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February 1, 2012


springfest_anniversary_03PC Gamers’s Tom Senior wrote an article today concerning concerning some questions that he had regarding mounted combat.  He, like many of us, had questions about what the experience will be like, if we’ll be able to upgrade our mounts, and how we actually will go about doing all of this.  And although Turbine was a bit reluctant to give him the full details, there are some valuable insights into the system that we are able to gleam from their response.

As you ride towards the enemy, you’ll be able to activate a new set of mounted combat skills for your horse and your warrior that will connect as you race past them. If your foe is still alive, you can circle back and take another charge. If you or your opponent takes a hard enough hit, you can be set flying off your mount, and the fight will continue. “At that point you can choose to keep your advantage of being mounted, or whether you dismount to take care of your foes with your very hands,” Kate explained.

She also goes on to state that there will be a variety of ways that we can customize our war-horse’s armor, skills, and other properties; but exactly how we will do so (other than they can be earned within the game and purchased with the store) remains a secret.  However, I still cling onto the hope that Turbine will choose a similar system to that of the Skirmish Soldiers as it seems me that this has been the most successful of the leveling systems we have seen so far; the other system being the Legendary Item system.  So while we wait for more information, I will just have to be happy with thoughts of me and my comrades roaming the plains of Rohan, mowing down any orc that we see.

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20 Responses to “PC Gamer on Mounted Combat”

  1. shipwreck Says:

    So it looks like we won’t be using our actual class skills from horseback (besides the ones we can already). I think I like it. I reckon another UI bar will pop up when we mount, like pets do now.


  2. Joshua Says:

    This explains the previous comment (from… somewhere) about not having ranged skills on horseback. I think they also said that all the classes will have unique skills for use in Mounted Combat, they just won’t be the same ones we all use in the rest of the game.


  3. Ethelros Says:

    The addition of a trait system makes me think it will be more like the Skirmish Soldier.

    As far as the store goes, don’t really care. I never doubted that aspects of mounted combat would be available via both methods.


  4. Dan Says:

    Boy there are a lot of questions that I still have about this. Such as: If it’s a whole pack of mounted Orcs that are coming at me, am I going to be expected to try to joust with all of them at once, or only one at a time? If my skirmish soldier is now able to be in the open landscape, will he have his own war steed, or will I not be able to mount up and call him at the same time? (I suspect the latter). And can I pull the banner off the rear of my steed and use it to club nasty orcs?


    • Joe Says:

      I’m really hoping for a burlap sack I can tie to my horse as far as skirmish soldiers go. Bonus points if it’s useable at any time to avoid pathing issues!


  5. Tony Says:

    This almost makes it sound like some sort of mini-game. Maybe I’m reading it wrong.

    Looking forward to seeing how it plays out, either way.


  6. Thurinphir Says:

    “…new breed of horses. They will be beefier, faster, stronger”
    looks like we’re getting those 170% speed, 300 morale horses :D
    the article also said something about a trait system that made me think – a new set (virtues, race, class, legendary) on the traits screen, war-horses/steeds.

    so, I get a couple new skills on a new UI bar and a couple of my (new) steed’s skills. the steed’s skills can be customised (the appearance of the horse too) with a trait system and in combat we que up skills then joust? also, how would it work against non-mounted foes?


  7. Zwirbelbart Says:

    That’s not combat, that’s bowling. Very disappointing.


  8. Jaguart Says:

    Horse Stat Tomes for TEH 295TPS! Limited Time! Collect all 15!


  9. Andy Says:

    Bit of guesswork here but it might be something along the lines of

    Dustcloud for warband appears and triggers the mounted combat bar, otherwise you’ll be riding about and dismounting to kill as normal. If this is the case then warbands will only have a variety of mounted units and once dismounted they are “dead”.

    The queue up will likely work in a similar way to how things currently are for combat otherwise you could queue up a vast chain and it wouldnt have much longevity at all.

    Hopefully non cosmetic upgrades wont be store only. Quest/deed rewards or tied to a faction rep would be best bet. If everything revoles around the store then expect a lot of unhappy people waving pitchforks and shouting cashgrab.

    New breed of horse probably just means a reskin with tweaks to the amount of dmg they take before you get knocked off while in combat.

    What would be nice to see in an option to go ranged or not, agincourt knight or mongol archer kind of thing.

    It has the potential to be pretty awesome but at the same time it could easily end up a gimmick without much replayability. I expect we’ll be teased about this more than anything else for the RoR expansion.


  10. Adam Says:

    I think moderating our expectations will be a good idea. I currently think it will be a fun little addition to gameplay, but not something to drag someone who quit back into the game. There is the potential to grow this into a larger more complex system as teh ame grows over the next few years, but to begin with I am thinking a fun mini game, with some options to customise and develop our mounts for something fun to do as a sideline.

    looking forward to it!


    • Tony Says:

      I guess that’s cool, but in some ways this seems like it’s supposed to be THE new “thing” for the expansion. I hope it’s a bit more than a mini-game.


  11. susan Says:

    I wonder if this is behind the recent push to sell the old standard mounts in the store….

    whatever, it sounds like a fun new thing to do, can be awesome…can also be a gimmick, done a few times then not bothered with again. Either way, too early to tell.


  12. Nyadach Says:

    Is it just me or did it sound in that description as automated turn-based combat? click mob, click engage with horse, turn one click attack, we get attacked by mob, turn two rinse and repeat, at set points get combat changes to stay on or dismount? Part of me even started thinking for some reason of VATS from Fallout :P

    Ok, am probably just misreading it. Or I hope I am :P


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