re still too complicated. At the very least I’d not mind some changes to the shard system — I like the general idea, but it’s a huge grind. Arguably the biggest in the game.


  4. Flosiin Says:

    Finish leveling my mini and guard to 75. Get my virtues to lvl 12. Hopefully win a few worn symbols for 2nd age.
    Get a new pc- bummed to have to run at low graphics for normal running. All of you have been showing amazing screen shots at the higher resolutions :)


  5. Stephenfry Says:

    Goddammit, Skyrim is the Devourer of Time. Lousy healing is wonderful, especially after you’ve been using Instance Finder and you’re used to no healing or a group made up of 2 hunters and an RK with bad lag.


    • Stephenfry Says:

      Oh, sorry, I forgot. Resolutions for this year are:
      1: Westfold Master Tailor on my main
      2: Get the RoI armor set.
      3: Bother to level my alts, especially my level 41 guardian.
      4: I hate to say it, but I’ve got a lot of studying to do in the next year (or few), so I guess I have to put it on here. Quit LotRO. :’(
      Of course, I’ll still listen to CSTM. Because if I come back to LotRO in a year or so it’s going to be a little awkward returning to a kin I haven’t seen in a year and asking, “so, remind me whats happened the last 12 months.”* Could be a long conversation, especially with Turbines promise of a year of many good things for lotro.
      *And of course, because you guys are awesome. Especially baby hobbit.


    • Beldyl Says:

      LOL…2 hunters and a RK with bad lag. I am so there. Seriously, laughing out loud (husband becoming suspicious).

      For me, yes, get my main to 75 (finally). Follow Goldenstar’s future posts and hope for a lightbulb moment with gear and LI’s. Get my LM thru Moria and spend more time on Landroval generally. Keep leveling my mini.

      Keep checking in regularly with CSTM – my defacto cross-server kin.

      That should make for a fun 2012.

      Beldyl/Belloch on Windfola Belwynne on Landroval


  6. Blackwolfe Says:

    1. Start properly instancing. So far I’ve not finished any instance with an on-level group. As a matter of fact I’ve only attempted one iinsance on-level. That with 8 lvl 46-53 chars…

    2. Get at least one char to 75. Considering what I’ve done since I started back in April.. Or was that may, cant remember.. I should manage that by the end of the year.

    3. If it doesn’t interfere too much with 1 and 2, do more events. Still not bothering with the yule festival.


  7. Atzumo Says:

    At first I read some guides on the Legendary Items system, and it looked really complicated (which a different word than complex, mind you). But as I played, it is really simple and kinda grindy actually. I know that if I see someone that doesn’t have their LI up to par, I’m not grouping with that person. No offense Goldenstar!


  8. Kathwren Says:

    Get my Cappy and Burg to 75 – finish all the new instances on my RK and work on getting a worn symbol!


  9. shipwreck Says:

    I’m with you on 3 & 4! Real life makes our LotRO time short and to the point these days so things like learning the new instances and sorting out Legendary whatnots become a hassle that time doesn’t allow for.


  10. Thorongil Says:

    For figuring out the (admittedly complex) Legendary Item system, your one-stop shop for everything you need to know is still:

    There is also an extremely useful plugin for planning and predicting what your legendary item can turn into as well: http://www.lotrointerface.com/downloads/info567-LIP-LegendaryItemPlanner.html

    In the extremely unlikely event that you have a question that can’t be answered by the above, see http://lotro-wiki.com/index.php/Legendary_Items#Class-Specific_Legendary_Item_Indexes


  11. Chewienl Says:

    I have 5 chars op cap. My goal this year is bring at least the last 4 classes to cap , and maybe even all 17 characters i have.

    And the only crafter i miss with the guild is metalsmith.

    3rd goal is to memorize rhe gambits better then done before


  12. Margo Schembre Says:

    I cannot make heads or tails out of the Legendary weapons thing. If I look at it too long, my head hurts. Please post a nice long post when you figure it out. Then I’ll just copy you. ;)


  13. Baranwen Says:

    - Level my main to 75 (she’s currently 68), doing the epic in the meantime.
    - Level my second, currently on 48. Although there’s this thing: I may have to enter Moria, and get into the Legendary world, and that idea alone exhausts me beforehand. I just want to stay in Angmar, and then head to Enedwaith. Just skip the long darkness of Moria and all the LI.
    - Try to level my other ones (I’m beginning to believe that I may have too many alts!).
    - Do instance: Annuminas, Carn Dum, Urugarth, all the Moria’s ones (with my main), and I dont remember which else they are.


  14. Cosmetic Lotro Says:

    I only set myself goals that I know I will really enjoy accomplishing, therefore no deeds, virtues, relics or legendary grinds are on the list. The only thing on my list actually is to get my loremaster to 75 (currently 57), so that should be a feasible goal within 1 year ha ha! I would also like all my little alts that linger between level 10-18 to get to level 20. That sounds like a fun enough project too. And then… who knows what Turbine has got up their sleeves to add to the fun!


  15. Bryandt Says:

    1. Get my Burg Draigoch ready. I love my Minstrel. I do. But we have a ton of healers in our group and it would be nice to fill a different role for a change.

    2. Kill that damned dragon! So. Much. Hate. You hear me, Turbine? HATE!

    3. Play more LOTRO. Game like Bulletstorm and Bad Company 2 have been eating up my time lately. I still have a ton of stuff to do in LOTRO with multiple characters.

    4. Find a new way to educate players about LOTRO. I did away with my Youtube channel because of costs and the inevitable coming of SOPA. (I don’t think Turbine minds a little Machinima. WB, on the other hand…) But I do really enjoy passing on what I know to new players. It’s a great game with many nuances.


  16. Marolytrien Says:

    1. Try to figure out how I leveled a Champion 75 and a Hunter 67 in 11 months while having a demanding academic+consultant job and spending half my money in coffees+drinks+the women of my life.

    2. Get the 21lvl minstrel out of Bree! Its been two months already!

    3. Search & Destroy all those people that got a consumed-item skill from festival and can annoy other players permanently. (Just kidding but, yes, they can be really annoying sometimes..:-))

    4. Try Draigoch, he doesn’t bite. After having my desktop-PC down for 4 months, I can finally play the 75lvl raids. No more smoke coming out of my poor laptop.

    5. Unfortunately, number 4 means I can play Skyrim now (let SWTOR to fade in oblivion 4ever….), so my last resolution is to survive Skyrim and dont let down on LOTRO.


    • Thurinphir Says:

      “I can play Skyrim now (let SWTOR fade into oblivion)”

      Was this an unintended reference to the Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion :)

      my ultra-high settings for LOTRO are medium for Skyrim O.o


  17. Senenae Says:

    I hope you’ve got ‘have fun’ on there somewhere :)


  18. Jessegyr Says:

    1. Level my hunter to 75 finally.
    2. Hunt myself a dragon.
    3. Collect my raid gear for the newest raid.
    4. Get my crafting maxed.
    5. Keep trucking with my Burglar.


  19. Elinnea Says:

    I have got to figure out my LIs as well. My level 75 minstrel is carrying around five at their level cap and one at 57/60… simply because every time I open the LI panel I can’t bring myself to think about it so I just close it again. I haven’t distributed their points or slotted relics because I don’t know which to choose. And thus the ones I have equipped keep leveling up, while the 20 or 30 spares I have waiting in my vault or bags just keep waiting… One of these days I should do something about that. *sigh*


  20. mrtoad Says:

    Play another toon besides my hunter, whom I’ve played for 3 years straight!


  21. Brainslug Says:

    My lotro resolutions?

    Get that RK to 75 already^^
    But after every level up this “thing” starts happening again:

    “Hm, there might be a better bracelet then mine somewhere, maybe I should run some instances or try the AH” or
    “Oh wow, that virtue really needs a +1 or should I change it? Nah, but I really should start grinding for that +1 on the virtue”

    If the level cap stays at 75 for some years I might even make it there ;)


  22. Taurernil Says:

    1. Get my four year old character (hobbit mini ftw) to level cap…currently on 60 :/
    2. Get my main 75 hunts the draigoch armor… One piece down 2695 medallions to go…
    3. Play in the ettenmoors!!

    Yeah, that should take a year due to my altoholism, and server junkie tendencies.


  23. Adanorod Says:

    1) Everything ;)

    More specific:

    1) gear up my main (75 warden), this means grinding skirmish raids for jewellery, and then grinding Isengard intances for medallions for my instance set. (No way can I raid when I only have time to play on the weekends for a grand total of 6 hours :/ )

    2) Get my two 75 SA LI’s. The means a lot more skirmishing… not to mention getting the Worn Symbols: ugghh. Oh, and then I need a solo/DPS spec spear. The good news: I am already getting my runes, settings, and whatnot.

    3) Grind virtues, all of them are at rank 7-9 *looks at Merric*

    4) Get to Westfold Master Tailor. I am proffiecient at all the tiers, but only master at the Master tier :(

    5) Have fun with my new kin: Sanctuary. We are currently having Lowbiepocalypse. This is an event that our leader organized. Basically, we all get new characters, and then level them up, in a fellowship, all the way to level cap doing all of the instances/group/solo content along the way (especially, old “classic” stuff like Fornost, CD, Uru, and the like.).

    6) Wonder how LOTRO became a chore.

    7) Have fun, oh wait the new expansion came out: more grinding for me! (back to square one)

    75 Warden of Elendilmir


  24. Avatar of alphaman
    alphaman Says:

    I need to get back to my captain, both to level him and work on completing “everything”(maybe just leveling) as well as thinking up some new ideas for the Log.

    I’ve also meant to work on other classes and crafts… they can be fun (especially LM and Warden), but I’ve let them get behind for a long time. Time to put in some work!


  25. Zach Estel Says:

    1) Get my minstrel endgame-ready. I’ve been making some great strides on this, even managed to get a nice 2A dagger made! Now I just need to get deeds and armor, and jewels, and maybe make some money.

    2) Set up my crafting stable. Back on Imladris, I had one of almost every craft, up to westfold tier (even if they weren’t guilded or whatnot). I’ve made some good strides on Landroval, but now I need everything, so I can be self-sufficient with my alts.

    3) Get my kin running more endgame stuff. Just because I don’t want to answer “What’s GS?” twice a day in kinchat. hehehe.


  26. Thurinphir Says:

    my rune-keeper still has half a level of rest xp from 6 months ago. I may be using him soon – if my lore-master, minstrel and a certain dragon killing game can be satisfied


  27. mmicnova Says:

    only one goal, really. to get a toon (most probably RK) past level 44. other than my main, seems all my toons are stuck at lvl 44 with nothing to do – when you’re too small for forochel and hate questing angmar. so i know if i can only get the little rk to lvl 45 i will come into legendary stuff and maxing is a matter of time.


    • Lampion Says:

      If you are stuck with leveling then maybe this guide will suit your needs in ideas:


      Very detailed both for f2p and vip players. Contains deeds as well and other useful stuff.


      • mmicnova Says:

        thank you lampion, i had forgotten about the mmorsel :)

        indeed it reminded me of some stuff. i’m currently finishing things up in evendim (the first time that i actually do all the quest chains there and have to say, really awesome area!) and by the time i’m done i’ll be off to angmar for the pages.
        sadly, i dislike angmar and once i’m done with the fem in aughaire i find myself craving the green grass or white snow.

        i guess the solution for me is to power through to 45, start epic vol 2, finish book 1 and return for thoroughly questing eregion – something i also never did.

        here’s to hoping that i’ll find some poor soul from the kin to team up with through the “ugly” levels. for a mmo, it sure feels a lot like a single player until at least GS HM.

        thanks again and all the best to everyone!


      • mmicnova Says:

        *also forochel after 45, one of my favorite areas in all middle earth!


  28. Isilwren Says:

    I have a LOT of stuff I want to work on. Sometimes it seems overwhelming.

    Isilwren (hunter): Kill a dragon – get a symbol. Those are her two main desires. The rest is just trying out new instances. For whatever reason I’ve only been able to finish the Fangorn forest instance successfully do to strange instance join make-ups.

    Champ/LM: Lvl thier skirm soldiers to 75, get thier raid gear, work on Isengard instances

    RK/Mini: Finish epic, lvl to 75, raise virtues

    Burg/Warden: Get Moria gear, epic myself out of Moria, virtues, lvl up crafting (Warden only – the burg doesn’t craft)

    Capt/Gaurdian: Actually play them. They are the lowbies on the totem pole so don’t get as much attention.

    Lots to do!


  29. Gilgalain Says:

    1. Work on perfecting my main (warden). From this stems off pretty much everything else :)

    2. Get a full set of the Update 5 gear (2/6 so far)

    3. Hit my goal of 20k morale unbuffed, along with a sizable chunk of might

    4. Finally finish up The Tower of Orthanc T1 (just have acid left to do) and begin plinking away at T2.

    Overall quite a lot of stuff that I look forward to working on :)


  30. Miur(riddermark) Says:

    Goldenstar.. Use your worn symbol on the book.. the tactical heal is a major upgrade from 65 to 75.

    Just get reduced cooldown on Chord of Salvation, power savings on healing, healing percnatage increase and healing percantage on whatever you use the most.. inspire fellow, bolster courage or rts.. the tactical healing went from 19 to 33 from a second age 65 to second age 75.

    Then get to 75 and win yourself a second one! (draigoch drops one automatically the first time) Use that for your weapon.

    My goal for my mini is to get one better earing.. then im done, other then if I want to make a second weapon for dps..

    Then its on to my warden and burg. My goal this year is to get all 9 classes to 75! Hopefully there isnt any level cap increase!!! 75 is fine.


  31. Caelas Says:

    Mine look simular but since Im currently mainly playing SWTOR and thats a paygame im having difficulty switching to Lotro for large amounts of time…. it is however making me feel real guilty towards my Kinnies and characters though and I guess the perfect solution would be SWTOR going F2P :p

    Happy (belated) New Year everyone!



  32. susan Says:

    1. Play as a chicken with my sister.
    2. Play on monster play.
    3. Get 3rd kin house.
    4. Take all my neglected alts to 20 with decent horses and gear, poor things.
    5. Take my burglar up to higher lvls, maybe to endgame since I found out how fun they are.
    6. Use the instance finder regularly.
    7. Join a fun role playing kin with one of my characters.
    8. Most importantly, leave all the game annoyances and irritations behind and go out, explore and remember why I fell in love with the game in the first place.



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