Decoration and Furniture Guide: Buried Treasure Event

February 6, 2012

Housing & Furniture Guides

TrainedCaveClawTrained Cave-Claw
Type: Large Yard Item
Exchange: 400 Buried Treasure Tokens“A Trained Cave Claw”

Treasure ChestTreasure Chest
Type: Small Furniture
Exchange: 30 Buried Treasure Tokens

“A chest filled with treasure”

Type: Small Yard
Exchange: 60 Buried Treasure Tokens

“A dig-site from the Buried Treasure Event.”

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One Response to “Decoration and Furniture Guide: Buried Treasure Event”

  1. Wyllo Says:

    The Trained Cave Claw is BY FAR my most favorite housing item. I will happily go through all the trouble to get the tokens for another when the time comes.

    Rexy keepy wanting to play with me, when I go home .. so, another to keep him from getting too lonely will be a Very Good Thing.

    YES – they are fully animated & act like puppies.


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