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February 24, 2012


iconThis is nothing that is LOTRO specific but I thought it could be something of interest to our audience as it involves something gamers typically like to use, Ventrilo.

Unless you have forgotten, Typefrag is one of CSTM’s podcast sponsors! We love using Ventrilo to communicate over the poopy in-game option.

Knowing we are iOS people and that we use Ventrilo, the creators of Ventrilode sent us a code to try out their app. We love playing with new apps!

photo 1 Setting up a channel was easy and I was able to set up multiple server connections so I can easily connect to either CSTM’s Ventrilo or the server for the Monday Dum Group.

Operation once connected was pretty easy to figure out. Flick up and down on the screen to see the different channels available. Tapping on the channels would cause you to enter the channel.

The large microphone button at the bottom is your push to talk. It does change color when pressed but I have big thumbs and sometimes thought I was talking when I was in fact not transmitting at all.

There is the auto speech option which will allow you to talk without pressing anything and will transmit. It typically is a bit too noisy in our house to do this without annoying our friends but it is a nice option to just chat hands free like this.

I attempted using this app exclusively for my last Monday night group and try it out on the Dums. When I asked how my voice quality was, I was told with a unanimous vote that I sounded clear and understandable. I in turn had no issue at all understanding what was being said by the group. At no point did I have any of the audio cut out or experience any lag.

photo 4

One great feature of this app is it’s ability to run in the background and allow me to use my other apps with a big red reminder that I was still connected to Ventrilo at the top of the screen. At any time I could tap on the icon and return to the chat room.

In my testing and tapping around I did once accidently remove myself from the main chat room and not realize it until Hoppy came to figure out what I was doing. I call that user error and not a flaw in the app.

One thing I did not test and probably should have in hindsight was quality and connection while on 3G rather than our home wi-fi. Not certain I would really feel the need to connect to Ventrilo if not home but I can see why possibly some folks may want to pop in while away from home and chat with friends.

On their roadmap for enhancements planned for this app:

  • Bluetooth headset support
  • Storage of channel passwords
  • iPad universal app (yes please!)

Is Ventrilode worth the $4.99 price tag?  I’m not sure. I’ve certainly spent way more on other apps. The interface is easy and the communication clear. It certainly delivers on what it promises to do. I think the end decision is going to matter based on how active you are in Ventrilo.

Don’t forget you can get 25% off your first month of Ventrilo hosting if you use the promo code TOMORDOR at check out when you use our podcast sponsor Typefrag!

One final note –There is an Android app for ventrilo as well called Ventriloid. Unfortunately I only have the one mobile phone so I cannot tell you if this is any good but thought I would mention it for our Android friends out there. I can tell you that Ventriloid is free!

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12 Responses to “iOS App: Ventrilode”

  1. Avatar of Blackwolfe
    Blackwolfe Says:

    Interesting, might check out the android version.


  2. Williamsoon Says:

    There is a FREE android app called Ventriloid. You can do the same with your ventrilo but you do not have to pay.


  3. Williamsoon Says:

    Also the audio quality is fine. And your voice depends on your phones microphone. Very weird that there making Iphone users pay for the same tool. One extra reason to love android ;)


  4. Avatar of Ketani
    Ketani Says:

    One of our kinmates has been using this app because the microphone on his usual headset wasn’t cooperating. Since then, other kinmates have gotten the app, and at least one has used it to check in with the raid group when he was a little late getting home. Seems to work pretty well, and the sound quality is great.


  5. Ryzis Says:

    I was wondering when someone would come out with this. Just two caveats, I need TeamSpeak and Android :(


  6. Ryzis Says:

    *bonks head*
    I spoke too soon. It does exist!


  7. Avatar of Lythiea
    Lythiea Says:

    Just thought I’d point out that Teamspeak has an awesome client on iOS that’s a universal app.


  8. James Says:

    Is it just me, or does the auto speech function not work as intended to?


  9. Talon Says:

    It only works the first time you enter the app, connect to server, and hit auto speech. if you exit out you simply need to make sure you close the program in multitasking so when you re-enter the app the auto speech works again. it’s a pain but a bandaid for now.



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