Living in the Misty Mountains

February 2, 2012


Misty Mountains is not an obvious choice when it comes to investigating decoration in Middle-Earth. The region is known for Goblin Town and its proximity to Rivendell, but really not much else. Yet, the mountains were once a great stronghold of the dwarves who built luxurious homes hidden under the snow.

I believe doors are among the most important features of a house. It’s the first thing you see, the first thing you touch and it greets you every time you come home. Doors in the Misty Mountains were definitely up to my expectations!

Carved into the solid rock of the mountain, the dwarves created special bookcases to hold their archives and many parchments.


These two decoration items are also very representative of the population. A sword proudly displayed on a beautifully carved rocky stand and a massive shield, you can’t go more dwarven then that!


Surprisingly, mountain dwarves also have their very own linens: a stripped light green adored with embroidered flowers and tree. I love when we find surprises like this!


Another great find in the mountains: pelts. Tons and tons of pelts. It make you want to cuddle in front of the fire and sip hot chocolate.

And at last, my absolute favorite decoration piece from this region, the decorative dragon head. Oh my, my hunter wants this. Now. (Maybe some lore expert would like to comment on this one?:))

Oh and a bonus item: an pretty geometric rug. Hehe.


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11 Responses to “Living in the Misty Mountains”

  1. Caitlyin Says:

    Really nice post :) Love seeing little details like this:)

    Caitlyin of Laurelin (formerly Callie of Withywindle)


  2. Andrei C. Says:

    Oh the beautiful art of LOTR. Want to see a similar article on the hobbits houses


  3. Baranwen Says:

    I was running through Eregion the other day, and I remembered about your articles.
    As always, this one contains some nice details that we often overlook. I wonder what differences there is between the Misty Mountains and the Blue Mountains living style. I found Misty’s very lovely and sweet, besides the classic dwarvish sturdiness.


  4. Cosmetic Lotro Says:

    Thank you Kiarane for another great tour. You highlight so many details of interest. Last time I went all the way to Esteldin as a result of your pictures, to see for myself what I had overlooked so often. You make Middle Earth even more enjoyable as you make me see it with new eyes! Thank you!


  5. susan Says:

    I missed the homey green quilts on the beds, so warm and pretty. thank you for sharing as always :)


  6. Adanorod Says:

    Can’t wait for “Living in Caras Galdhon” :D


  7. Drolgerg Says:

    Great post, Misty is the only area I got sick of (to date) & left early, but you’re doing a good job sticking up for it.

    The dragon: Smaug, maybe?


  8. Pounceclaw Says:

    Great post, and about the dragon head: Dragons were once common in the Misty mountains and the Grey Mountains until the Dwarves killed them all, only Smaug escaped.



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