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February 18, 2012

Weekly Poll

This week’s poll is suggested by Talbot Banyan, who is really into the Lord of the Rings Minatures and quite talented at building scenes I may add. Talbot writes:

I think I’ve decided to retire my Moria scenery for the Lord of the Rings events I’ve been running at conventions and I need to come up with a new “single event” setup.

I think our audience is fully qualified to answer Talbot’s question. What scenario/scenery would you like to see in miniature at a gaming convention?

What scenario/scenery would you like to see in miniature at a gaming convention?

  • Battle of Five Armies (in small 10mm scale) (43%, 230 Votes)
  • The Ents march on Isengard (37%, 202 Votes)
  • The Breaking of the Fellowship at Amon Hen (11%, 60 Votes)
  • Dwarves & Spiders in Mirkwood (6%, 30 Votes)
  • Other - comment and give me your ideas (3%, 17 Votes)

Total Voters: 539

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19 Responses to “Poll: Miniature Gaming Scene”

  1. Silver Says:

    The War of Wrath :D


  2. Avatar of Vræden
    Vræden Says:

    Battle of the Hornburg (Helm’s Deep)


  3. Pounceclaw Says:

    Bard and the men of Laketown standing against Smaug, Battle at the fords of Isengard(where Theodred fell).


    • Ellrion Says:

      oh man… Laketown would be stunning. as a wargamer myself, i know exactly how incredibly tough making all those buildings (and the fire!) would be… but that would be awesome.

      gaming-wise running an event scenario with Theodred would be a lot of fun. less impressive visually, but i think that would make for a more interesting game. (i’m also bias as i use Theodred as my commander for my Rohan army in LotR Skirmish.)


  4. susan Says:

    oo, the smaug one is a great idea.


  5. Ellrion Says:

    I voted for the Ents marching on Isengard because i think modeling all the different Ents to be unique would be pretty cool. And the machinery and desolation of Isengard would make for a great table to play on.

    another really cool idea would be to do the Easterling’s siege at the Lonely Mountain that Dain Ironfoot had to deal with (and ultimately died) during the War of the Ring.


  6. Rinvan Says:

    I would like to see the ents march on Isengard. Also anything with a dragon would be cool too.


  7. Adam Says:

    Other- the Battle of Azanulbizar, or Nanduhirion. A shield wall of dwarves vs a host of moria orcs, against a lake side setting and mountains! Awesome! I may be said I’m biased though :P


  8. Vince Says:

    I voted for Amon Hen, because I think this would be exciting to play, combining stealth, frontal-attack, and escape. But, visually and for just flat-out combat, I’d vote for Smaug :)


  9. Talbot Banyan Says:

    Thanks for putting it up G&M! And thanks for the answers all.


  10. Avatar of Azakael
    Azakael Says:

    I voted other.
    Trouble in Tuckborough. Scour the Shire!
    Or the Battle of Fornost. Actually, I’ve been really considering that one. Wouldn’t be hard, except for the price of the Arnorian soldiers. Still in metal. Blah.


  11. Laoden Says:

    What about the battle at the Fords of Isen where the prince of Rohan dies. It’d be a dramatic scene.


  12. Halibrand Says:

    Give us Grond! Now THAT would be epic, in my eyes. Newly emerged from the swarm of thousands, surrounded by Olog-Hai, comes Grond to batter the gates of Men.


  13. Avatar of Dietlbomb
    Dietlbomb Says:

    Now I’m barely familiar with the LotR miniatures game, but I imagine that the Battle of Five Armies would be the most complicated, time consuming, and expensive scenario of the bunch. Naturally, I voted for that one. :)

    But your previous traveling show, Talbot, was the fellowship’s journey through Moria, which is pretty darn complicated, so I’m sure you can do it!


  14. Silvercrow Says:

    I play a lot of the miniature game myself so if he needs any help putting stuff together, painting or just needs a hand in general, I’m willing to help. Always thought the Battle of Five Armies would be a neat game. I want to see what Games Workshop comes up with for the armored Mirkwood elves from the hobbit movie.


  15. Bloodspill Says:

    Maybe something in honour of the Hobbit, I would love to see the dwarves, Bilbo and Gandalf up trees while a load of orcs and wargs prowl around below, with an eagle swooping down from above…if thats even possible with minitures.


  16. Kazren Says:

    I’d like to see Helm’s Deep.


  17. Belegedan Says:

    I’d want to see the Battle of the Pellanor Fields/Seige of Minis Tirith. It’s perhaps the most thoroughly described battle in the Lore.


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