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February 16, 2012

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CaptainWe welcome you to join us on Sunday, February 19, 2012 at 9pm EST (-5 GMT) for a discussion all about the Captain in LOTRO!

Everything from roles in groups and raids, traiting, virtues, legendary items, status and more will be discussed about this iconic class.

Joining us in this podcast will be:

  • Elborigorn of CSTM
  • Ketani of CSTM
  • Phenyhelm of Landroval
  • Imperius of Landroval

And of course, you! You can participate by listening in live as we broadcast on Middle-earth Network Radio and joining us in the chat room. Instructions on how to join CSTM live can be found at

We need your questions! You can either submit them here in a comment, or email them to us at But don’t worry if you can’t think of one, we’ll be taking questions during the chat as well!

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31 Responses to “Join the Captain Roundtable Live!”

  1. Indy Says:

    Looking forward to listening to it! I’ll almost certainly wait until it’s edited instead of listening live, hopefully it won’t take too long to edit…


  2. Avatar of Lorgelas
    Lorgelas Says:

    I’ll check it out!


  3. Osolep Says:

    My question is about soloing and how to find a comfortable balance between dps and healing traits.


  4. Avatar of SportsGuy
    SportsGuy Says:

    I’d really like to hear thoughts on the best relics to slot for captains (if you have to do it by build, that’s fine). I know there are the occasional tactical mastery ones, but very few tactical resistance ones and I’m seeing more and more straight morale ones being slotted when I inspect random 75s.

    I’d also like to hear thoughts on the new raid gear (it looks like keeping the Draigoch is the best way to go) and crafted gear (since obviously the raid skirmish jewelry is better…what we should do in the meantime while we search for those shinies.


  5. Emily Says:

    Can’t wait to hear it! The last Captain round table was so epic I rolled one right after listening to it!


  6. Oderinal Says:


    Really enjoyed the last Captain roundtable so I’m looking forward to this 1. I have a lvl53 Captain and would like to know if, with the ROI changes, it’s possible to build a solid Tanking Captain? I have a mini for healing, and a hunter for DPS, so I’d like my Captain to be a tank. Is it viable, can a Captain be a good tank, or only a off-tank?



    • Cath Says:

      Cappy can tank everything except the Tower Raid. BUT, the tankability of the cappy depends on her/his group much MUCH more then for the real tanking classes (and, though it can be agured, champions). If you have a solid group that ready to support your cappy tanking, then yes you can tank, if it’s a group of strangers, then I would not reccomend it.

      Intersted in tanking builds as well: I am strongly HoH even when solo (5blue-2red solo, 5-blue-2yellow in raid), and it’s interesting to hear about other people’s playstyles.


      • Flosiin Says:

        I’d agree with Cath. Really depending on the group make up especially on T2. I tanked dargnakh unleashed T2 and had a mini and RK healing.


  7. Cath Says:

    It’s a pity you can’t do it in more Euro-friendly time. Oh, well still looking forward to the roundtable. My Cappy has been my main for the last 1.5 years and there were some great changes that came with RoI.

    Cappies are easy and fun to solo, have great self healing and survivability and with a right build 3k. crits which give you ability to heal yourself for 1-2k. + 600 from the healing mark.

    Common people, go and roll yourself a cappy :) !


  8. Brerod Says:

    I have a 52 Captain alt and love the class. Is there ever a reason not to trait and use ‘In Defense of Middle Earth’? It seems like the best buff in the game. Thanks. Looking forward to the roundtable.


    • Flosiin Says:

      Maybe in a group/raid when there’s another cappy. But then again, IDOME now has a range limit- I think it’s about 30M range. So if the cappy’s are on different sides of the area, some people won’t get the buff.
      +75 to every stat is sweet!


  9. Skrymair Says:

    I’m interested in hearing about what virtues are recommended, particularly for a Cappy that always groups. I’d also like to hear about what traits are advisable in a group where you’re occasionally the off-tank, off-healer, additional DPS… you know, the regular Cappy roles.


  10. Avatar of Dietlbomb
    Dietlbomb Says:

    I’m looking forward to it.


  11. Andared Says:

    Hi Goldenstar and Merric.

    I’m not really sure if this is the best place to post it, but seeing this roundtable got me thinking. I heard you guys talking on the show about holding a Monsterplay roundtable sometime.

    I was wondering if perhaps I could be in that roundtable? I have a R7 Reaver on Dwarrowdelf and, interestingly enough, I’m a Freaver (F2P). I thought perhaps that could provide any upcoming monsterplay roundtable with an interesting point of view.

    Anyway, as I was saying, if/when you hold a monsterplay roundtable put me in for consideration! :)


  12. Damsadan Says:

    Im very excited for this roundtable as Ive lately wanted to start a captain. My cappy is only level 47 unfortunately an I find it slow to level. anyone else have that problem?


    • Avatar of Vræden
      Vræden Says:

      I call it the “mid-level grind” that starts in the low 30s and goes until you get to Eregion, which is about where you are.

      I’ve found this applies to all classes, but once you get to Moria, the levels come fast; even faster once you get to Lothlorien, Mirkwood and Dunland.


  13. Flosiin Says:

    Love to hear what tricks other cappy’s have found along the way.
    With ROI release- anyone else swap out Oathbreaker Shame legendary for the fellowship brother?
    Does anyone else change what brother skill they have active during a long fight? Like some of the T2 boss fights? I occassionally go from shield-brother on the tank/champ to Song-brother on the healer half way through some fights to get power instead of morale.


    • Cath Says:

      Most of the Cappies in our kin (HoN, Landy) did. In fact I don’t remember the last time I saw a 75 Cappy with OBs.
      Brother-Dancing is pretty much a given in all more or less chllenging fights.


  14. Halfindil Says:

    Awesome! I made a Cappy which is now 23 and id like to listen, so here is my question:
    Is it possible to listen to the liveshow from my iphone? If it is ill be there 3AM (for me)



  15. Halfindil Says:

    And here, my question, what kind of skirmish soldier do you use, i myself use a standard warrior and am punching em down in hyperspeed. I would like to know if there is a skirmish soldier optimal for the cappy


  16. Taredhelion Says:

    My question is two fold, Are there reasons to equip different armaments to your herald outside of cosmetics and what are the Pros and Cons of using a Herald vs a Banner.


  17. Mark Says:

    Did this discussion take place on the 19th? I can’t find the podcast.


    • Quadzi Says:

      Yeah it did… I missed most of it but I did hear the beginning. It usually takes a week or two for Merric to finish editing the roundtable discussions because they’re several hours long… Looking forward to it myself since I have a 56 Captain that I’m sloooowly leveling up.


    • Avatar of Goldenstar
      Goldenstar Says:

      The podcast will be released when it is done.


  18. Mark Says:

    OK, that’s great. I’ll look forward to hearing it when it’s edited.

    My cappy just got to level 30 and I’m eager to learn as much about the class as possible! :)


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